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Ace of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Togetherness, emotional connection and fulfillment.

Card Details:

The One of Cups is the most symbolic of all the Minor One cards. The chalice pictured is the cup that Jesus used at the Last Supper, with an upside down letter M on the cup. The chalice is said to have held the blood of Jesus after his death.

The white dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit in Catholicism, carries the bread, which symbolizes the body of Jesus, from above as if to enter the cup, symbolizing the entry of the soul into the material world. On the other hand, in the Catholic rite, the consecrated bread is often mixed with the wine in the cup to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus through the union of his body and blood.

Five channels of water gush out of the cup, symbolizing the five human senses. The water below is calm, with only a few ripples, and water lilies are everywhere, and since they are water lilies, the water must have a certain depth, showing the depth and abundance of the feelings. The long stems of the water lilies stretch upwards to the surface of the water, symbolizing the awakening of the human soul. Twenty-five drops of water fall from all sides and float in the air, suggesting the depth of meaning hidden behind the small sign. A hand reaches out from the clouds, a hand very different from those in the One of Scepters and the One of Swords, which gently holds the chalice rather than grasping it with force, for love can only be cared for carefully, and the harder one tries to hold on to it, the more one will only suffocate it.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The First of Cups squared is the best way to start relationships, often representing the beginning of a new relationship, and is a very good sign for relationships, whether it's a new romance, a new friendship, or any kind of interpersonal relationship. The One of Cups may also represent a time of happiness and fulfillment, when the person is able to open up, embrace joy, and give love and care to the fullest. In the beginning of an emotional relationship, love, joy and caring are always overflowing, with the Grail in the hand, reaching out from the clouds as if giving love to the other person. Grail One invites you to remain generous and to understand the blessing of giving and receiving.

In some cases, the First Grail may indicate the opening of intuition, the beginning of an interest in the occult or enlightenment, a keen sense of sensibility. Don't ignore the voice of your heart at this time. All kinds of dreams or intuition may bring precious messages. Grail I is a symbol of abundance in the spiritual life, and may also be the beginning of spiritual growth.

Often in relationship divinations, Grail I represents a good beginning, from which the person concerned can derive joy and fulfillment. If the One of Cups appears in a relationship that has lasted for a long time, it is best to scrutinize the surrounding cards to see if there are signs of an affair. If the One of Cups appears in a non-relationship divination, it may indicate that the situation needs to be resolved with love, so please spread kindness and think about the other person; if the other person conveys kindness to you, please accept it gladly.

Core Tip

By emptying yourself of your ego, you can receive love from your greater self, and the will of heaven will unfold through you to help more people in need.
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Knowledge Expansion

The first card of the Holy Grail is the best start for relationships, recognize the emotional opportunities around you and you may get a good friend or lover from there.
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Card Meaning Extension

The First Card of the Grail tells us that giving and receiving feelings freely is the best strategy at this time.
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