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Eight of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

To try to find the true will and creativity of your heart

Card Details:


When the Eight of Cups is reversed, action becomes increasingly difficult, suggesting that you refuse to leave a certain state. You don't want to leave, even though you've known for a long time that it's no longer able to be providing anything new to you. You need to confirm the point that life will offer you a better state if you go after it.

Another meaning is that the time to leave has not yet come and you are eager to leave rather than face this state and pursue it with courage. The Eight of Cups reversed can mean a lack of confidence or inner strength that causes you to abandon a state that is actually worth committing to. It can also describe a desire to run away when the going gets tough, or when a sincere commitment is required. So when this card is reversed, you've got to listen closely to your inner voice, not your irrational fears.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When this card is reversed, it usually represents very little emotional power. You either lack the courage to commit to a situation that will fulfill your needs, or else you are afraid to leave a situation that simply won't fulfill you. It can indicate that your mind, heart, and past emotional patterns appear to be in disarray.

The reversed Eight of Cups describes a feeling of being torn apart, that of being desperate to go after deeper fulfillment, yet fearful of potentially losing all the things that currently bring you joy. Your two options seem to be evenly matched, making it all the more confusing and difficult to choose. Now is the time to return to the Seventh of Cups in the positive position in order to identify and define your needs. At the point where you can make the best decision, it's time to get back to the status of the Eight of Cups in positive position again.

The Eight of Cups reversed in terms of life means that you are confused about the best way to maintain or promote your life. Now is the time to settle down and before you act you should go back to the positive starting point and think deeply about your inner needs. It is important that when you set out you are able to be sure that you will make a move and not repeat the same mistakes.

In terms of money significance, perhaps you are debating leaving your old job or staying. In a recent analysis, a twenty-seven year old legal assistant, Aryan, explained that she had learned that her company was going to merge with a larger organization, and that the merger would lead to two paths, either taking a severance package and leaving, or twice the amount of work ahead. Aryan is unsure if he will be able to get through this merger unscathed and wonders if he should look for a more stable job in another. He should sort out his own needs before making a decision. After careful consideration (the moment of returning to the Seventh of Cups), he decided that job security was still far more important than familiarity. So he succeeds in finding a new position in a new company.

Core Tip

The Eight of Cups reversed card meaning provided by Witte is "Ultimate Bliss, Happiness, Banquet", and it seems that the man with the Eight of Cups has managed to get out of the boggy swamp and find the springtime of his life.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Eight of Cups reversed indicates that the person concerned may be unwilling or afraid to take the action of the Eight of Cups, unwilling to make a breakthrough and remain in the status quo.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also sometimes means that the person may take rash action with the Eight of Cups, but he discards things that are very valuable and promising, thus regretting them afterward.
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