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Eight of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

You have broken out of a situation and shown that you are going after something more!

Card Details:

The man in the red coat and red shoes turns away in the twilight, holding a long staff, leaving the eight cups he had previously worked so hard to establish, and crossing the river. The surrounding swamp is dense, symbolizing silted up emotions, like a stagnant pool of water.

It would have taken at least a while of toil to build the eight cups, but he found a gap in the middle of the eight chalices, and so resolutely turned away to go in search of the ninth chalice, walking toward higher ground while leaving behind him the eight cups, which represent opportunities for joy, and can still hold the things that were joyful in the past. His red shoes and his long staff symbolize his power of action, and now he removes these energies from the joys and accomplishments he has constructed in the past, the eight chalices, and turns to the search for the lost one, as the moon covers the sun, urging a more thorough search.

Is it foolish to say that he abandoned the original eight Grails for the lost one? It doesn't seem silly. Is he not? Neither does it. It's a matter of opinion. He could have taken the original eight cups with him, but he chose not to, which shows the central theme of the Eight of Cups, "Abandonment". He did not want all the past joys, achievements and wealth, he only wanted the missing one. In our daily life, we can sometimes come across such a person. Some people see him as stubborn in his choice of goodness, while others see him as a donkey, but they all have to admit that he is indeed clear about what he wants, and he is courageous enough to do so. When in a swampy, stagnant situation, the Eight of Cups is all about breaking the mold, picking up your staff, letting go of your attachments, and moving forward with courage.

You know, no matter what, the time has come to move away from what you have in pursuit of something more, as we can see by the space left on the card for another cup. While the inner quest in the Seven of Cups leads to the understanding that there must be more, the Eight of Cups shows that the physical quest has begun. This is the true meaning of the element of water. It gives you the ability to perceive that a situation is coming to an end before it dries up or collapses.

That person heading for higher ground suggests progress and may produce a better vision. This card is similar to the Hermit card - in order to reach higher, or gain a better vision, you must first put the ordinary things of everyday life behind you.

The fact that the Moon is moving past the Sun suggests two things: that inner knowing is more important than outer action, and that this pursuit will be day and night (both in dreams and while awake). The "awake" state can include reading books, therapy, taking classes, or talking.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card represents the abandonment of established forms of fulfillment in order to pursue a new kind of fulfillment. Perhaps you are planning to leave your job for a more rewarding one, or you are retreating from your loving relationship to find deeper happiness.

The missing cup in the middle of the eight chalices points to the fact that there is always a downside to past accomplishments. There is no such thing as perfection, and we can accept it in its entirety, or we can be like the man in the eighth chalice, who focuses on the flaws, disappointed and unfulfilled, and sets out to find the missing piece. Whether he succeeds or not is uncertain. He may find it, or he may lose it all. But at least he had the courage to act.

On a higher level, the Eight of Cups is similar to the words of Mencius: "If God is going to bestow a great task on a man, he must first suffer his mind, labor his bones, starve his body, and empty his body. In short, the Eight of Cups can also represent sacrifice, i.e. giving up existing material pleasures in order to pursue spiritual growth, which is vaguely similar to the concept of the Hermit and the Hanged Man.

The Eight of Cups is the card of strength. The Eight of Cups represents emotional courage, prompting you to seek deeper fulfillment. But you run the risk of not finding it, and in the process you lose your existing happiness. Still, pursuing this deeper fulfillment will give you hope that you'll have more to give and more to give to the circumstances in which you find yourself.

The Eight of Cups means that you are rising above someone, or breaking through a particular situation. It indicates that it is not enough for a person to understand, but it also includes leaving a stable state (the Sixth of Cups) to discover the fulfillment that the Tenth of Cups offers.

Nothing forces you to give up your current state, except your inner need to achieve a more intense fulfillment. It takes inner strength to succeed in a successful challenge satisfactorily, and when the Eight appears, you will have the relative courage and strength to do so. In the Major Arcana, the eighth is the power card. And all the eights of the Tarot are also associated with strength.

In relationship divination, it is obvious that it represents giving up an existing relationship in favor of pursuing the happiness you desire. That happiness may not necessarily be another object, but more likely one's own ideals and perseverance. This theme is further emphasized when combined with the Hermit or Priestess cards.

In relationship analysis, the Eight of Cups expresses the act of leaving a relationship or pursuing a deeper commitment to your current relationship. This can be accomplished by physically leaving, finding time for contemplation, or immersing yourself in a book. You need to go further and understand that the current situation is not enough.

In a money sense, when the Eight of Cups appears in the deck of financial issues, you may be thinking about leaving your job, or giving up an investment, or some kind of financial source. For continued growth and fulfillment, it's time to think hard about a possible new source of income or a new job.

Meaningful in life, this card suggests finding a new way to promote progress in life. You have a tendency to turn away from the familiar ways of life now and are looking for a new one, or one that has more efficient options. The Eight of Cups is the card that represents power, and the Eight of Cups implies power on an emotional and spiritual level. This spiritual and emotional power is a solid foundation for living a healthy life.

Core Tip

The Eight of Cups discards not only substantial people or things, but can also discard old beliefs or values.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Eight of Cups reminds you to be mindful of what you don't need in your life, and that now is a good time to clear out the "trash".
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Card Meaning Extension

This card can also be a sign of weakness, loss of strength, a time of avoidance, rest, or seclusion.
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