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Five of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Control what you can control, don't need to worry over what you can't control

Card Details:

The Five of Cups reversed usually describes finally understanding the existence of the two cups and the bridge. During this time, you are willing to allow friends and family to support you or decide to cross this bridge to reach a new and possibly deeper state of stability.

This reversed card means it's time for you to let go of the past. Losses may have been happening for weeks, months, or even years, but when this card appears in reverse, it suggests that you are ready to let go, forgive, and forget.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card, like all Fives (including the Hermit), represents a narrow-mindedness when it is in positive position and a broad-mindedness when it is reversed.

When the Five of Cups is reversed, it is a more positive card. He means gradually releasing grief. And realizing that a bridge close by will bring him back to a state of emotional stability and contentment. It represents a gradual understanding that the opportunity to let the emotional and spiritual dimensions thrive is there now. After a period of loss and grief, a new path to fulfillment is finally recognized. You are once again open to the possibility of love. The Four of Cups back in the positive position to master its subject will give you the chance to experience peace in your inner world before you look for joy through people or your surroundings again.

This reversed card in the analysis of relationships can also mean a release from some past emotional state, allowing you to use it for a deeper relationship, or a deeper commitment to an existing relationship.

In terms of wealth, the Fifth of Cups reversed could mean a return to the emotional stability represented by the Four of Cups, which is positive, and a gradual healing from past financial and emotional losses. He makes it clear that money cannot fill the emotional and spiritual void.

The Five of Cups reversed is one of the more positive cards in the deck of cards about life. It means coming back to a balanced viewpoint after having drowned your sorrows. The Castle represents leaving your pain behind and crossing the bridge to a stable state of life. This card means that someone has the support of family and friends, or has found emotional refuge in a stable, regular life.

Core Tip

According to Vet, inversions can represent faulty plans.
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Knowledge Expansion

From the picture, the Five of Cups is reversed and the two remaining cups are poured, leaving nothing for the person in question, so the hurt and grief is more severe than in the positive position.
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Card Meaning Extension

It is possible that the person in question refuses to acknowledge the grief and therefore suppresses his emotions. The best case scenario is that the person realizes the parts of him that he still retains, such as the care of family and friends, and the three fallen cups become less important.
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