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Four of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Changes are coming, take advantage of new opportunities to get out of unsatisfying situations!

Card Details:

When this Four of Cups is turned upside down, the man on the card is surrounded by four overturned cups. These four cups can no longer hold anything, so he needs to look elsewhere for fulfillment. This means that spending time in contemplation will be a thing of the past and you should immediately and actively pursue new opportunities.

There are new opportunities waiting for you, but not the ones you are currently looking at. You must set out in pursuit of your fulfillment by realigning yourself with the outer world and the potential opportunities it holds.

Card Meaning Deduction:

In his current state this person is not entirely satisfied and is not able to maintain a connection with his inner being and the opportunities around him. Now is the time to return to the subject of the Three of Cups in order to meet someone who can remind him or awaken him to the joys of life. When this card is upside down, satisfaction and fulfillment seem to be fleeting. The person sits and contemplates those missed opportunities while ignoring the one right in front of him.

Given the situation, if circumstances don't allow your inner needs to be met, then look elsewhere for spiritual and emotional nourishment. Perhaps joining a meditation group, a car club, a gym, or a nature conservation organization would be helpful.

The Four of Cups when reversed is similar to the Four of Swords, representing dissatisfaction coming to an end. Compared to the positive position, the reversed Four of Cups is better able to grasp the opportunities in front of you, and also shows enthusiasm for life and willingness to take action.

Wealthy in the sense that feelings of dissatisfaction override all financial success at this stage. Now is the time to get back to the subject of the Three of Cups and reconnect with people. Recreation is just as important as work, and the Four of Cups inverted is usually a time when work takes over everything you do and recreation is only a brief moment. And the Four of Cups inverted can also mean being financially unfulfilled. When reconnecting with people, perhaps someone will introduce you to new and more rewarding opportunities.

In a life sense, it's possible that you're frustrated or unfulfilled with your life because you're working too hard. This is the time for you to go back to the Three of Cups in the upright position to be with people who know how to enjoy life. The upside down Four of Cups could mean that your loneliness is due to a loss of connection with people and activities that fulfill you emotionally and spiritually.

Core Tip

The reversal of the Four of Cups represents the emergence of another realm of life, with new relationships arising.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of this card means discovering new ways and foraging for new opportunities.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed Four of Cups moves out of its original state, out of a self-absorbed state of mind and out of a slump.
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