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King of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Emotions that have been suppressed for too long and are seeking relief

Card Details:

When this card is in reverse position, it is as if the King's chalice has tipped over and his emotions have gone down the drain because his motives are not pure enough and some of his actions will not be beneficial, no one will benefit from what he has given and this will most likely result in losses or bad consequences. It can also bring bad press for himself, or even really bad behavior, like being unfaithful or having two feet in the same boat!

The King of Cups in the opposite position is overplaying the water element and the Grail, and using emotions inappropriately. At this time, the Grail King seems to be drowning in a sea of lust, his feelings are surging and he is unable to control them, and his whole character is too weak to give in to his lusts. This man may be called an artist, but he lacks a sense of responsibility and principle. Emotions affect rational judgment, many actions will be biased, no longer treat people sincerely, or even deceitful and hypocritical, and often carry out some unknown things, playing favorites or double-crossing, giving people a very unreliable feeling.

The negative King of Cups is usually creative, but he can't keep up with his creative whims, which finds him more responsibility or lets negative past experiences surround the creativity. In essence, he dreams of a creative life, but has to recognize that it has strayed so far from his chosen path that he can't go back and start over.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the card King of Cups is reversed, the negative side of the King of Cups' personal abilities comes to the surface. He may dominate all kinds of people, and those around him, by dishonest means. He reveals little about himself, but may scrutinize your every move to find your weaknesses. His heart is full of fear and he may display a natural distrust of humanity, which may be due to lingering emotional hurts from the past.

Assuming he feels he has been hurt, he will seek revenge and may include the time he has spent doing so in that reckoning. He rarely forgives and never forgets. In addition to this, he will quote again and again what you have said to him, or what you have said about him, even if it was ten or twenty years ago. His memory for emotional injuries seems to be remarkably strong.

When the King of Cups is in positive position, his emotions are well controlled; when he is in negative position, the inconsistency between inside and outside is more serious, and his inner surging emotions are out of tune, and he can't control them, so he has to disguise them, which leads to hiding a knife in a smile, a honeyed tongue, turning into a double-faced person, dishonest, and even having a tendency to have an affair. In the positive position, he uses his imagination and intuition to create art, and in the negative position, he uses it to lie.

When experiencing adversity, the King of Cups can live his life with a grudge, and although he doesn't like conflict, he is likely to show aggressive tendencies, and when you're in a hurry to solve an important eventuality, he may decide to lend you his car, but he'll lose the keys an hour before he lends it. When frustrated, she will be the master of withdrawal.

Positive types of the King of Cups, on the other hand, will forgive easily and like to rebalance themselves by spending time at the beach, listening to soothing music, or talking to friends. Creative action allows them to balance their emotions and restore their faith in humanity.

When the Grail King turns negative, he is truly the "King of Anger". He is resentful and will soothe the emotional turmoil by drinking or indulging in sexual excesses. Hidden and evasive, depressed, always frustrated and melancholic by nature. This king spends most of his time brooding, obsessing, sighing, and counting his past misdeeds.

The reversed king represents emotions that have been repressed for too long and are now seeking relief. Earlier in his life, the need to love and be loved was thwarted or distorted by certain behaviors or decisions.

His antithesis was his choice, and he did not have to spend his life as a king against the throne. There is a passage in Gibran's Prophets, "...... And what is evil? Is not evil the good that is afflicted by its own hunger and thirst? Indeed, when good hungers, it forages even in dark caves, and when it thirsts, it drinks even stagnant water."

When it comes to the arts, the King of Cups retrograde implies less obvious accomplishments or suggests that he needs more maturity and more experience before all his creative potential can be developed. Training in creativity can lead to more rewarding and fruitful endeavors.

In general terms, the King inverted is saying that you need to let go of the past so that you can channel creativity into something meaningful and worthwhile. It's time to understand and forget. Your refusal to let go of the past is enough to deplete your creative resources and perhaps seal off your entire creative expression.

The presence of this card in the opposite position in the horoscope represents the appearance of a character with such negative traits, or the transformation of the character's original traits into such negative characteristics, or else the occurrence of an undesirable emotional event. In the case of the situation, the person is in a bad situation as described above, facing problems in emotional treatment and family relationships. The subject may be affected by their feelings or blinded by their own emotions, showing a lot of negative conditions, not going well in many aspects, and may feel empty and uninterested, which is especially detrimental to their relationships.

Core Tip

The reversed position of the King of Cups shows that there is a lack of trust in the treatment of feelings, a lack of sincere concern for each other, and even if they are hard to get together, it is difficult to be consistent.
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Knowledge Expansion

With regard to finances, be wary of irrationally abusing money. Career-wise, beware of a bright and glamorous outlook on the surface, but internally it may be a mess.
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Card Meaning Extension

If you are working as a team, it means that it is difficult to cooperate with each other, or even dishonest, if you want things to go more smoothly, replacing the competent person is a better way.
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