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King of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Deep intuitive powers, successful through creative and emotional training

Card Details:

The King is seated on a throne in the center of a rough sea, with a fish jumping out of the sea to his left and a sailboat to his right. Symbolizing the subconscious surfacing. His inner robe is blue representing the element of water and he has a fish necklace on his chest symbolizing imagination or creativity.

While he holds a staff in his left hand, symbolizing power, and a chalice in his right, he is the only one in the Grail family who does not gaze at the chalice, implying that he cannot be fully immersed in the Grail substance. Moreover, the fact that he does not touch the water, although he is in the middle of the sea, also symbolizes that to some extent he must draw a line with his emotional and creative nature in order to conform to the image of leadership.

The Grail symbolizes the exchange of feelings in the world, and the Grail King holds the Grail, that is, he possesses a wealth of emotions, as well as imaginative and creative talents. He is full of warmth and amiability, considerate and caring for his family, capable of being a reliable husband and a loving father. This card represents the power of sincerity and piety, and he will be devoted to his profession, which is usually a professional, either a lawyer or a businessman. However it is more likely that he is an artist, or a scholar or cultural figure.

This king is strong and perceptive, capable of great personal power. His best decisions are based on his bold intuition, and even in his career he is able to work on hunches. He's patient, creative, deep and perceptive, and he keeps his cups close to himself because he knows the value of these traits and he wants to be sure you'll honor them before he'll share himself with you. The squire is eager to share, the knight is eager to share, and the king waits for the best opportunity to come before he acts. Experience has taught him that things cannot be taken at face value.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card represents a mature male with extraordinary instrumentation and a gentle and refined temperament, with an amiable manner. His character is easy-going and emotional, his behavior is kind and compassionate, and he treats people with sincerity and cordiality. You will feel his kindness and charisma, and even more so his generous temperament and broad-mindedness. When he is radiant, he reveals a gifted romanticism and talent.

Such a Grail King is subjective and sensual, emotionally contagious. He likes to be close to others, is humane, and values the way people treat each other and interact with each other. He specializes in the emotions and romance represented by the Grail, has a deep inner culture, and values relationships with a sense of responsibility. Such a man is warm, generous, kind and reliable. His thoughtfulness is unrivaled, and everyone surrounds and relies on him, a kindly elder in the eyes of many.

The King of Cups suggests success through emotional and creative training, and the success sought can be achieved by realizing the energy on a creative goal. A mature, creative approach brings success, especially in creative and artistic endeavors. This King card implies that you should trust your instincts - don't give up. It suggests a strong yet calm approach. Imagination plus inspiration, coupled with actual hard work will pay off.

The King of Cups is perceptive, compassionate, creative, patient, and a good listener. Because of his depth of feeling, the King of Cups has a big heart and is usually good with children, and has a special affinity for nature. This is a man who remembers anniversaries, loves the ocean (even if it's just from the cape), and prefers to work in a creative, or spiritually meaningful way. He is perceptive and tries his best to avoid competition.

The King of Cups represents the Earth part of the Water element. This King's success is a combination of imagination, training and persistence. His determined eyes imply self-discipline, which enables him to succeed constantly. He is good at any creative field, such as collaboration, painting, acting, architecture, music, or working around and in water. The Grail King is also and engaged in counseling, psychology, archaeology, and the study of philosophy or religious beliefs. In real life, he may be a moderate achiever, but his heart will always be in creative pursuits.

The King of Cups shows depth and understanding, and he is suited to a position where the needs of others are the main focus. He is emotionally mature enough to clearly consider the needs of others as well as his own, and often prides himself on a sense of shared involvement in his family and environment.

In ancient times, the Grail King was a religious leader; nowadays, the Grail King is the new best family man. He is the kindest of grandpas, the gentlest of husbands, and the most doting of fathers. He is very family oriented, willing to devote himself to his family, and probably has deep religious convictions. He is not like what society generally considers a leader because he doesn't have to rule by authority, but instead is loving and gentle and considerate, well groomed, and more tolerant of his subordinates than any other king. In contrast to the purely rational analysis of the King of Swords, the King of Cups knows how to use his intuition, and he is mature and experienced enough to take the human factor into account.

Loving and caring for family, love and possessions, the King of Cups is forward-looking and willing to do whatever is in his heart, making him the most fickle of the four kings. This card shows a man who is friendly, kind and considerate, but who is reluctant to show it, and who is respected by all as a professional. On the other hand, this card tells the questioner to pay more attention to his inner feelings.

He is like a family doctor who cares for the health of the whole family, an empathetic counselor, or a philanthropist who cares for the community. If he is a father, he must be very concerned about his children, but due to traditional culture, he may pretend to be a saint. If he is a lover or husband, he is very loyal to his other half and is also very family-oriented.

If he is a friend, he will be very hospitable and will help you when you are in need. The King of Cups has a paradox: on one hand, he has all these artistic and imaginative qualities, but on the other hand, he has to maintain his position as a leader, so he can't show his emotions to the fullest extent, which may result in a discrepancy between his inner self and his outer appearance.

The King of Cups may represent Scorpio when it appears with the Death card. Otherwise, it could be a Cancer, Pisces or Leo. In fact, he may be a symbol of any sign, but usually possesses the qualities of a water sign.

In the analysis of a relationship, the King of Cups can indicate the man involved in the relationship, or the influence of a person of this character who adds to the relationship, such as a father or a friend. This card obviously represents a mature relationship, where the hero is usually over thirty years of age. The man is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and he values the emotional intimacy he has with his partner. There is always a partner and children in the plan, unlike the King of Scepters who only values his independence.

The presence of this card in divination most often represents a character related to the problem who possesses the traits and roles described above. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes being in close and considerate care, or in the midst of a subdued and cleansing relationship. This card may indicate that the subject has a good grasp of emotions and relationships, but it may also indicate that he or she will be cared for by such a person.

Overall, this is a good card, especially in the area of relationships, family life and interpersonal relationships. With intuitive judgment and the ability to recognize people, career and financial management are not bad either. Academics can also be handled with ease.

Core Tip

The King of Cups is Water in the element of Earth. Describes a man who is creative, good-natured and compassionate. Success through creative discipline.
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Knowledge Expansion

The King of Cups card can also mean that running a relationship in a disciplined and creative way will bring you rewards.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card suggests easy success in the field of art, religion or spiritual practices. Or you may be a frequent caregiver or recipient of care.
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