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Knight of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Indulging in fantasies doesn't make real life any better!

Card Details:

The reverse position of the Knight of Cups indicates that the Knight falls off his horse and loses his footing, dropping the chalice he holds in his hand, or even that this elemental possession will be snatched away or lost. This indicates that you are bent on chasing after feelings but not in the right way, and you will probably fail to pursue them, and even if you gain them, you will keep them for a short time, and you may even lose more because of this. You will put in a lot of effort, but it's hard to get the same response, and you may even be ignored or spurned by the other party. It is also possible that you will meet a rival, and the other party will move away from you and break your heart.

The Knight of Cups in the opposite position uses the wrong approach, so you lose your pursuit, causing serious consequences. Because he doesn't know what to do with his feelings and is not delicate enough, he always fails in his pursuit. He even spreads his feelings around, and his lack of dedication creates a bad image, which also hinders the development of his relationship. He is not sincere enough in his feelings, and even uses deceitful means to face his feelings.

When the Knight of Cups becomes negative, he is constantly falling in and out of love. He is not emotionally mature and often molds new relationships to be the same as earlier. He begins to go about making plans and has no concept of how he is going to accomplish them. His fertile imagination gives him many ideas, but very few can be realized.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the Knight of Cups is reversed it describes a person who has a habit of running away from the demands that life places on him and who may promise things he cannot deliver. He oscillates between his inner water and fire, starting things at the beginning and leaving them there, then glorifying the past and its possibilities. He often finds commitment difficult due to immaturity or past commitments that have not been fulfilled or released.

The Knight of Cups loses confidence easily in the midst of setbacks and feels he may not feel loved and happy again. Like the sentimental artist or poet, his emotions will determine his path in life. When life leaves him feeling disheartened, he may commit to a loving relationship as his safe haven. The positive Knight of Cups, on the other hand, will explore the spiritual meaning behind frustrating events and learn the lessons as well as continue toward his path.

He can easily confuse love with lust or obsession, and can be lazy, lazy, and prefer to indulge in fantasy rather than face reality. In some cases, this reversed card describes a person who is afraid to give emotionally due to some unresolved grief. He will constantly compare the past with the present and may ask for more than he can give back.

The reversed Knight of Cups is a womanizer who is still keen to play the game of love, saying all the sweet things and even going to bed, but is very dishonest and unfaithful, and may use love as a means to achieve his goals.

If you meet such a person at this time, please be especially careful unless you also have a playful mindset. On the other hand, there is the possibility of addiction to escape reality, which could also indicate unrequited love or narcissism, and some believe that the Knight of Cups inverted could suggest homosexuality. If it represents an event, all kinds of invitations should be viewed with special caution.

The Knight of Cups reversed represents a bad relationship or even facing a breakup or loss of love. It is likely that you have met a person who has broken your heart or your way of handling the situation has caused it. All these have to do with your own lack of clear perception of the relationship situation, which also includes not knowing enough about yourself or the other person, thus causing confusion and wrong decisions later on.

In general terms, the Knight Reversed suggests emotional disappointment. It can also suggest that an offer or opportunity will not materialize. When encountering the Knight in Reverse, one should return to the Squire in Ortho in order to become versed in the subject matter of the Squire's developmental process. He is now acting like a squire, dreaming of endless possibilities but putting little effort into deciding what is really possible and what is impractical.

As an example, Chad is an artist. More like an artist in temperament than in productivity, as he produced and sold very little in the ten years I regularly divined for him. His partner, a Grail Queen, was supportive and reveled in the fantasy that he was an artist.

At one point he explained that the only thing he really needed was a wealthy patron who could come and see his work from time to time and supply him with much needed money. Such a patron is only a product of mythology, so he cherishes what he has - a companion. She financed him in her limited way, and he had always been convinced that one day the whole world would come to his door in search of that extraordinary genius.

Only a significant minority of people are blessed with an unparalleled genius that stands out in their field, yet most are blessed with the ability to imagine that they have it. It is understandable that a child or a young man on his way to maturity would retain this dream for some time, but for a man of nearly forty-five years of age, he should have plenty of time to realize that the reality is not the same as his fantasies about life.

Core Tip

The Knight of Cups card in reverse shows emotional problems, especially mishandling of feelings of love for each other.
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Knowledge Expansion

If you draw this card in your career, it means that your finances are in quite a mess, and your career is prone to be hindered and delayed by emotional problems and setbacks.
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Card Meaning Extension

With the Knight of Cups in reverse, you are prone to regress in your studies because you are too preoccupied to concentrate on your coursework.
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