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Nine of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

You can't really have it until you can share it with someone else!

Card Details:

The reversed Nine of Cups, neatly falling from a high table, depicts people who have many needs that cannot be met, when in fact they have only one problem, and that is that the deepest part of their heart is not being cared for. And when this deep spiritual or emotional need is met, it usually affects all secondary or superficial needs as well.

The fulfillment you crave is hitherto hidden and unseen, causing you to grasp around for it whenever you feel it is possible to find it. When you look only for short-term satisfaction, lasting inner peace escapes, and this can lead to obsessive, delusional or compulsive behavior. Now is the time to return to the Eight of Cups in positive position so as to stay away from people, situations and habits that are not nourishing enough to nourish you in the long term.

From another perspective, with the Nine of Cups reversed, the nine chalices fall to the bottom of the picture and become less conspicuous, at which point the wealthy person seems to be hiding the cups laden with love and emotion, thus tending to go it alone, rejoicing in the solitude of the world but not with the multitude of people, the opposite of the Three of Cups, which is lifting up the cups of the people and rejoicing with them.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Nine of Cups reversed means that you are chasing after worldly pleasures to compensate for the love you have been denied, or to deny yourself. You are afraid to give your love for fear that your "stock" will be depleted. Since you have never given any love and have not received any new love, there is no room in your heart for anything new unless you give to others what you have. You are quite hungry for deep affection, so will try hard to fulfill this need through worldly things.

This can lead to delusional, uncontrolled, or compulsive behaviors, including addictions to food, alcohol, games, or anything that might give temporary relief to your inner longings. These delays can usually be traced back to the desire for love. Love must come when you need it most or you cannot feel fulfilled.

When you see this reversed card, it's as if you also see yourself putting some honey in your mouth without putting them in your heart. That is to say that you intend to belligerently love things in place of loving actions.

The Nine of Cups reversed is interpreted by Waite as 'truth, fidelity, freedom'. This actually means that the person concerned can move beyond the stage of sensual enjoyment to a higher level of pleasure, perhaps through meditation, yoga, or any other means of self-enrichment. Food and sound and light stimulation can no longer entertain him at this point; he wants longer-term pleasure. This is actually an expression of fidelity to oneself that leads to ultimate liberation and freedom.

Wealthily significant, the Nine of Cups in reverse represents a desperate financial need and brings with it a deeper, more spiritual need. Perhaps you don't like the way you're earning money, and to compensate you're pleasing yourself by spending a lot of money. Perhaps it's time for you to return to the Eight of Cups in positive position and stay away from those spending habits in your life that leave you addicted or empty.

In a life sense, the reversed Ninth of Cups may suggest that delayed behavior is affecting your life in a negative way. It's time for you to examine your daily routine for the sake of your long-term health. This card shows that you may be addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, games or unhealthy foods. It's time to get rid of old habits by returning to the Eight of Cups.

Core Tip

The Nine of Cups reversed represents a little bit of internal dissatisfaction, a little bit of regret that you almost got it, one point short of a pass, one step short of a pass.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Nine of Cups also represents the lack of moderation, often starting with a bang and ending with a bland finish, and doing things with no end in sight.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Nine of Cups in the divination of life, represents the body is very good, reversed, be careful not to leisure excessive turn off the TV, eat less it.
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