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Nine of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Contentment, satisfaction and sense of honor with oneself

Card Details:

A man dressed as a wealthy man sits on a small stool with his arms folded over his chest, looking contented. Behind him, on a high table covered with a blue tablecloth, nine chalices stand in a row, placed higher than him. In the background is a bright, vivid yellow, representing clarity of thought, while the bright crimson color of his hat, feathers and socks shows his zest for life. Underneath this zest for life is the blue color of his clothes, signifying his spiritual awareness of true values.

His arms are clasped around his chest, protecting his source of love and strength. He is a man of many accomplishments and proud of himself. He is surrounded by many colors, but has no bright colors on his clothing other than his red hat and socks. His lack of colorful clothing signifies that although he has found great satisfaction from within himself, he has not yet found someone with whom he can share these feelings. He still has to spice things up a little before he reaches the Tenth of Cups. Because he needs to understand that while his love is valuable, it is even more valuable when he is able to share it with someone else (this applies to all cards).

The Nine of Tarot also represents deep thought, and this man is sitting deep in thought about what he must give in a friendship or loving relationship. His corseted tunic is gray because his love is only worthwhile if he is giving to someone who deserves it, and his corseted tunic is a reminder to keep in mind that he has not yet reached the Ten of Cups (the card representing the rounded realm of the Grail deck).

This card can also be compared to the Six of Coins, where we see the rich man with his palms down and the beggar with his palms up, and the Nine of Cups, where the rich man sits with his chest clasped in his hands, displaying a kind of pure contentment, an invisible isolation from the outside world, and even a vague hint of braggadocio.

If the table setting is regarded as a banquet, it is not difficult to deduce that the Nine of Cups also represents enjoyment, and usually material sensory enjoyment, such as a lavish meal, a shocking movie, a luxurious SPA, a carnival party. Compared to the Nine of Coins, which is close to nature, perhaps the enjoyment represented by the Nine of Cups is superficial, but there is nothing like the Nine of Cups to stretch the mind and body after an exhausting day.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Nine of Cups is nicknamed "A Dream Come True", which means that the person's wish is very likely to come true, both spiritually and materially. The so-called law of "success in love affairs and failure in the casino" does not apply to the Nine of Cups, which is about "getting both money and wealth". The Nine of Cups is about "getting both". The wealthy man is very happy with his current situation, and his smug, chest-hugging stance shows a certain degree of self-importance.

This card shows that you know your true worth and that it is your worth that makes you who you are today. Your current profession brings you a sense of fulfillment and your life will be smoother when you avoid people or situations that are difficult to give anything back to and can be a distraction of energy.

The Ninth of Cups implies a sense of satisfaction and honor with yourself. There is inner fulfillment in the Ninth of Cups, and when your inner needs are balanced, you are free to return to the simple joys of life. As you accept yourself and the state you are in, you are able to devote more time and energy to the simple things and enjoy them. It means that during this period you are able to calmly reflect on past accomplishments.

This Nine of Cups describes a man who has a healthy view of himself and who understands that your view of him is only one of those views. He takes his own opinion more seriously. These cups are placed higher than he is and are less accessible to others. He understands the value of giving and is not willing to give too easily or too quickly.

The Ninth of Cups describes a sense of pride and fulfillment in being able to accomplish a job satisfactorily. The feelings of happiness and joy you have within you may come from your work environment, relationships, or from a sense of spiritual fulfillment. Now that your inner needs have been met, you are able to reflect on the success you have earned. In the Nine of Cups there is joy, fulfillment and peace that grows out of your love for yourself.

This is a wish card in the Minor Tarot, and as long as the asker's wish is kind and well-intentioned, the wish or dream will come true, and the asker will receive unparalleled fulfillment. This card is also a good omen if the querent is getting engaged, getting married or starting a new business.

When the Nine of Cups is seen in a relationship analysis, it is accompanied by a great deal of happiness and fulfillment. Since you have learned to love yourself and to evaluate your own needs and abilities, your chances of finding fulfillment in a relationship are now much better, because you are no longer afraid to reject situations that do not provide you with enough of what you need. You don't just dive into some paradoxical situation and dream of its possibilities anymore, because you know very well that opportunities can be found all over the place. You know that if a current or future partner can't love or value you, there will be others who can give you the love you deserve.

This one suggests a satisfying relationship where both partners value what they give and receive from each other.

In terms of money, this card usually indicates that fulfillment comes from making wise financial decisions. It signals that financial stress will be kept away from you. Perhaps you are earning your income with a creative or fulfilling attitude towards your personal ambitions. When the Nine of Cups appears in a financial problem card shape, perhaps you have a sense that wealth is not in short supply.

In a life sense, the Nine of Cups shows a balanced state of health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is a period when you are very satisfied with your life and living. When the Nine of Cups appears in the cards about life, it shows that a balanced life comes from an attitude towards life and a feeling of well-being.

Core Tip

The Nine of Cups indicates that you have recently granted a wish or experienced a pleasant treat.
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Knowledge Expansion

If the Nine of Cups represents a person, he is usually content with what he has, but his arms across his chest suggests that he is not always willing to share or open to communication with others.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Nine of Cups and the Nine of Coins both represent enjoyment after achievement, but both figures are lonely, and we can compare these two cards with the Three of Cups and the Four of Scepters.
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