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Page of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

If you refuse the experience of living in the moment, there will be another one waiting for you!

Card Details:

The Chalice Servant in reverse position is actually quite rusty at keeping exclusive objects, and the Chalice is difficult to hold and prone to slipping unnoticed. This means that the Chalice is not well versed in the way of emotions, or is not attentive enough and makes careless mistakes. The chalice tipping over is not a pleasant sight. Water will be spilled on the ground and the fish will dry up and die. There is a feeling of remorse and regret for a tragedy caused by a moment's negligence.

The reversed position of this card indicates the problems of the Servant himself, who is unsteady on his own feet and makes a lot of messes. Due to inexperience and novice, he will be too naive and childish, appearing immature.

Due to his ignorance, he will always fail to adjust to the right direction, and he will not like to listen to others' advice, and his behavior will deviate and go out of line. Sometimes he is also arrogant and likes to use pampering or pretending to be cute, or else he is flattering to achieve his desired goals and privileges.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Grail inverted describes the mental disturbance caused by daydreaming and nightdreaming because of the desire to stay on the ground and stabilize the situation. Regular walks, dill, plenty of exercise, or spending time in nature can help you return to a state of mental stability. If major spiritual developments are not properly grounded, you may risk emotional and mental instability. A large tree standing tall must have deep downward roots, then it can only stop shaking when the first strong winds come.

Negative Grail Servants indicate being painfully defensive, fearful of new experiences, and not wanting to share happy times with others. The Grail Squire is clingy and timid among first acquaintances, and he/she usually has to take their time to like strangers. If the Grail Squire represents a child, he/she has only a few close friends and prefers to play with only one at a time, rather than in a group.

The Grail Squire type will sulk and flame to control the scene when they are frustrated. They take emotional hurts to heart and can usually quote conversations that happened 800 years ago in return. Positive Grail Servants, on the other hand, sometimes release frustration by crying silently.

Indicating the person's refusal to accept messages or opportunities offered by the Grail Servant, or his unwillingness to give to others, he may reject the kindness or invitations of others. On the other hand, it may mean that his ideas are too wild and out of the ordinary, and it's okay if he doesn't do it, but if he does, it may lead to trouble. Maybe he is over-sensitive and easily hurt. If it represents an event, you may get bad news or be notified of a cancellation or delay.

The Grail Squire Retrograde implies disappointment in a partnership or gender relationship, or refers to the dissolution of a partnership. Since the Servant represents new news, a retrograde Servant may be suggesting disappointing news, or a piece of news that has been delayed.

The presence of this card in opposition during divination means that the relationship is not going well, or even facing an embarrassing scene. Perhaps you have been hurt after an emotional setback, which makes you more afraid to face relationships in the future. The emotional level becomes sensitive and very fragile, and you are often confused and anxious, showing the weak side of your character.

Attendant can also represent a period of time when your imagination gets in the way of your thinking or your heart. It can also describe a conflicting or unjustified supply. Perhaps the person who is providing you with something is not in a position to give you something, or the person responsible for this provision is uncertain about the matter.

Sometimes it is describing your inability to put your feet on the ground, or to bond with your current circumstances, knowing that you are receiving the information or news that you need to take the next step in the process. It can also refer to a period of time when you don't yet understand your situation, yet you desperately need to make a decision. For example, you may be waiting to finalize your next job opportunity before you quit your current job. This squire implies uncertainty about this opportunity, or the confirmation of this opportunity comes late.

Don't refuse to rise to the challenge, every experience is a gift in life, be brave enough to accept it, face it head on, deal with it, and one day be able to navigate any less than ideal with ease.

Core Tip

The reverse position of the Grail Squire shows problems with emotional maintenance, inexperience and lack of experience, especially when faced with the object of pursuit and desire.
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Knowledge Expansion

Regarding career and money, it can also be difficult to make rapid progress due to rawness and weakness. The only way to make gains is to mature as quickly as possible.
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Card Meaning Extension

It is easy to regress in studies or further education because of emotional situations, indulgence and sadness of mind, and lack of interest in the homework itself.
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