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Page of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Careful care of feelings, beneficial emotional devotion

Card Details:

The Grail Servant, dressed in a floral pattern, looks with curiosity and without any pressure at a fish popping out of a cup. The fish symbolizes imagination and poking its head out of the cup represents that the Grail Servant has an overactive imagination.

The Grail Squire stands with a relaxed body, his left arm crossed and a smile on his face, it is not difficult to find out that he has a friendly personality. In the background is the undulating sea. Because the Grail deck is of the water element, every court card has water in the background.

The Grail Servant is a character who aspires to the Grail, and he is serious about learning how to work the Grail, so it has to do with emotional honing. This Grail Servant, with his earnest look, but with a touch of boyishness, is all about his attitude and ability to relate to his feelings. For all the things in his hand, he would take care of his feelings, not to mention that this cup contained the little fish that he cared for.

The Grail Servant is holding a cup with fish in it, as if he is giving something away, so it represents a gift or a new message of interpersonal relationship, which may be a love letter, a wedding invitation, an invitation, or a phone call asking you to go out and have fun, and you can use it to get to know new friends and grasp the opportunity of love.

Card Meaning Deduction:

This card represents a young person who loves to daydream and has a romantic view of life that sometimes leads him/her to self-disclosure before the motives of others are known. This person is creative, perceptive, shy, soft-hearted and happy to write or draw something on a rainy day, as well as reading or watching movies.

The Grail Squire is the child with the richest imagination. He is innocent, sensitive and attentive, intuitive, fantasy-loving, curious, sweet and lovable, loves to dream and often asks questions that one would never think of. He is easy-going, cooperative, reliable, caring and willing to serve others.

He is warm, creative and sensitive. You can think of him as a shy white rabbit or a budding poet. He can be oversensitive and can take things too seriously. He is a source of joy to you because he is so sensitive, generous, warm and loving. He is like a little elf who is good for you, innocent and kind, ready to laugh, cry and play with you.

Compared to the Scepter, who explores and plays around with curiosity, the Grail Squire is serious about figuring out what he is interested in. He may be interested in literature, music, and art, and has a bright future ahead of him. If he is a boy, he is feminine. If he is an adult, he is as innocent and kind as a child. His disadvantage is that he is somewhat emotionally dependent. Because he is highly submissive, he may be easily influenced by his environment or friends.

If the meaning of this card is related to a person, this person will be friendly and caring to the querent all the time, giving him a lot of comfort. Alternatively, the querent may be able to re-examine his or her life from a more spiritual point of view.

This creates an understanding, sensitive, sentimental person who emphasizes emotional interaction. He takes others seriously and is loyal to those he loves. He is also a diligent and dedicated person, offering his services automatically and spontaneously toward a specific goal. He is eager to help others and is a trustworthy helper and a good working partner.

When he appears in the horoscope, he usually represents a friend who is willing to help you. He is willing to support you unconditionally, listen to you, and help you to think of ways to solve your problems, and on the other hand, he actually needs to be cared for by others. On the other hand, he is a good learner, usually a bit shy and introverted.

The Grail Squire represents the Wind part of the Water element: approaching emotions by thinking, dreaming or meditating. "Thinking about emotions" is a simple way of describing this attendant.

All the cards in the Tarot's attendant have to do with learning, and since the suit of Cups deals with emotions and intuition, this card could mean spiritual learning or development through meditation, or any other similar passive means. This card appears with the Pope representing Pisces, and with the other court cards of the Chalice it also tends to have this meaning.

The Servant card can symbolize new news, whether through letters, phone calls, or listening to your inner voice and paying attention to the messages it sends. If this card is used to describe a person, it would be someone under the age of twenty-two who is quiet and gentle and prefers contemplation to action. If this card is used to describe a child, it suggests a person who likes to think and is creative.

The Grail Squire represents the arrival of a new relationship or partnership, an opportunity for emotional fulfillment, i.e., a business partnership that involves work that you love, or work that is creative. When appearing next to the Pope, the Grail Bearer can refer to a Piscean personality around you, or if you are a Pisces yourself, to yourself. If the Grail Bearer appears next to the Pope and you are not surrounded by Pisces, it is likely to refer to psychic or spiritual development.

The specific task of the Grail Servant is to transport the protective chalice or to deliver a message of related emotions. Because of this identity, this card represents a messenger or a bearer of messages, or a mechanism for doing so. All messages regarding emotions, generally everyday letters, especially love letters, or else news of emotional relationships and gossip. It can also represent the giving of gifts, or the person who carries and delivers them. For the personal life, it can represent the carrying of tools or items related to personal grooming, personal make-up and beauty items, such as mirrors, combs, lipsticks and so on.

Special matters related to this Grail card on an emotional level are: rewards, encouragement, awards, and commendations. In addition, this Grail attendant holds the chalice in his hand and looks at the fish in the cup in this gesture. It's like having a conversation with the self and gazing into meditation. The Grail Squire is also prone to indulging in fantasies and getting caught up in his own affairs, and has a lot of room to hone and grow and learn. This little fish of the Grail Squire is especially indicative of a cherished feeling for a small pet or some special souvenir.

In terms of gender relationship analysis, the Squire of Cups may signal the emergence of a new relationship, or the opportunity for an existing relationship to enter a new phase. After a separation, this card may suggest a reunion, as it depicts someone who wants to offer you something of value. Where there is a question of a friend or partner getting back together, this card gives you a positive indication that that will happen.

The Squire of Cups may indicate a budding or innocent romance, but more commonly it represents making good friends. He can also represent a period of time suitable for contemplation, meditation or fantasy, when you can let your creativity and imagination run wild and do more meditative exercises.

Core Tip

The Grail Squire represents a source of emotion, a friendship, a romantic relationship or a piece of creativity. In career, he may bring sensual work proposals. It also indicates meditation to bring the mind and body into a state of equilibrium.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Grail Squire suggests a relationship or partnership between the sexes that has been granted to you. This includes a business partnership and can also refer to an opportunity that someone else has offered you. However, due to the playful nature of the relationship, it is less helpful for academics.
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Card Meaning Extension

In terms of money management, due to your weak personality and naivety, you are often at a disadvantage when working with others, so you should not take risks or get too involved with others.
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