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Queen of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Once lost in sentimentality or past loss, one is oblivious to what is in front of them

Card Details:

When this card is in reverse position, it is as if the Empress's chalice has tipped over and fallen, losing precious feelings. She may even sit unsteadily and dip into the sea, lost in the tide of emotions. She will be too loose without understanding the feelings of others, wanting to be cared for but not knowing how to treat others.

The Queen of Cups in reverse position is still beautiful, although she shows the same basic character of the Queen of Cups. However, because she is over-exerting herself, she is more emotionally charged, and she tends to give people the impression that she cannot be trusted. The Queen of Cups at this time, due to the overabundance of emotions, indulges in them to the neglect of other dimensions.

With the Queen of Cups reversed, on the one hand, she will be overwhelmed by emotions, living in fantasy, always appearing as a victim, becoming melancholic, emotional, self-pitying, moody, over-sensitive, unrealistic, dependent, addicted, dishonest, and lacking in a sense of reality.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Queen of Cups reversed describes the severance of the connection between Water and Earth, and brings about two possible endings. First, she may fall into depression and lose all creative possibilities as she cuts off support from friends and the supply of love from within and without her. As a result she may become lost in sentimentality or past loss, and be at a loss for what is in front of her.

Another possibility is that she may become cold and unfeeling, masking her pain with anger, especially once she feels she has suffered in love. So, in retaliation for the humiliation that someone has given her, she begins to punish her new partner, creating heartbreaker after heartbreaker, and this may be a subconscious move. She may indulge and despise love, and her relationships become a kind of power play.

Often this card is suggesting that it is necessary for you to forgive yourself or someone in your past life so that you can free yourself from the past. It shows that you must refocus on your surroundings and reconnect with your inner fire and earth. It can also describe a grief that needs special attention.

The reversed Queen of Cups is secretive, has no way of forgiving or forgetting the past, and can be sad for no reason. When this Queen becomes negative, she is not so much a burden to others as she is a burden to herself as she withdraws from life and empties herself emotionally and spiritually.

If you have angered him and have not apologized, he will not forget it, because he has a digital image of the correct memory, and every detail will be recalled at the right time. The negative Empress can turn out to be a chronic sufferer because he lives in an unbearable situation and is not willing to change or leave it.

The Queen of Cups is easily distracted in a setback because she doesn't have the kind of righteous indignation that the Queen of Scepters possesses. Expect to be asked to ask for a reasonable distribution of work, and he would prefer that others take the initiative to notice that she needs assistance. The positive Queen of Cups, on the other hand, will patiently wait for other opportunities.

When positive, she is the most devoted of lovers; in reverse, she becomes like a fallen angel, overly thirsty for love, will deliberately seduce men, and may do immoral things. She loses her emotional security, leading to suspicion or jealousy, and sticks to her lover all day long. On the other hand, it may indicate that the person lacks the ability to trust intuition or dreams, or is unwilling to express emotion or care. The reversed Queen of Cups is not trustworthy.

The presence of this card reversed in divination represents the appearance of a character with such negative traits, or the character's original traits taking on or transforming into such negative characteristics. In terms of the situation, the person in question is in a bad situation as mentioned above, and is facing emotional embarrassment. Therefore, the subject may not be able to get any emotional nourishment, or may be emotionally uncontrollable.

The Queen of Cups reversed represents a long time to forget something. Perhaps she has forgiven, but not forgotten. A reversed Queen of Cups is even heard to say, "Never forgive, never forget."

Core Tip

The reverse position of the Queen of Cups shows experiencing emotional distress, especially in terms of emotional control. Love and relationships appear entangled.
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Knowledge Expansion

In the financial aspect due to the soft hearted good talk, or the momentary emotion caused unnecessary expenditure. Academics will be delayed due to confused thoughts and lack of will, influenced by emotions.
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Card Meaning Extension

Unable to trust others, trapped by an awkward situation, you face difficulties, often caused by bad temperament.
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