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Queen of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Strength of mind, success through inner strength

Card Details:

The Queen of Cups holds the chalice in both hands, her eyes gazing straight into the chalice. That chalice is in the shape of a church with an angel on each arm and a cross at the top to symbolize the devotion of the Queen of Cups. She sat on a throne by the sea, with a design of a little mermaid catching a fish at the base of the throne, and at the top were two little mermaids holding a large clam shell together. The Grail Queen, accompanied by three mermaids, sits on land to symbolize her more frequent contact with people than the Grail King, who sits isolated on the sea.

The Grail Queen is the most gentle and loving mother of the four queens. She is a birdlike wife and a good mother who gives her all for her children. It is a woman with gentle qualities and possesses deep feelings. She is very meticulous, soft and sensual. The native also gives emotion and love and pours out all her deep feelings. She values human feelings and cherishes love even more. She treats people with great care and is very attentive to her loved ones.

The Empress of the Grail represents all that is specific to the element of water, which is the water part of the water element, and means success through listening to intuition. She shows the possibility of combining intuition, imagination, creativity and action. Her basic qualities are emotional and imaginative, yet mature enough to produce concrete results from her inspirations. Her feet are submerged in water while the Throne is placed on land, providing strong support for her dreams to come true.

This Queen card represents the symbol of water in astrology, including Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The cup in her hand is of her own creation and is more ornate than the other cups in this deck. In her cups she can clearly see what she wants and what she should do to get it. The cups give her a vision of the future or possibilities that others don't see. She has an extraordinary sensitivity to her surroundings and to herself, and is strong enough to display intense spiritual power. Being negative by nature (that is, preferring feeling to action), the Empress usually says, after something unforeseen has happened, "Oh, I just dreamed about that thing last week."

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Queen of Cups implies success through listening to the senses and utilizing a creative imagination. If the Queen of Cups is describing a person, it represents a mature woman with an intuitive and creative nature. A fairly quiet archetype; listens to everything, but says very little. These abilities make her suitable for counseling, psychology, social work, childcare, collaboration, medicine, and anything creative. Often people are willing to trust her and interpret her silence as permission to speak up about what is troubling them.

The Queen of Cups is intuitive, compassionate, kind-hearted, careful and nurturing in her senses. The equivalent has emotional depth. This Queen will want to avoid work environments where his feelings are susceptible to fluctuations, as he is often overwhelmed by the variety of emotions around him. As it is for him, she feels that she gives too much to maintain a sense of continuity. She always keeps faith and is willing to listen to those who want to take the burden off their shoulders.

She knows from experience that cluttered imagery usually produces limited results, so it can be used for actions that are valuable physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Creative training is her greatest achievement. Though she may appear gentle and attentive, the eyes imply a strong will. Love tempers her will and adds depth to her personality. She acts with love and compassion and often displays strong family feelings.

The Queen of Cups is a minor card version of the Popeess. She is highly imaginative, values intuition and is overly romantic. When you want a tarot reading or emotional comfort, you'll turn to the Queen of Cups. She's the kind of mature woman that young guys fall in love with, not because of her beauty, but because of her empathy. She is a dreamer, like Alice in Wonderland. The woman in this card is full of tenderness and kindness, so she will always be surrounded by friends who love her. Her intuition and senses are very sharp. She can offer some comfort and support to her querent.

She trusts her intuition and dreams, and has an extraordinary power of perception. She is a dreamy and poetic lover, like a heroine in a Joan of Arc novel, very considerate, sensitive and delicate, good at using the tearful eye attack. She is the kind of woman who would shed tears when she sees a poor stray dog by the side of the road. She is extremely compassionate and sympathetic, very patient, and taking care of children, plants and animals is her specialty because she loves to pamper others from the bottom of her heart. She can also put herself in other people's shoes, attaches great importance to other people's ideas, easy to go along with other people's opinions, sometimes appear to be relatively unprincipled, good bully. She doesn't reason, she only talks about love, and her emotional richness is breathtaking.

However, such a personality may flow into sentimentality and even be a bit emotional. I'm afraid she can't stand the absolute rationality and sharpness of a Sword type, and a Sword type will not be able to stand her sentimentality and mood swings. If she is your boss, you communicate with her, she will listen, just in the words of the best careful deliberation, do not stab her.

In case it causes her to react emotionally, she will cry to you in public. Don't be surprised if she doesn't have much of a plan and likes to change her policies at any time. She has a strong imagination and often comes up with new ideas, but rarely puts them into practice. In this respect, she is a good match for the Star Coin type, who can help her realize her dreams step by step. She is very competent as a nanny, nurse, artist and complainer.

If a problem occurs, she may not say how she feels, but will still be supportive of those around her, putting her own emotional woes aside. If it is the answer to a question, the Queen of Cups may be suggesting success through creative training.

In addition to being the most emotionally oriented person, the Queen of Cups is also the most aesthetically oriented, valuing beauty from the heart to the outside, rather than beauty in appearance. She valued the feelings of the heart, was rich in association and creativity, and had an artistic cell and aesthetic vision.

The Grail symbolizes worldly emotional relationships, so the Empress embracing the Grail is the woman who lives in the world of feelings, and can represent the emotional woman who looks forward to the nourishment of affection, the happy woman in love or in marriage. This card represents a warm-hearted and fair person who is loved and respected and who is an understanding friend. She is able to play the role of a devoted mother, a devoted wife, and is gifted with integrity, kindness, love and wisdom, and vision.

The presence of this card in divination most often represents a character related to the issue, who possesses the qualities and roles described above. If interpreted as a state of affairs, it describes the experience of a beautiful, warm and romantic relationship. The card may indicate the subject's own attitude towards relationships, but it may also indicate a sweet and romantic experience.

In terms of gender relations, the Queen of Cups is describing a woman whose thoughts are never far from her partner or her loved ones. She considers emotional fulfillment to be more important than material success, and she will give the most time and effort to her relationships, family and children. She seeks unity and does not usually possess competitive or independent qualities like the Queen of Sceptres.

In the analysis of gender relations, this Queen implies an empowerment in friendship or gender relations. It can also suggest listening to the heart and intuition before deciding on a course of action.

Core Tip

The Queen of Cups is the Water of the four elements. Sympathy combined with creativity describes a woman who is perceptive, educated, compassionate, yet values privacy. Success is achieved by trusting your intuition and cultivating your plans.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Queen of Cups has a particularly delicate and sensitive heart when it comes to handling relationships. There is a bit of a lack of planning and system in financial management, and there is a bit more enjoyment and spending, but not to the point of scarcity.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also indicates that the subject is engaged in spiritual growth activities or has special experiences of intuition and dreams. It could also mean that the person is in charge of care and nurturing.
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