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Seven of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Only by emptying your hands can you grab the opportunities that come along at any time.

Card Details:

The Seven of Cups inverted means that your life is crammed with so many trivial chores or responsibilities and obligations that you have no time for deep thought. I'm afraid it's those jobs or those noisy chores that don't allow you the opportunity to enter a phase of deep meditation.

There is another interpretation of the Seven of Cups reversed that is similar to the Seven of Stars, where the person in the picture is no longer confused or stagnant, when the clouds are about to lift, and instead it is easy to make decisions and actually put them into action for your dreams.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When the Seven of Cups is reversed, it symbolizes a decision to make a dream come true. This card represents turning your dreams into reality. It may also imply that for spiritual reasons, a certain situation requires inspiration or transcendence, while you are placing too much emphasis on material or practical things. You may be so busy making and spending money that you neglect your spiritual needs. In other words, you may be living entirely in pursuit of money, and the things that money can buy.

Returning to the Six of Cups in the positive position is a must, where stability can be enjoyed. After a while you'll be restless again for change, growth, and emotional development, and that's the ego expressed by the sevens of chalices in the positive position. Enjoy returning to the routine provided by the Six of Cups until you make up your mind to pursue greater emotional fulfillment.

Once again, the reversed card indicates that you must return to the previous card in the positive position to become proficient in the subject matter revealed therein. In this instance, perhaps you should return to the comforts of the Six of Cups to remind yourself that those same things can be tiresome; or to remind you that all those comforts aren't enough on their own to fulfill your needs.

Greta grew up in Eastern Europe during the war, so he knows what it's like to be poor. Now he is a fairly wealthy man, but old memories still linger and all the security in the world is not enough for him. Being insecure on the inside, he can't trust any visible safety in the outside world. He is trapped in the Sixth of Cups and can't pull himself out of it. He still works hard, but has now begun to wonder if he can find any fulfillment in making and spending money. This situation of "earning and spending" is exactly what the VII of Cups in the opposite position presents.

In a wealth sense, the Seven of Cups reversed suggests that you may need to return to the Six of Cups in order to enjoy a period of stability. When you're ready, you can set out again to walk to the orthogonal Seven of Cups. Let go of current financial goals, as you can't seem to get satisfaction from them in the long run.

In a life sense, the Seven of Cups reversed describes a tendency to ignore spiritual or emotional needs in favor of dedicating yourself to the pursuit of financial stability. Now is the time to return to the true stability offered by the Six of Cups in positive position, knowing that you are mature enough to naturally stop needing him and have made up your mind that you are ready to grow up.

Core Tip

The reversed Seven of Cups represents re-evaluating and planning from the present, and letting go of the past if you want to start anew.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card shows that many important matters need to be considered in the long run, and it's time to plan before you act.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Seven of Cups inverted represents a break from the complexity of the situation, the situation has become clearer, and it is easy to make choices.
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