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Seven of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The busy world should be cognizant of your inner needs.

Card Details:

Seven chalices float in a cloudy midair, the cups containing the castle (symbolizing adventure or family), jewels (material goods and wealth), laurel (victory), dragon (fear, alternatively temptation or longing), head (mask), cloth-covered glowing person (self), and serpent (wisdom, alternatively jealousy or creation).

Note the nondescript skull at the bottom of the laurel crown, where success and death go hand in hand, as if to give some kind of warning. There is a man facing these chalices, unsure of what to choose, and his body posture seems to reveal some slight fear.

This man gazes at the seven cups and is contemplating how to live a balanced life and achieve fulfillment on a spiritual level. Each chalice represents an important facet of a perfect life, yet to favor one chalice over another may result in an asymmetrical pattern of life. Before being able to fulfill your deeper spiritual needs (white cover), your energy must be used for people (the chalice with a face), family (the castle), material things and wealth (the jewel), personal goals (the wreath), subconscious yearnings (the devil), sexuality, and the power to create (the serpent).

This card depicts you on a quest to find out who you really are. The face in the upper left cup represents the mask or disguise with which you sometimes face the world. The castle in the lower left cup represents home, or the feeling of home. You carry this feeling with you from home to home.

The cup next to it contains jewels, symbolizing the power of matter, the power to attract or repel things of a unified material nature. The fourth cup contains a garland of flowers, symbolizing the power of the individual. The next cup contains demons, representing the demons you must face from time to time, they come from the depths of your subconscious.

The serpent in the sixth cup represents representations and the energy of creation. The white lid covering the seventh cup hides your true or spiritual identity. Once you have come to terms with the first six cups, you have the ability to recognize yourself more deeply through the seventh cup.

The cards contain endless fantasies and creativity. There are many choices or directions in front of the querent, some of which may not bring the best results as imagined by the querent, but only one of which can lead the querent to the place of success.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Seven of Cups represents the non-real aspects of life, including our dreams, fantasies and daydreams, or the occasional whimsical idea. This kind of imagination is usually just an illusion, and people don't really put these fantasies into action, so the Seven of Cups is not a card that represents action, but just a mental state of personal imagination.

If the person has a plan that he or she wants to carry out, and feels that the future is bright, the Seven of Cups warns that it may be just his or her own virtual imagination. If the person feels that the other person seems to be interested in him or her in a relationship, the Seven of Cups indicates that this may be just a wishful thinking daydream. The Seven of Cups can represent unrealistic love, unrealistic relationships, and unrealistic plans.

Too many choices can be overwhelming, and the man in the Seven of Cups is faced with such a dilemma. He is confused, should he choose wealth? Or success? Which of these seven cups contains the world's most coveted dreams, and which one should he choose? He didn't seem to realize that it was all an illusion.

Appropriate fantasies and dreams are beneficial, but immersing oneself in a world of fantasy all day long will lead to nothing. So the Seven of Cups may even suggest various addictions, where the sufferer escapes from reality into his own fantasy world through alcohol, drugs, novels and comics, or even online games.

This card describes that it is time to think about what is important in your life. It shows the importance of examining your environment to confirm that you are on the path to fulfillment. The Seven of Cups implies deep contemplation of the inner life, having undertaken a spiritual or emotional review.

The Seven of Cups is a card that represents self-discovery, spiritual growth, and recognizing inner needs. It reminds you that to fully understand yourself and your actions, you need to act as well as think. Thinking about your actions can help you transform direct experience into knowledge and move closer to wisdom and understanding. Without reflection, action quickly becomes repetitive, and without action and experience, reflection can become tasteless and meaningless.

This Seventh of Cups represents your need to explore yourself inwardly in order to pursue the source of all love. You should identify what you really need and discover what is enough to fill your feelings. Then you may realize that if you don't love yourself, then no one can love you enough. This is the moment to realize that "fulfillment must come from within.

The Seven of Cups means that you should recognize your inner needs, or identify what your needs are in a given situation. You need to look within and realize that you can't always seek fulfillment through external means. In career analysis, this card is saying that during this period you must ask yourself where this current situation is taking you in life. Do you feel fulfilled? If not, why not? What do you need? Only after you have identified your needs and desires, it is not difficult to determine how to fulfill them.

In a worse case scenario, the Seventh of Cups may represent being deceived, perhaps by your own illusions. Even if you get success at this time, it is just a dream, mostly due to the person's inflated ego, not a real success.

Money makes sense, don't give up on your financial goals now, as long as you know that they are all linked to your material and emotional fulfillment. Taking the time to recognize your financial needs will not distract you from your emotional, spiritual or mental concerns. Thinking deeply about your innermost needs may allow you to decide if your current financial goals are meeting those needs.

Meaning in life, this card represents the pursuit of a deeper spiritual dimension or emotion that is causing the current symptoms in the provincial body. As long as your needs are being met in all areas, so take some time to think deeply about your inner and outer needs.

The significance of the Seven of Cups on gender relationships means that this is the time to back off and you should identify what you need in the relationship and observe if those needs are being met. It may suggest that you recognize that something is missing in the relationship.

Take some time to understand your inner needs and think deeply about what you really need rather than what you might want. You will be able to recognize a need that your partner would be happy to have you meet.

Elaine felt as though something was missing in her relationship with Shaun, but just couldn't pinpoint what it was. She and a female companion took a two-week vacation to a health and leisure center. While she was there, she had a massage, which gave her a clear experience of what she needed: touch. She realized that Shaun rarely touched her body, preferring to communicate with her through words. Once home, she encouraged Shawn to touch her more often, and later they both completed a massage course.

If Elaine hadn't taken some time away from that relationship, it might have taken her longer to figure out what was missing from her life. Through contemplation, she might have gained the same understanding, but it would have taken some time alone. The Seventh of Cups represents giving yourself that kind of time.

Core Tip

The Seven of Cups often indicates that you are obsessed with certain people and things, including daydreaming.
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Knowledge Expansion

It also means that you should go away for a while, or take a break from your inner quiet place, and see if you're missing something in your life, what is it?
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Card Meaning Extension

The Seven of Cups in its suggested position in the spread is positive, indicating that you can gain rare insights from these imaginative, dreamy or mystical experiences, but negative is a reminder that it's time to wake up.
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