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Six of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A solid situation is broken and it takes some effort to adapt to the new situation

Card Details:

When the Six of Cups is reversed, the fairytale-filled mood is broken, disguises are torn off, and underneath the childish decorations is adulthood; this card represents shedding security in favor of growth and shifting the source of that security from the outside to the inside. When you feel secure on the inside, you are truly grown up. That secure baby begins to explore the world; the insecure child will want to remain stuck in familiar surroundings. Even adults often behave this way.

When the Six of Cups is reversed, it means being in a situation of more adventure and growth. It can represent moving into a deeper relationship and moving away from the security (or insecurity) of the past. It can also indicate a time of examining the inner self and the past so that you can free yourself from patterns of futility.

Card Meaning Deduction:

You need to return to the Fifth of Cups in positive position so that you can become proficient in the following subject: accepting loss as a natural part of life, then you may feel your loss and grief again. Stability doesn't last forever, and the Six of Cups reversed offers a growth phase before the next period of stability and recuperation. With this awareness, you will be able to find the confidence as well as the courage that radiates from within, so that you can move on to other challenges and hopefully make it to the Tenth of Cups.

You will have the opportunity to break out of your uncomfortable inertia and experience life more directly. For those who are willing to let go of the current norm and explore, change will offer new perspectives, new understandings and new opportunities.

The Six of Cups reversed also indicates that fond memories of childhood are no longer present and instead are filled with tragic memories that seem to keep pulling at you. The person in question may have been denied proper care, neglected, abandoned, or even abused. When the Six of Cups trait is overdeveloped, the reversal represents dwelling on the past, refusing to try new things, and bringing life to a standstill. On the flip side, the Six of Cups inverted may also indicate that the person in question has reminisced enough and is ready to move on, and will instead focus on the future.

In terms of wealth, a reversed Six of Cups could be describing a lack of intimacy and willingness to work with people due to a precarious financial situation. When the Six of Cups reversed appears in a card shape that analyzes financial problems, it may make it so that the financial foundation is fragile, but rather the emotional security is also threatened. Returning to the positive Five of Cups brings change and loss, yet it is also growth.

In a life sense, the Six of Cups reversed is suggestive of current hidden concerns in life, possibly as a result of emotional loss or instability. Returning to the Fifth of Cups, this will remind you that no life is eternal and that loss and pain are inevitable. This change in comfort may be an opportunity for growth and will lead to new and more supportive habits.

Core Tip

It can describe an action of leaving a safe state in search of something more challenging.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of the Holy Grail means that you may be away from home or in the middle of your first overseas trip.
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Card Meaning Extension

Face reality, grow, begin to think long term, and be able to live your life or fight for your career with foresight.
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