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Six of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Innocent emotions, security and safety in a childish environment

Card Details:

In a quiet and serene manor house under a pale blue sky, there are six chalices filled with five-pointed star flowers. A young boy holds the chalices, seemingly sniffing the flowers, and as if offering them to a little girl, and the flowers blooming among them illuminate the garden that surrounds them. They appear to be safe, and they are protected by the outer world and the Territorial Guard. The background is filled with bright yellow colors that represent happiness, and the weather is sunny, giving the impression of being in a fairy tale.

The fact that both protagonists are children brings back fond memories of their childhood. Therefore, the Six of Cups represents people and things related to the past. Perhaps you stumble upon a long lost childhood photo album, or you run into your first love on the street, or a childhood friend comes to visit you by chance, all of these factors will make you revisit your old dreams and enter into a whirlpool of memories.

Look at the loving manner in which the boy offers flowers to the girl. The Six of Cups can also indicate care as well as gifts, or an inheritance. You may receive special care from someone as if they have put you in this safe estate. It could also represent giving or receiving gifts. More broadly, providing experience and education is also a form of gifting. The joys of the Sixth of Cups are simple, as innocent as childhood, and sometimes just a cup of coffee made for you by a close friend can be a supreme joy.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Six of Cups depicts a tender and secretive scenario in which there is some degree of assurance and security, which carries with it a sense of predictability. Safeguard and security are doubly cherished, though it comes at an extremely high price. Because there is little adventure, there is usually little growth.

After the sadness of the Fifth of Cups, sometimes we need to disappear into our memories to rediscover ourselves before we can move on. Inspiration and regeneration can be gained by reflecting on past experiences. Sometimes the Sixth of Cups also reminds us to be generous and willing to give like a boy. If you have hatred, let go and forgive in order to achieve true harmony.

The Six of Cups suggests security, safety and intimacy at the cost of growth. It can mean stability in your home or family state. It could also be that things or people from the past are resurfacing and waiting for you to deal with them. He can also represent a state of comfort that gives you time to be still, refocus on energizing or settling down.

The Sixth of Cups can also represent the past: reminiscences of childhood, of a previous relationship or of familiar surroundings. In matters of travel, it can represent returning to familiar places.

The Six of Cups sometimes represents homesickness, where the home is like the manor in the Six of Cups, where there is laughter, memories, and a family that takes good care of you and keeps you carefree.

This card represents a sturdy home incarnation and provides emotional stability. It shows a couple enjoying simple pleasures such as gardening and a shared house. Often the Six of Cups indicates tranquility, harmony and emotional stability. He can also represent a period of recuperation between the changes of the Five of Cups and the growth of the Seven of Cups.

There are two very different interpretations of this card. The first is that someone the querent has known in the past, or a skill or knowledge that has not been utilized for many years, will be able to help with a current problem, such as meeting an old friend who has not been seen for many years, and who will play a very important role in the future. Another explanation is that the querent is too obsessed with remembering the past, and the past has become a burden.

The Six of Cups could also suggest a work or relationship environment that is full of habits and patterns. In this case, you don't even need the Tarot to tell you what's about to happen, because things are always that way.

In an analysis of travel, this card indicates that you will return to your birthplace, or some place filled with strong childhood memories. It breaks you away from the efforts of the Five and Seven of Cups, which are much needed for you.

Among the analysis of careers, this card indicates a safe and secure, yet unchallenging career. He could also be describing a career related to children, such as teaching, babysitting or caring for pre-schoolers; or it could be a job that has always been about assisting others to feel secure. Any work related to parenting, including counseling, massage, aromatherapy, or teaching meditation, could be what the Six of Cups is referring to. Sometimes, the Six of Cups may also mean returning to an old job.

In a monetary sense, the Six of Cups refers to a period of financial stability. The emphasis here is not so much on the finances, however, but on the emotional security that this financial stability can offer you. The Six of Cups highlights the graciousness and harmony you express towards society, all stemming from a rock-solid financial environment.

In a life sense, the Six of Cups in positive position depicts that a state of equilibrium reflects a harmonious emotional life. Comfort relieves the stresses of life and it is possible to engage in recreation. Sometimes this card also means that you are relaxing and resting in a familiar environment so that you can return to a state of health.

In relationship analysis, the Six of Cups describes a pattern of security, safety and familiarity. It can indicate a familiar pattern in your relationship or in your choice of partner that ensures the continuation of previous patterns.

This card describes a relationship that is built on a good foundation, but is held back by the fears of one or both partners. For those who are brave enough to pursue it, they should be able to have more.

This card also describes a gender relationship where one person is there to teach or protect the other. Yet while you may be doing everything you can to protect your partner from harm, you still run the risk of denying them direct experience of events and the opportunity to grow and develop. The result is stagnation. The relationship quickly develops a pattern of not allowing the other person to grow and develop beyond the walls of the castle on this card.

The Six of Cups represents a stage in the development of a relationship that is both necessary and important, and we must remember that no matter what, it is only a stage, and as you move towards the Ten of Cups, sooner or later you or your partner will move beyond this stage.

The Sixth of Cups can represent a simple love affair like the first love, or a reunion with an old lover. It can also indicate a relationship where one partner takes care of the other. Compare this to the Second Grail and we can see that such a relationship is not really equal and that there is a thin line between protection and control. One partner builds a safe estate for the other, but deprives him of the opportunity to explore the world, making him a hothouse flower and one day even a beggar in the Six of Coins, which is especially possible in the reversed position.

This card is emphasizing the need for them to take more personal responsibility in a gender relationship. They have clear memories of the past and the grief experienced in the Five of Cups, and they will act out of their fears to create a safe situation. They take on the role of "mom and dad" in their relationships and surround themselves with appropriate clothing and possessions in the hope that these will bring them fulfillment and replace the loss experienced in the Fifth. Often in the Sixth Grail, anything that adds security and stability is what they are looking for.

Core Tip

When the Six of Cups appears, if you have recently encountered old friends, keep an eye out for the experience and insight they offer you.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Six of Cups may also represent a trip with a child or an opportunity to engage with child's play.
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Card Meaning Extension

You may have friends or family members giving you emotions or gifts at this time, so don't forget to give something back while accepting it happily.
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