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Ten of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

There is a lot of inner conflict, and problems may be lurking under the surface of its happiness.

Card Details:

When the Ten of Cups is reversed, the linked hands are loosened and the cups are not aligned as tightly, which could mean that you are detached from those around you, that you are not seen in your family or group, or perhaps that you are choosing to stray from the group. Perhaps you don't understand or appreciate the joy of reunion that life has given you.

This card inverted could be describing a group or family that has been quite harmonious in the past, but is currently competitive and unwilling to work with each other. The Ten of Cups inverted shows a group of people who no longer work as a team. Sometimes a reversed Ten of Cups is describing a lack of confidence in your ability to give. In a team, at home or at work, you may feel unimportant when compared to others.

Card Meaning Deduction:

When this card is reversed, it could have been that you are feeling ostracized from the group or that you are gradually isolating yourself within the team. In relationship issues, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates that you are trying to avoid repeating the mistakes of past relationships. Perhaps you had an unsatisfying relationship in the past, or you've grown to understand the incongruous bond between your parents, and you're keen not to let history repeat itself in your current relationship.

The Ten of Cups reversed represents the possibility of some level of discord in an emotional group. Issues such as children clashing with parents, marital discord, family changes, splitting up, sibling rivalry, and friends turning on each other may arise. Patience is a must, don't let impulsiveness spoil things.

Allow me to repeat, the meaning of the card inverted is to imply that you have to go back to the previous card to realize the revelation contained in it. In the current situation, you should go back to the Nine of Cups to learn to love yourself and to discover the source of your own inner joy, to recognize what you can contribute and the value of that contribution.

In a gender analysis, the Ten of Cups could be describing a relationship that lacks love or harmony. The longer you stay in this relationship without changing it, the sadder you will feel. Your choices are either to change the relationship, make the most of it (by changing yourself) or leave it.

In career analysis, this card describes a group of people who are scattered. Since everyone in the group is a maverick, there is little sharing of any success. In a card game, this card may follow a series of break-ups. A group that once worked closely together is now torn apart by insecurity, leaving it up to individual needs and ambitions to support everything.

Monetarily significant, the Ten of Cups reversed alludes to a feeling of scarcity on your part, and this could be the result of an emotional void rather than a lack of money. He may also indicate that your concerns have shifted from money to defending stable emotions. If you have been having many of these financial problems, he is suggesting that you need to go back to the Nine of Scepters so that you can reassess what the value of your job or your romantic relationships are.

In terms of analyzing life issues, when the Ten of Cups is in retrograde, it is possible that you may be feeling a great emptiness at home, in front of your family or in your romantic relationships, and this could be a major cause of problems in your life. Sometimes the Ten of Cups reversed depicts frustration, which can be verified by the loss of connection due to the people you live or work with. It's time for you to go back to the Nine of Cups and figure out who you are and what you give to those around you, and look outside to find a group of people who are a better fit to form a new team.

Core Tip

Sometimes the Ten of Cups reversed may indicate the person's refusal to recognize or accept the joys in their life, and their disregard for the love and care given by others.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of this card represents a person who is not at peace within themselves and often lives in a state of apprehension.
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Card Meaning Extension

Love and blame is also the meaning of this card. Relationships are not harmonious and antagonistic, often because one or the other person's expectations are too high.
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