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Three of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Hedonism wrapped up in a collective atmosphere makes one lose oneself

Card Details:

The reversal of the Three of Cups symbolizes unhappiness or disappointment due to not getting the expected results. At this time the cups are turned upside down and are unable to take on the love that they held in their positive position. This reversed card can mean the failure of a friendship or relationship due to lack of support. Sometimes a third party in a relationship can be a destabilizing factor.

The Three of Cups inverted represents relationships with people that are not harmonious. Perhaps coworkers are now competing with each other, or your relationship with your significant other has been damaged by a friend, relative or a secret romance. It also means a lingering issue from a previous relationship that can make waves in the current one.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Three of Cups inverted indicates that excessive joy leads to happiness, excessive enjoyment, overeating, and more moderation is advisable. In terms of interpersonal relationships, there may be group discord, failed alliances or collaborations, broken friendships, betrayal by friends, and loss of support from family and friends. Things don't turn out as well as expected, and success fizzles out.

Short-lived meetings or opportunities that fly by are also meant by this card. When the Seven of Swords is present in the opening, it suggests an erotic affair, or a friend or relative getting in the way.

This card can also mean a positive, successful, yet fleeting state. If you accept that it is fleeting, then you will be happy; if you insist on making this temporary state permanent, then disappointment will of course follow.

Many years ago a friend turned over the Ace of Cups in the position representing the present, while the Three of Cups appeared in the position representing the energies surrounding the problem, and the Knight of Cups appeared in the position representing the answer to her gender relationship problem. I explained to her that within four weeks a gentle and creative man with blue or hazel eyes and golden brown hair would come into her life. What this card showed was that while this was a great opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth (as she then chose the Two of Cups, located next to the Ace in the present position), the relationship would be short-lived.

"It doesn't matter, I don't care if it's fleeting." She said, though I did think she was being a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Forty-eight hours later, the man I described did enter her life. And they fell in love with each other almost immediately, so to speak. Six weeks later, he left her to continue his world travels as he was an entertainer. She came back to me both sad and haggard.

"Why did he have to go?" She asked me continuously.

Again, I explained that it had been a fairly successful relationship and a great opportunity to grow as a person because she had loved, laughed, and enjoyed life solidly for those few weeks. I then emphasized that her current dilemma was due to her inability to accept that the nature of the relationship was temporary.

In a work environment, this card inverted may suggest that these people are not working together as a team, but are competing with each other. There is no joy in this as there is when the card is positive, because everyone is more or less guarding against others sharing or intruding in his field of work.

In terms of wealth, the reversed Three of Cups describes conflict among a group of people, and that could be the result of a disagreement over the use of finances, or a feeling that financial gains are not being distributed fairly. Assuming you can't agree with everyone in the group, it's time for you to return to the Two of Cups and find someone who can share your views.

In terms of life, this is a period of feeling isolated or disconnected. This is a problem that can be solved by going back to the Two of Cups and finding someone who values you and appreciates you. The Three of Cups reversed shows that there is a relationship between your life issues and your emotions. In some few cases, the Three of Cups reversed reveals a group of people, collectively sharing a pattern of behavior that can cripple their health.

In one such case, when Colin came in for an analysis because he was complaining of a lack of energy, the reversed Three of Cups pointed out that his social habits were part of what was causing him to be so. Colin spent five or six nights a week playing pool at the local bar, always downing four to six shots of whiskey a night. And this caused conflict in his relationships, as Colin saw this as entertainment, while his partner, Cherzie, saw this behavior as throwing away savings flat on the barkeep.

Core Tip

The Three of Cups reversed tends to get lost in hedonistic pleasures, driven by larger trends or atmospheres, and immersed in them without relief.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversed Three of Cups represents a kind of emptiness after revelry, where the pomp and circumstance dies down and the world returns to tranquility in an instant.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed position of this card sometimes represents the desire to live a life of luxury, not realizing that simplicity is just as precious.
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