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Three of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A pleasurable threesome, a common celebration or reunion

Card Details:

Three women close to each other are celebrating the harvest with a dance, forming a circle and holding up a chalice to celebrate each other. They all wear wreaths of flowers, symbols of the harvest, and colorful robes, their faces beaming with happiness. Surrounded by vines, gourds and pumpkins, with one woman carrying a bunch of grapes in her hand, these plants are very reminiscent of harvest time.

The three women have different colored hair and eyes, and wear different garlands of clothes, representing that they are all independent individuals with separate personalities, but, in this group, they all respect and love each other. The shape of the three women in a circle indicates that there is no distinction between inferiority and superiority among them, and that everyone is so equal in this celebratory occasion.

The three women depicted on the card are surrounded by ripe fruit, and one of them is even holding a bunch of grapes in her left hand. This means that efforts have yielded fruit, or that work has been rewarded. The opening card with the Three of Cups indicates reward or the sharing of experience. The Three of Cups standing upright can also refer to groups, gatherings and meetings.

The Three of Cups means joy, sharing or celebration. This card usually appears in the weeks leading up to Christmas, when most people are about to be congratulated. The three women depicted on this card are celebrating a bountiful harvest with the fruits of their hard work displayed at their feet. This is a card that implies victory through obstacles, or work that produces results.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Three of Cups signifies a time of celebration, a group of like-minded people getting together, or that this is a major rumble dinner. In matters concerning industry, he may be describing a group of like-minded people working together. If it's about a loving relationship, it usually refers to a harmonious family, or a supportive group of friends. Assuming you are single, the Three of Cups could be suggesting that there will be several loving relationships close to you at the same time.

The Three of Cups usually indicates a group, and one that is emotionally connected, such as a family, a school club, or a group of close friends. This is slightly different from the work team of the Three of Diamonds, and the social institutions of the Pope. This is usually a sign that the person has enough emotional support, that there are people who love and care for them and share their sorrows and joys together. Furthermore, the Three of Cups often indicates alliances and partnerships, and is a symbol of friendship.

The Three of Cups also represents occasions of celebration, such as banquets, dinners, weddings, mass moons, tailgates, celebrations, etc. The Three of Cups is also a sign of harvest. Its meaning of harvest indicates that things have come to a good end, no matter how difficult the process may have been. Thus, the Three of Cups symbolizes a time of harvest, when long and hard work finally comes to fruition and success is achieved. In relationship readings, the Three of Cups usually represents couples met in a group, however, the imagery of a threesome sometimes suggests that it is a threesome on the road to a relationship, and it is better to be cautious. Additionally, Witte explains that the Three of Cups may represent a planned pregnancy.

The Three of Cups usually refers to a number of opportunities at once, or sometimes it refers to a state of being either "full of opportunities or completely lacking in opportunities. In other words, when you get an opportunity, there must be other options available.

Some may have noticed that Waite used a woman to express the meaning of the Three of Cups, but why not a man? The point is that women usually symbolize flexibility and feminine energy, and women usually express emotion and sharing rather than ambition and competition. This is not to say that only women can experience the Three of Cups, it's just a symbol, and the Tarot is a tool that uses symbols to express phenomena.

Monetarily, it represents sharing financial success. There may be three or more people enjoying the sweet fruits of their joint efforts. Sometimes the Three of Cups also means that some good opportunities have come close and you should pick the most appropriate one.

In the life sense, the Three of Cups shows that being able to spend time with friends because of your health means a period of celebration or a vacation with your friends, all thanks to your good health. Spending time with like-minded friends makes you feel balanced and grateful.

In relationship analysis, the Three of Cups usually means happiness and sharing, or a successful reunion. It can also indicate a third party in a particular relationship, which may refer to a child (a product of the Two of Cups), or, if it refers to an adult, it may imply the choice of one of these partners.

Again, this card indicates that there are "either too many or none" possible candidates for a relationship. You may not be able to find the right person for a certain period of time, but once you do, there may be more than two partners to choose from.

The Three of Cups is a card that represents a celebration, a reunion, or a party that brings joy to all involved. This card can suggest the sharing of success by three or more people. One of my clients recently came to me to ask if her group would be confirmed winners in a recent scenario, and as a result this upright Three of Cups confirmed that she would be successful.

In another example, Janice was fired from her job and then spent ten weeks looking for different types of work, all of which failed. Then this card came up in her spread and I think she explained that she would have a couple of job offers to choose from and that she could relax a bit until then. A month later she called to say that she had gotten three job offers in one week and another one every other week.

Core Tip

This card represents auspicious celebrations, so it's good for a banquet or party, but you'll have to work hard to enjoy the sweet fruits. If the query is about grief, this card is a good sign.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Three of Cups in a circumstantial position may indicate that the person in question is in a time of celebration of a good harvest or within a team with good feelings.
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Card Meaning Extension

The appearance of the Three of Cups in a position of suggestion suggests that the person concerned should deal with the matter in a jovial manner or reminds you that it is time to have a good time and take the opportunity of an outing with friends.
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