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Two of Cups Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Card Details:

When this card is reversed, the water from the cup flows downward and pours onto the wings of the Lion who would have liked to fly high; it symbolizes the conflict between fire and water, both of which in turn are causing a split between action and emotion; this card emphasizes the need for balance. It is possible that one person is draining the other's creativity, emotions, or heart so that the other will lose both spontaneity and room for growth. In the case of business partners, this card is describing two people caught in a power struggle, or a partner or colleague intent on controlling the other.

The Two of Cups inverted describes two people who both want to control each other. The friendship or relationship will become an ongoing power struggle until each returns to the subject matter empowered by the Ace of Cups and reconnects to the source of joy in their lives and inner spirituality. The Two of Cups inverted is also describing two people, each seeking fulfillment through the other, thus placing unnecessary demands on the other.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Two of Cups reversed indicates problems in the union or inequality between the parties. As a result, there may be a lack of trust, unequal contributions, conflict, or even separation or breakup. It is suggested that the person concerned should experience the meaning of the 2 of Cups, learn how to combine different people and things, and maintain the equality of both parties, in order to establish harmonious interpersonal relationships.

When the Two of Cups is upside down, it means that personal differences in the partnership are draining your energy. The main concern between partners is how to handle the distribution of finances. Sometimes an upside down Two of Cups means that former partners are coming back to fight over the estate after breaking up the partnership.

When this card is upside down, love gives way and fear takes the stage, and since love and fear are opposites, they cannot coexist. It suggests that your relationships can be either excellent or horrible and oscillate between the two. When you fear losing control of yourself or your emotions, you try to control them, as does your partner. This card also describes an unequal or unbalanced friendship or relationship that is draining you.

Core Tip

This card refers to a partner not being that deeply committed to or caring about the other person. The two people are having a tangled relationship and don't understand each other.
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Knowledge Expansion

Sometimes the inversion of the two also suggests the end of a relationship between the sexes, though whether or not this is the meaning depends on what cards appear around it.
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Card Meaning Extension

When the Two of Cups is upside down, it is describing an extreme gender relationship. Today it is full of love, harmony and concord, as it was when the card was upright, but tomorrow it will be tense, conflict and power struggles.
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