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Two of Cups Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

To hold hands, an equal partnership or couple relationship

Card Details:

A man and a woman face each other, holding cups in salutation to each other. Both hold the cups at the same height, implying equality and mutual trust, in suggesting an equal love or business relationship, or any close team effort or favorable partnership. Both wear garlands of flowers on their heads, and the man's body is slightly forward, his left foot stepping out and his right hand reaching out to the woman, who is standing in a stance of concentration. Between them floats a staff entwined with two serpents, known as the "Staff of Hermes," a symbol of healing. The lion's head on the staff symbolizes communication, and the two wings symbolize the Holy Spirit, reminiscent of the angels in the lovers' cards.

The two serpents and the winged lion on the staff show that the man and the woman have a spiritual bond. The staff also symbolizes the human spine, and the snakes represent the conduits that carry energy from the energy center to the spine. In the case of the man, this energy center is located at the base of the spine, and in the case of the woman, between the two ovaries. The winged lion above the man and woman also represents the top of the energy center, which is filled with psychic and sexual energy. It is this energy that leads to the formation of relationships and a deeper understanding of love. The sky is quite clear, with a town in the distance, and the house suggests that the union will be strong.

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Two of Cups is often seen as a minor card version of the Lovers. By combining the male qualities of action, strength, and activity with the female qualities of emotion, imagination, and intuition, they can learn from each other while both becoming prolific and creative. Both cards are strongly associated with love, and the two of them in the Two of Cups are more like a golden couple who are in love with each other, unlike the vaguely hesitant Eve in the Lovers card. However, the Lovers card is a major card, which shows a more far-reaching and long-lasting love affair, and often refers to physical intimacy. The Two of Cups, on the other hand, is more akin to the early stages of a passionate relationship. The man and woman in the picture are not in a hierarchical relationship as in the Six of Coins, nor are they in a one-sided relationship as in the Six of Cups, but rather they are equals who respect and love each other. More broadly, the Two of Cups is not limited to male-female relationships, but can also refer to friendships, as well as any interpersonal relationship.

Usually the relationships of the Two of Cups are harmonious, reciprocal, communicative, cooperative and respectful. Therefore, asking about partnership, marriage, love, friendship, the Two of Cups means that the union will be very happy. In terms of career analysis, this card suggests a partnership of equals who both benefit. They both have something to contribute individually, and they each get something for their efforts.

The Two of Cups shows a man and a woman, so why not a man and a woman? In fact, the Second Grail can also signify a combination of qualities, whether it be people, things, objects, or even talents and gifts, sometimes we have to combine different things. The man on the right side of the chart symbolizes the masculine, and looking at his body posture, it is easy to see that he is more active and outgoing, while the woman on the opposite side of the chart is calm and steady, in a passive position, and she symbolizes the feminine force.

In fact, the Second Grail is about the combination of these two forces, and if you can have both forces at the same time, and if they are well integrated, they will be more powerful than a single force. For example, a person A is proficient in Zi Wei Dou Shu, but also studied Western astrology, he wanted to ask how to carry out the business of fortune-telling, and drew the Second Grail. On the surface, Grail 2 may suggest that a certain cockroach should find a partner to carry out the business, but on a deeper level, Grail 2 may also suggest that a certain A will combine the two talents he knows - the Zi Wei Dou Shu of the Orient and the Western astrology - together, and he will find that the two arts actually echo each other, and thus the two arts are more powerful in fortune-telling. He will find that the two arts actually echo each other, and thus he will be able to achieve a higher level of mastery in numerology. The Two of Cups emphasizes the importance of communication, respect, equality and cooperation, and the presence of the position representing advice in the spread means that you should adopt these attitudes.

Core Tip

This is a positive card that illustrates a relationship where two people are equals. This relationship is characterized by commitment, intimacy, interest and sharing, and is usually heartily appreciated by others.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Two of Cups suggests marriage or a deep commitment between you and your partner. This deep interaction is when you can transcend the bonds of the flesh, as symbolized by the winged lion.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card is a metaphor for the meeting of two hearts, so if the querent is already in a relationship or about to meet someone, this card is a good sign. It is also a good sign for a new friendship, engagement or marriage, signing of a contract, and so on.
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