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Death Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Don't be afraid of change, because the end of something is often a new beginning

Card Details

The Death card in reverse position represents having been reborn, having stepped out on a path of one's own. Having been through the experience of death and thus a true new life. Perhaps you have encountered Death but have managed to move away from it, or have caused him to turn so that Death's horse is no longer facing forward, either way, having experienced the state of mind that comes with going through death, you will still feel differently than you did before.

Another direction of interpretation of the Death card reversed is that of the state of being dead, of not being complete enough. It represents a state that is not really death, yet not a peaceful sleep, as in all drowsy states - sleep, drowsiness, stupor, inability to wake up, daze, daze, rigidity, and sleepwalking. This reversal is interpreted as a lack of vitality, lack of vigor, inactivity, deadness. Sluggish senses and reactions, inner stubbornness, obstinacy. Things change slowly, not dramatically, but only partially. The pace of life is static, stagnant and blocked on many levels.

It's also possible that you think you can beat death, but in vain. Avoiding major accidents, blocking things from happening, reluctance to end relationships. Fear of death, a state of mind of avoidance, fear and deep fear, a great inner obstacle, the deepest knot or shadow.

Card Meaning Deduction

When the Death card is upside down, it is possible that it refers to an extreme fear of any form of death. The slightest change may be mistaken for physical death and you will do everything possible to resist it because you do not want to die. This fear may cause you to indulge in old habits, bringing you to a monotonous, repetitive life with which to mask the despair that arises when you think of the impending change.

When you don't want to change, you have to expend all your power to stay still, and you often squeeze energy from those around you in order to have some power to live. For the moment, death is necessary, but your fear of change keeps you in bitterness, frustration, or physical exhaustion because most of your energy is spent resisting change.

This inverted card implies a lack of belief that "life will bring better things". Some people look for guarantees of future happiness. If you resist these changes, they will come to you from another direction, e.g. from the heart, from dreams and emotions, or even from physical symptoms such as muscle tension or headaches.

With the Death card upside down, it may seem as if you are still resisting change and listening only to prevent the inevitable. Remember, what's old is new again, and the new is usually a more rewarding opportunity. Perhaps you've been stuck in the past, too distracted by loss to think properly. Usually after the end comes the beginning, and you have to trust that sometimes life knows more than you have to, because you only know what you have, and it knows what's good for you.

The Death Reversal reminds us that an unwillingness to move forward into the future not only prevents growth, but can stunt the launch of a new life. This is the time to stop and think, what is it that you are afraid of? Delaying to let go will only make the process of eventual closure more painful. Since it can't be avoided, why don't you embrace your new life earlier? In the future, you'll look back and be surprised at why you were so reluctant to let go.

Emotionally, you've recovered from the death and have broken up and stepped out of your space, but not necessarily with another person. And in all other areas, it means that you can make a comeback.

In the money sense, the Death card upside down describes that you resist change that could lead to new opportunities. Yield now, and allow life to lead you where you need to go. Releasing all the old things when you haven't yet glimpsed the dawn that awaits you is what you need to have faith in.

The meaning of life, when the Death card is upside down, he suggests discouragement. Because you've dedicated too much energy to keeping a string of life details together, but it still doesn't help. Resistance to change can lead to stagnation because new opportunities won't arrive unless the old situation is lifted.

Core Tip

Death reversed usually indicates that the person is unwilling to accept the end, refuses to let go, is stubborn, fears change, and dwells on the past rather than looking to the future.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of this card may also indicate that a change that was supposed to take place has stalled, creating an impasse.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Reversal of Death can sometimes mean that radical people may take drastic actions in order to resist change, causing things to become even more unmanageable.
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