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Judgement Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Only sobriety can see the truth and solve the problem

Card Details

The card of Judgement proper brings opportunity, while the card in reverse represents missed opportunities, a symbol of missed moments, and delays and tarrying of events in general. The final judgment, the ending is delayed and must be waited for patiently, or else the ending is unexpected and disappointing. This disappointment can also lead to powerlessness, cowardice, or even an inability to face reality, indecisiveness, which may not be the result but rather the cause, and which may be more likely to circle back to each other and make the situation more and more unsatisfactory.

The "people" who rise from the coffin, because they have not handled the situation properly, become a swarm of demons, indicating that they have gone astray and are going astray. It also suggests that serious psychological or mental problems have arisen. And the picture shows that all these people who have emerged from the coffins, they have all collapsed again in droves. Vitality and spirituality have been lost, not to mention clear-headed wisdom. The serious problem is that they are all off their original trajectory, and where the future lies is even more elusive.

For relationships, the reversal judgment is precisely the alienation of feelings, or even breaking up and parting with each other. The figures in the picture represent various relationships, and the reversed position represents their separation and drift, their disintegration, their discord and their separation from each other.

The wrong way of responding to the judgment and warning is due to the fact that one has lost one's principles and beliefs in one's heart, and one does not know where the future is going, and does not know what to do, so one may use the wrong way to solve the problem, and of course, it may also be due to a lack of sincerity. They may be living from hand to mouth, or they may be acting for the convenience of the moment, or they may even be speculating or stealing from others, and they may be acting behind the back of their conscience or their eyes. It's like losing sight of priorities and guidelines for profit, and that's the reason for the inevitable criticisms and negative evaluations.

Card meanings deduced

With the Judgement reversed, first the person will resist the transformation of his or her life, doubting or even denying the calling that confronts him or her, and will be reluctant to make a decision. Another possibility is that the person will make unfavorable decisions because they are short-sighted. If the person has made any bad moves in the past, he or she will suffer the consequences. Sometimes the life transitions the person is facing are really more difficult, with the possibility of outlaw plays dragging the shed, perhaps separation from loved ones, being forced to end something, losing a case, repeating a grade, leaving home, breaking up a relationship, or falling ill, which will require a little more time to adjust. In daily life, you may miss important messages or be harassed by phone calls or letters. Ask about life, Judgement reversed is not a good sign; ask about lawsuits or exams, the situation on your side is unfavorable, it is advisable to prepare more.

The Judgment card reversed suggests that judgment is clouded. You may be acting recklessly without regard for the greater goal and the outcome of your actions. "Act in haste and regret it" is a reference to this situation.

When the Judgement card is reversed, it's time to return to the square Sun card. Much of the subconscious longings, fears and hopes we experienced during the Moon phase have already manifested in the Sun, giving us the ability to review, resolve and sometimes even release deeper issues. Returning to the subject of the Sun card gives us the opportunity to rest before re-examining our actions again.

The significance of money, judgment is weak right now, perhaps you don't know the full picture or that far-reaching outlook, or maybe that's what your actions have brought about.

In Nigel's financial analysis, the Seven of Swords appears next to the reversed Judgment card, confirming that he ignored his intuition, or other better judgment. Against his instincts, he invested in a business founded by a friend's wife, Conrad, with whom he had a longstanding affair. When he sits down to examine her emotional and financial travesty, Nigel learns that he acted without clear judgment and against his own instincts.

The reversed Judgement card suggests an ill-advised career investment, or a better way out if you invest your money elsewhere. Occasionally your judgment will just be so muddled that you'll spend the remaining time available for analysis arguing the merits of this investment.

The Meaning of Life, Judgement card reversed means that any life issues at the moment could be the result of a spiritual imbalance. The pursuit of a more spiritually meaningful life is likely to rectify this state. Meditation, reading spiritually uplifting books, or utilizing your talents and skills to help others may bring life back.

In answering a question like, "Would it be wise for me to pursue ..... to improve my life?" The reversed Judgement card gives a definite "no" answer to such a question. If you're sitting across from an inquirer with a difficult problem, it may be difficult to say "no" to her, but it's always better to get things off your chest than to let them spend their limited time and money on a fruitless quest. Remember, too, that it is the inquirer's free will to accept or reject all predictions.

When judgment is inverted, you are responding to a call from within. Perhaps your reason and logic are urging you not to give up "all that you have" for something unclear or unseen. Each time you refuse or delay responding to this call, the emptiness deepens once again. Your time of harvest has come and you must take responsibility for your earlier decisions as the end of a chapter in your life.

Often when a judgment reversal occurs, it means that you are looking for something to fill a growing chasm in your life. You don't realize that this calling is coming from within, nor do you realize that the solution to knowing comes from within as well. Simply put, this card gets in the way of a lack of clear judgment.

Ingrid came to me in hopes of resolving a thorny issue she was experiencing. She is seventy-four years old and very well dressed. This is a woman who has her life, as well as herself, in very good hands. She spent forty minutes introducing herself to me, and was completely effusive about herself and her accomplishments. For me, those forty minutes were simply exhausting, because she seemed to think that the world worked and stopped for her, and that there was nothing more important than Ingrid. I felt a surge of anger rise up inside me - how could someone live to be seventy-four years old and still be completely selfish? There was a complete lack of wisdom, only greed and abuse of power, and it was all about controlling others.

"You know, I used to be a very beautiful woman. I was an active model on the catwalk and met many of the best men in Europe, some of whom are married. I was engaged to one rather handsome man, but after I slept with another, I broke off the engagement. After all, if I could betray him that easily, then I never really loved him."

I found myself thinking that she had never loved, only loved to look in the mirror and feel sorry for herself. I understood how sad her situation was again, how lonely it was. She was seventy-four years old, and yet she never seemed to give in to life or to anyone, or to mere childlike impulses. She can't even hear me when I'm talking, because anything I say only reminds her of something she feels compelled to say again.

She is incorrigible. That is to say, only from her heart could she be saved. She was spiritually starved, yet could get no support from life, the universe, or those around her. She wanted me to help her remove the problems of her life, and there was nothing I could do to make her understand that those were just symptoms. Symptoms have a cause, and if they are treated without a cause, new symptoms will appear.

Often when judgment is reversed, you may be indulging in games, drinking, or indulging in carnal desires to fill an inner void. Listen to your heart and let it tell you about your never-ending sadness, the dreams you are afraid to speak aloud, and the hopes that have been sacrificed for the demands of real life.

Ronald was thirty years old, and he thought he was too young to have problems with heart palpitations. We worked together for a few months in a counseling program, and during that time we sensed the problem of his palpitations, i.e., tried to tell him what he didn't want to hear by means of the palpitations.

He had been severely sexually abused as a child by a group of men who drugged him into unconsciousness before they did something nasty to him.

"I could be sure that whatever they did to me I was capable of coping, but I didn't know what they did. I would resist the gas mask for quite a while until I lost consciousness, and then woke up cold and alone, drenched and obviously having just been hosed down. It happened all the time, and in retrospect I wish I'd died so I wouldn't have to return to consciousness."

At this point he burst into tears.

"There were times when I literally almost died. They must have sucked too much gas out of me because I woke up one day to see two men heavily pressing on my chest while a third yelled at me what to do. I was eight years old at the time. From that day on I hated my heart with all my heart because it wouldn't let me die."

I want him to beg his heart and ask it how it reacts to its disappointment. I asked him to listen to the whispers coming from his heart. He replied, "It said that it had asked me at the time if I wanted to die, but my spirit wasn't present within my body, so it just kept on keeping on beating, hoping that my spirit would eventually come back and help it decide. It just does what it feels is best in that situation."

Being grateful that his heart did what it felt was best, Ronald began to be able to fill the great void that had been following him. He began to take responsibility for his own development, and the judgment card began to shift into a positive stance again.

Core Tip

Judgment reversed, represents resistance to change, making it impossible to listen to the call and therefore prone to getting less than desired results. Refusing to change and not fixing mistakes will highlight what is wrong with you.
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Knowledge Expansion

Reversed Judgment sometimes represents being judged, or even being punished. In the specific case of an event, it means that there was no way to pass the test, and that the test was not passed.
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Card Meaning Extension

In practical terms, it is difficult to pass an exam or win a competition, and it is unlikely that you will be able to win recognition, or it could represent damage to your reputation. It is also possible that you have encountered a difficulty or hurdle in your life, but have no good way to break through it.
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