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Judgement Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Call of Duty, Exercise Clear Judgment

Card Details

This card is taken from the biblical story of end-time judgment and a traditional and deeply rooted religious concept in the West, and the main idea and motif of this card is consistent in almost all tarot. The angel blowing the trumpet is a biblical scenario that announces the end of time and God's judgment. The resurrection of the people is the picture in the Revelation of the Apocalypse.

At the Last Judgment, the Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet high in the air, and people are called to salvation and resurrection, rising from their graves in celebration. A flag with a red cross on a white background was flying. Every man, woman and child looks upward to the Spirit, for this is their way back to God or the Creator's home.

The man, woman and child represent every angle from which you view the world, and this is to clear the way to understanding the tangible world. Buddhism tells us that the purpose of the cycle of life is to achieve a fuller understanding of life through direct experience of life in all its forms. I can tell you how it feels to be me, to be a man who has had the same experience as I have had. However, unless you are a man and have had the same experiences that I have had, it is impossible for you to fully understand what my experiences have done to me. That would be like trying to explain the various colors to a blind man.

All the people on this card stand up and cheer, and as the Devil card shows: no enlightenment is for one and not for all. In other words, the clarity of any individual's judgment is enough to make it slightly clearer for each of them. What the Judgment card describes is the understanding that all life is interlocked.

This angel has fiery red feathers and a flaming hairstyle, indicating strong activism and echoing the action and spirit of the Red Cross Redemption on the flag. The entire image and background color palette is monotonous and cold, and where there is color is in the red cross and red wings. Angels emerge from the clouds and make contact with the heart through the sound of the trumpet. Under the trumpet hangs this white flag with a red cross. The cross graphic on the flag represents the meeting of linear time and cosmic time, suggesting that at some point you have reached your goal, and although you believe in linear time (because you have to exist on the plane of objects), you still have to keep moving toward clarity of judgment. The red cross is a symbol of the present salvation of the human flesh, while the red cross on a white background represents the suffering of salvation or rescue, echoing the related theme of judgment. In addition, the square red cross flag also symbolizes the balance of karma.

The trumpet is a musical instrument that has a warning function, and the blowing of the trumpet is one of the scenes in the Book of Revelation of the coming of the end-time judgment, and also represents a warning sound, which is used by various religions to symbolize spiritual awakening or awakening of the spirit. The trumpet also symbolizes the proclamation of the "gospel," which is an element in all religions.

One implied symbol that is not directly and obviously expressed is that this card carries a sound. There are seven radiating lines on the leading edge of the trumpet, symbolizing the seven scales of sound, which are capable of liberating mankind from the limitations of the material world and healing the mind and body. In addition to looking at the figure with our eyes, we must understand and imagine, experience and create the sound.

Floating on the ocean are many coffins carrying people, the coffins symbolize the old paradigm of the material world. The people in the coffins are all gray, the most conspicuous of which are a male, symbolizing the conscious mind, implicitly looking up to the angels; a female, symbolizing the subconscious mind, with her arms outstretched, graciously welcoming the angels; and a child, symbolizing the rebirth of the human personality, with his back turned to us. In the distance are snowy mountains, which Weart says are the pinnacle of abstract thought.

The outer silhouette is a rolling mountain range that surrounds the entire area. The color of the foothills and the ground was a gray-blue hue, while the white peaks seemed to be covered with snow, along with the sky, which was a low, deep blue, with white light only around the angel's horn. It seems to be a land of ice and snow, and the cold, isolated air is a symbol of silence. Below the angel is an ocean symbolizing the subconscious mind, which had appeared behind the Priestess Curtain and is now nearing its end.

Card meanings deduced

The Judgement card usually corresponds to the element of Fire, another version corresponds it to Pluto, which rules life and death. In numerology, the number 20 is made up of 2 tens, and in the 10 card Wheel of Fortune, we experience turning points in our lives, transformations for better or for worse, often determined by fate, and we can only do what we can. In the 20 Judgement cards, we also come to a crossroads in our lives, symbolized by the Red Cross Flag, yet we can often make our own decisions, regardless of what is going on around us, and we feel a voice in our hearts calling to us, driving us to a more important stage in our lives.

The call is the significance of the judgment cards. Like the angel Gabriel blowing his trumpet and calling everyone, the person will feel a calling force, sometimes from the outside world, but mostly from within. That calling may be a job, an idea, a desire, or a self-awakening. This call will lead the person to a new chapter in their life. Externally, it may be a successful promotion, career change, or growth; internally, it may be an inner cleansing that leaves the person feeling renewed. Sometimes a trial can also represent an actual phone call or letter to inform the person of important news.

Trials also bring us the opportunity to be reborn. When this card is drawn, the person may be at a crossroads in life and must have clear judgment to make decisions at the highest level. The person has reached a bottleneck in the past, and by answering the call of the heart, he/she will be able to recharge his/her batteries. In health, judgment can indicate physical healing and a fresh start. In relationships, a broken mirror is not a dream. In law, trials usually represent a verdict in one's favor. If one wants to get rid of someone or some circumstance, Judgment appears to indicate that the time has come.

Trial is a significant card, indicating that the person has come to a critical period in his or her life. What has been done in the past will be given its due at this time. Just as when a person dies and goes to the underworld to meet the king of Yama, the deeds done during his or her life are all written down in an account. Therefore, the judgment is related to karma and cause and effect, just like the final exam, or graduation ceremony, where all our performance in school will be accepted as a whole. And through this baptism, the past is written off, and we will be able to write a new chapter in our lives.

The Judgement card means that this is a good opportunity to examine your path and steps in life to see if you have acted wisely or if you have gotten lost in the pursuit of your goals. In this card, an angel wakes the dead to receive the final judgment. Angels with clear souls are able to examine our lives and determine if they were not lived in vain. When there is a positive Judgment card in the shape of a card, it means that it is a clear judgment. He may be suggesting that the heart is calling out to life with a deep spiritual symbol, and it is up to you to notice the call.

The presence of the Judgement card rests on the fact that this spiritual force is at work, and we need a steady mind and reliable judgment to decide which symbols are close to our lives, and which events reveal their inner being.

The Judgment card is also a time of harvest. It is only at harvest time that you can confirm whether your methods were correct or simply wasted, and it is also when you have reached the end of the line that you know the true purpose of the journey. Good judgment is based on the idea that bees collect nectar to survive, though the greater function of the process is to pollinate the flowers to ensure that the plant continues to reproduce. It is only when we look at the whole thing from a distance that we can observe the greater purpose behind the gathering of nectar.

The Judgement card means that your old ideas about life have died and you are accepting your inner calling to live a more meaningful life. In other words, your inner self urges you not to forget that you are a being who is learning to become a human spirituality. You should transcend your limited ideas about life and see it for what it is. To accomplish the personal work, you can dive once again, and for the last time, into your unconscious pool or spirit and come back with an untainted, pure understanding. You have abandoned your ego and have come to know how everything has the same energy, the same life force in which it sprouts, and that we are only different from each other in appearance and attitude toward life.

If you can recognize the fact that all things are one, then all the illusions of loneliness can be resolved. Judgment represents the understanding that you have the power of God within you, and this is the force that urges you to return to the spiritual realm.

Perhaps you will ask, "How can I face God directly?"

I would ask you in return, "How can you avoid facing God?"

Every breath you exhale; every meal you eat; every person you meet, and all living and non-living things on earth, are God or Spirit in all its different guises.

Judgment represents bringing past experience to a conclusion as a step beyond it. What you are now is the accumulation of your past actions, and those actions create your future, which is your harvest. You may reap wheat or weeds, love or pain, but you reap what you sow, and now you have no excuse to make. This is your work and it is waiting for you to fulfill it.

The time of harvest has come and now the fool must take responsibility for his journey. God (or the Higher Self, or Creator) is calling you back to your home at this moment, and it is time for you to look at your recent endeavors with a holistic understanding. The Judgement represents you noticing how your past has produced who you are now, and what the results of your current choices will be.

The Judgement card represents that you have clear judgment at this time. As an answer to a question, this card suggests that you have clear judgment. At this time you understand what you have learned from the trials and challenges that life has shown you.

The Judgment card may also be describing that you understand your spiritual purpose and know the necessary steps to reach it. It represents your ability to see yourself, and the time of your life, clearly. This can cause you great joy or panic about how to begin and what to gain. The harvest is very near, and you can face your reward with your integrity and honesty. Now you judge yourself, and if you do not get what you hoped for, there is really no excuse, for you have reaped the very product of your efforts.

In fact, this card is not necessarily Christian, and we can still sift through this layer of religious consciousness. Although an angel appears in the picture, we can simply think of him as a worker of God, or a deity of some sort. In the end the question should be whether there is a god or gods, or a supreme sovereign power in the underworld, and in the end it is a matter of personal faith. And the card does make a claim, identifying a supreme power, not necessarily a religion of course, but a set of ideas of its own, but still the idea has to be there for the person to be able to follow this inner code.

The reason why tarot cards use the theme and concept of judgment is because in life there needs to be a final line and there is always a showdown and an end to things. There are always trials in life, and these are called "trials".

The purpose of judgment is to be born again or renewed, and to bring forth "revelation", which is the awakening of the past and foreknowledge of what is to come and how to cope with it. There must be at least some insight or "realization". It is therefore a card of high order, a card of practice, and a card of salvation, in keeping with some of the effects of temperance. The main theme of judgment is the first to be emphasized, relating to atonement, repentance and forgiveness, absolution, etc., which are also a state of mind in the face of judgment.

However the Judgement card can also indicate actual conditions and shifting situations, and when divining this card suggests that it is time to weigh up how to take advantage of opportunities. This is a time for radical change from the inside out. Responding to circumstances brings revival, innovation and progress, or even upgrading, or at least improvement.

It's as if the people on the ground have risen from the dead, representing a revitalization, a revitalization of some part of the body or mind after a period of silence. There is a one hundred and eighty degree turn in regard to emotions, life, thoughts or feelings. It is a spiritual awakening, a revival and rebirth of spiritual power, a return from loss and a return from death, a time when a new life has a new beginning. And this new life is not due to nourishment, but a purely spiritual calling.

The trumpet blown by the angels is a megaphone, an instrument of propaganda, and therefore also represents the spreading of a message, publicity. So it is to make public, to promulgate, to spread a message. It is also an advertisement, a publication, or any kind of distribution, an issue, and the announcement and communication of all kinds of news or decrees. The sound of blowing can also represent giving orders, and can mean giving orders. Of course, the trumpet is a musical instrument, but also represents the divination of music, anything related to music, wind instruments, trumpets, military or ceremonial band.

In terms of money significance, the Judgment card in the square is usually implying clear judgment in relation to a problem. Sometimes he may be suggesting a link to think of action in terms of sound judgment. Assuming that the cards surrounding him are also all positive, he gives the "If I invest ..... Is it wise? A question like "Is it wise for me to invest?" is answered with a clear "yes".

The Judgement cards may also be describing the fact that making money in the right way can have a great impact on the spiritual side of a person. Making money in an ethical way is not only a good way to sleep at night, but it also brings a sense of financial solidity because it is a long-term investment that brings success. The Judgment card appears to indicate an understanding that it is slow to build a career's reputation, but easy to destroy it.

Health-wise, as it is in its own right, the Judgment card is a positive symbol in life analysis. It may be suggesting that your physical health is the result of a balanced life in the past. He may also be suggesting that mental restoration of health is helpful to you now. But he may be suggesting physical death when he appears with three of the following cards: the World card, the Blank card, the Death card and the High Tower card, the Ten of Swords, the Six of Swords. Four of Swords or Three of Swords.

The Judgement card in a life issue most likely means that what you have done to your body in the past has led to today's results, and if you have been drinking too much or not treating your body well for many years, then a deterioration in your health is to be expected. If you have maintained good health over a long period of time, then the Judgement card means that you will continue to do so. Sometimes it also represents rehabilitation as well as healing, physical recovery, a mood and spiritual liberation.

Spiritually, it means that when you recognize that you must experience life's opportunities through the physical body, you are transcendent enough to see the spiritual path that lies before and after you. As a physical body with a soul, you know that while maintaining the body and the reality of life, you must also remember the true spiritual purpose. Now is the time to reflect on your life so that you can examine how you can enrich your soul, both by learning and by teaching others throughout your life. Acknowledging that we are all on a path to deeper spiritual understanding will allow you to be more accepting of those around you when they are struggling or have lost their way in life. Simply put, the Judgement card implies that you are currently mindful of your life's purpose.

With the significance of gender relationships, the Judgement card suggests that this relationship provides important spiritual growth and learning. Your current relationship contains the subject or reward of the karmic cycle, and I repeat, what you have now is the product of the seeds you have planted or the efforts you have made in the past.

This relationship is a product of what you have done in the past, and it can inspire you to recognize yourself, your patterns, or the purpose of your life. Examine your harvest in this relationship, and in doing so, you can see what behaviors have produced these results. All of what you are currently experiencing is not an accident.

Judgment occurs when there is no apparent change on the surface, yet there is much change underneath the surface. Take an old Chinese proverb as an example:

Before the epiphany, chopping wood and carrying water;

After the epiphany, chopping wood and carrying water.

Core Tip

Judgment symbolizes clear judgment, and the card's face is a cold, absolute hue of blue and white rays, showing the sobriety and relentlessness of reason, which must not be tinged with sticky emotions, clearing away the dragging ground and pulling itself up out of the sludge, following rational judgment with determination.
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Knowledge Expansion

Combined with the main theme of trial, this card is the pronouncement of judgment, getting a verdict in favor of the person involved, perhaps a fair vindication of justice. It also represents the unveiling of events, where everything always faces judgment, where the water comes out and secrets always surface.
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Card Meaning Extension

This trial is symbolized on the inner level by the resurrection and movement of the flesh. These people are in a posture of wonder, admiration and ecstasy in response to the call from Heaven, and must be fully prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Sense this call within at all times and elevate the lower levels of self. Self-examination with awareness is attained in a single moment by a single turn of mind.
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