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Justice Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Reason doesn't always have the answers to all your questions, and intuition will give you more insights.

Card Details

When the Justice card is reversed, the ills depicted on the card are revealed, with the woman sitting on a stone bench holding a heavy sword and scales, with both arms hanging in the air without a caressing hand, and with a difficult demeanor, indicating that justice is difficult to maintain, and that there will be a loss of balance, and that you will encounter some unfair treatment and situations. Regarding some competitions or evaluations, it also indicates unfair selection and judging.

The reversed position of the card Justice represents a kind of error in direction, incorrect decisions and mistakes, incorrect behavioral direction and loss of life indicators. Many things can lead to bad consequences due to the wrong judgment of the person involved. However, it also sometimes represents mistakes in the questions asked by the diviner, or even wrong messages given to the diviner.

In legal matters, the reversed Justice card is not favorable to the person in question. If the diviner asks about a legal action or case, it means that the person suffers a loss, loses the case, or even meets with an unjust judgment. The card can be used to bring false accusations, or to bring a particularly harsh trial.

But sometimes this card is reversed, which means that the person concerned has no principles, has lost his position, and has no justice and righteousness. Otherwise, he is prejudiced in many of his ideas, bigoted, stubborn, or excessively harsh, lacking in tolerance and patience. In terms of personal behavior, because of a lack of a sense of justice and morality in the heart, there may be some public and private matters that are not separated from each other or that are used for private purposes, or irregular or unlawful acts, or stealing and cheating, such as cheating on exams, and so on. There is also a risk of dishonesty in the workplace, or even fraud or wrongdoing.

Card Meaning Deduction

When the Justice card is reversed it means that decisions are made or actions are taken without considering the consequences. Lacking a comprehensive understanding of the implementation, you have impulsively sat down on a certain decision and now regret it. A reversed Justice card also means that paperwork is delayed, or the agreement process drags on. This card usually appears in a reversed position when a legal case is delayed and goes nowhere.

The reversed Justice card also alludes to your unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions. He may be describing how you blame others when your actions lead to turmoil or blunders. This is the time to return to the positive Wheel of Fortune to recognize how the personal seasons are affecting your chances. Instead of blaming others for your failures, find out if past choices or actions weren't chosen at the right time, and that's why you couldn't succeed. Perhaps you borrowed money to invest heavily when you were in financial distress and that's why you're now in debt.

When Justice is reversed, it suggests injustice and unfairness. A litigation process is delayed; a never-ending justice or discord; or mutual accusations and blame. You will still be rewarded for what you have given, or you can still reap what you have ploughed in, it is just that it is unlikely to be a joyful harvest. If something unfair or unsavory is going on in your life at the moment, it may be an opportunity for you to examine the seeds you've planted and learn from them.

Reversed Justice symbolizes that you may not be honest with yourself or others. Instead of trying to trace the causes of current events, you are always blaming others for your predicament. If you're this lazy, I'm afraid you'll lose the opportunity to learn more about yourself, and life in general.

This is not a time to look to others to teach you, but a time to help yourself. Even though this card comes in a reversed position, the cycle of cause and effect is still upsetting. You'll still be held hostage by someone or a situation until you gain insight and resolve the earlier matter. When you leave a situation hanging, it (or a situation similar to it) will recur before you until you learn the lesson. Seeds that have not yet been harvested are waiting for you.

If the reversal represents a person, it could be anyone with prejudice and selfishness, a liar, a person who avoids responsibility, or an indecisive person. The Justice card appears to remind you to use reason to solve problems, to think critically, and to take responsibility. If the card is positive, you will be treated fairly; if it is negative, it may indicate that the person concerned is avoiding decisions, shirking responsibility, or being treated unfairly. If you are facing a legal problem, the situation may be unfavorable to you, so you should not take any action without authorization, and it's best to listen to expert advice. If you are facing an exam, the exam is another type of judgment, and you must work harder than others beforehand in order to change your fate.

The significance of money, Justice card reversed may be suggesting delays in paperwork, slow progress in financial agreements, or legal issues related to finances. The presence of the reversed Justice card in Alan's analysis confirms that he lost his business and went bankrupt after a disastrous year in which his hotel flooded twice due to unseasonal storms. This card inverted suggests a delay in the purchase of a home or in the development of a business due to a legal extension of a problem that was not properly justified. This is especially true when the reversed King of Swords is also in the deck.

In terms of the meaning of life, the reversed Justice card means that you are blaming others for your personal problems, rather than taking responsibility for improving and maintaining your own life. It may also suggest lengthy legal proceedings surrounding life issues. Returning to the positive Wheel of Fortune subject may help to equalize the four inner elements (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth) and find a way to achieve balanced health.

Core Tip

This card represents a rational but impractical approach to matters, which rarely benefits from it, and can be further and further down the line by refusing to admit mistakes.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of Justice means that one is too harsh on others and should use a more relaxed attitude and approach to get along with them. And when facing a subjective and harsh person, don't get into a head-on conflict or interest with them, and keep your distance even if you can't avoid them.
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Card Meaning Extension

In the face of unfair treatment, you should go through the official channels to solve the problem, not only can't solve the problem privately, but also will cause more problems.
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