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Justice Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Taking on a mission, this is a time to take responsibility for life's decisions

Card Details

A woman seated on a stone bench with two stone pillars behind her, her right hand holding a sword held high in the air and her left hand underneath holding scales, suggesting that she is able to recognize the illusion of reality and instead understand the true cause of time or common justice, the challenge of the Justice card being to make a fair and just decision. Dressed in a red robe with a gold crown, her green shawl is fastened with a square clasp. Her right foot steps slightly outward as if trying to stand, while her left foot remains hidden inside her robe. She holds her sword high, symbolizing her determination.

The sword is impartial, symbolizing justice, and wisdom that can break through any falsehood or illusion. The sword has blades on both sides, which can be used for good or evil, depending on the individual's choice, and represents the understanding of the duality of life and the responsibility you should take for your current situation. The golden scale in the left hand and the green color of the shawl are both symbols of Libra. Holding the scales in her hand indicates that she is evaluating and about to make a decision of some kind, while seeking balance. The square clasp on the chest has a circle in the center, symbolizing the harmonization of the four elements.

On her head is a four-square jewel in the center of a gold crown, which, along with the three square tops of the crown, add up to the number seven, representing Venus, the ruling planet of Libra. At the back is a purple drapery, symbolizing hidden wisdom. The pillars on either side are buildings erected with the belief in life, symbolizing positive and negative forces. The action of the double pillars implies a stable situation and the environmental situation in question is generally smooth. The double columns show a grayish light color, indicating a low profile. The double columns over the picture symbolize that there are unpredictable situations that can only be carried out or accomplished by the right decision, or by the principles of fairness and justice. The curtain behind the Justice Bearer is also a sign that there are many implications behind the workings of justice, or that there are many hidden events behind the scenes, and the color purple is a sign of dignified behavior and action.

In the picture of the card, the robe of the "Justice Envoy" is red, covering the whole body and the ground, representing enthusiasm and zeal for the public good, the old-fashioned way of doing things, as well as the physical endurance of the body. On top of the robe is a green shawl, and the hat's band is also green, and it can also be seen that the color of the inner shirt is still green, and the combination of these greens emphasizes his inner characteristic of upholding peace. The enforcer's right foot extends outside his robe, and we can see that it is a white shoe, and it touches the steps of the temple, a gesture that represents merging with the truth and stepping on the reality.

The crown on his head is a symbol of the prestige of the righteous, not of power and rank, but of trust and dependence and honor. The color gold is an attribute of wisdom and dignity. A jewel set in the center of the front of the crown, in the middle and upper part of the forehead, represents the third eye or the chakra between the eyebrows, signifying the opening of the intellect to see the truth and the truth with a sharper observation, and to exercise the true knowledge that is expected of a righteous person. This also signifies a moral ~ the Goddess of Justice does not fight her enemies with her sword, but with her eyes!

The clasp on the chest of the shawl is a mystical symbol with a red orb shape within a square. In this area it represents the chakras ~ the heart chakra represents the charitable forgiving and accepting qualities of man. And the placement of this symbol represents the keenness of the heart, the clear-sightedness.

Holding a sword in the right hand, the sword is held straight up, and the color of the sword almost merges with the color of the stone pillar in the background, so that it is not easy to distinguish the sword, which means that the sword is not willing to be activated. The sword is not easily wielded unless as a last resort, it is a sharp weapon that one would never want to use, a tool of law enforcement that does not wish to actually cut down, but only to be held firmly to present a threatening force.

The left hand of the Messenger of Justice holds the scales, which are in a state of balance, and the sword is also held vertically, representing correct and fair balanced judgment. The fact that the scales have a more pronounced pattern than the sword indicates the importance of judgment and the process of maintaining a fair balance, while law enforcement is a last resort. The sword and the scales are placed in the foreground of the two gray pillars, representing that they are contained in the pillars of truth, and that the truth is revealed as the sword and the scales, and that they are not easily invoked, and that every invocation must be justified.

The Enforcer of Justice's is open-hearted, holding two phylacteries in both hands outwardly, indicating tolerance and acceptance, a trait required of the Enforcer of Justice, but not very noticeable. The Enforcer sits on a stone bench, indicating the trait of rigidity. His position is between the twin pillars of the stone temple, indicating impartiality, centered in the center, the Middle Way.

Behind the Messenger of Justice, a purple curtain hangs between the two pillars, the purple material indicates the noble and inviolable, presenting a righteous demeanor, while the covering of the curtain suggests mystery and unknown. The three-dimensional protruding shapes on the curtain indicate a sense of undulation and dynamism, suggesting that the workings behind the scenes are unknown. The pillars of the Temple of the Righteous Messenger are so high that they extend beyond the line of sight and the top cannot be seen, representing that this is the supreme temple, penetrating the dharma of truth on earth and in heaven. The background, the scales, the crown, and the hair on this card are all yellow, symbolizing clarity of mind, while the stone pillars, the seats, and the pedestals, are all gray, representing the absence of a preconceived position.

Looking more closely at the woman in the card, does she look like a judge? Legal matters are closely associated with justice, so the Justice card is also often associated with legal matters, including litigation and the signing of various contracts. If the card is positive, you can usually get a fair deal; if it is negative, you may get an unfair decision or lose the case, and the contract may be fraudulent. Special care must be taken.

All in all, Justice represents Libra astrologically, especially with the Queen's card, the Empress of Coins, and to a lesser extent, the Court of Swords. Part of the subject matter for Libra is making just and good decisions, taking its fair share of responsibility for the current situation, and figuring out how you will deal with the issues. The Justice card is the second card representing Libra, and he means making a decisive action and understanding the outcome. The Sword of Righteousness with its point up has these two sides of the blade, emphasizing the duality of life: one side represents decisions and actions, while the other side represents results. The white shoes imply pure motives, while the red robe represents passion. The blue square in the middle of the crown symbolizes spiritual clarity, that is, understanding the results of your decisions on a spiritual level. The scales, on the other hand, suggest an attempt to be fair. These symbolize balanced decisions that require a combination of compassion, understanding, wisdom and pragmatism. The Justice card represents the signing of a legal contract or document, such as when buying or selling a home, when agreeing to a work contract, or when publishing a will. The Justice card means that the process of this paperwork goes smoothly and that you seem to be satisfied with the outcome.

Card meanings deduced

Justice corresponds to Libra, the sign of balance, and Athena, the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. We can also think of Justice as Bao Qing Tian, who knows right from wrong, or Guo Jing, the great warrior who does what is right and just. In the Justice card we find a lot of symmetry, two pillars, two blades, and scales, even the main character of the card looks neutral, and its representative sign is the balance-seeking scales. Thus when the Justice card appears, it is usually associated with a certain decision. The questioner must weigh the factors with the scales in his mind to make the best decision.

Often in the decision making process, the Justice card will carefully analyze the pros and cons using rational thinking, so her decision is bound to be the most fair and unbiased. Absolute honesty is necessary at this point. This pursuit of balance and fairness is also reflected in the way Justice treats people; Justice treats people fairly and honestly without being unkind. If you have been misunderstood, the presence of the Justice card means that you will get justice, an apology or compensation. If it's reversed, it could indicate that you're still being treated unfairly, or that someone has lied to you or kept you in the dark, or treated you with extreme harshness, injustice and favoritism.

The process of making a decision is not easy. The scales in your heart will waver, as if justice is sitting between two pillars, and the forces of good and evil are tugging at each other, just as in a movie: the angel in your heart tells you to go east, and the devil wants you to go west. Once you make a decision, it becomes part of your life and can never be erased or rewritten, so I am afraid that this battle in your heart is not easy to bear. Thankfully, Justice will make the 'best' decision after careful weighing. Her decision may not necessarily be the easiest, but she will take responsibility and choose the most 'rightful' path to take. If she is in the opposite position, she may make a wrong decision, hesitate to make a decision, avoid making a decision, or even refuse to make a decision. This is tantamount to avoiding responsibility in life.

If you ask about exams, exams are also a kind of judgment, indicating that how much you prepare, how much you score. If you ask about romance or marriage, it may indicate that the relationship is entering into a legal process - marriage or divorce. If you ask about finances, it may indicate that it is not advisable to speculate when you are balancing your income and expenditure, or paying bills, taxes, or signing contracts. If a decision is being made, Justice suggests that the person use their analytical powers to list all the advantages and disadvantages and weigh them up, or suggests making the fairest and most equitable decision. If Justice represents a person, it will be anyone involved in legal matters, someone who is making a decision, or someone who is doing you justice.

Justice is numbered 11 and is the center of the 22 Major Arcana cards. 11 is also a higher level 1, and furthermore implies 2 (11=1+1=2). Thus the Justice card can be seen as a combination of the Magician and the Priestess. Justice holds her right hand high, like a magician holding his staff high. The curtains and pillars behind her are very similar to the background behind the priestess. She is seated like the priestess, but steps out on one foot seemingly to stand up with the magician. She is female, but has a neutral look and dress. All of this points to the main idea of justice - balance.

Justice means that this is a time for you to take responsibility for your life's decisions, and it may also indicate a quest for balance in your life and mind. Justice is a fairly rational card, accepting her past and taking responsibility for it. Justice is about doing what is right. The woman on the card understands the seeds she has planted in the Pope and they are growing steadily. Now you understand that "you reap what you sow" and that any action will have consequences. When circumstances don't go your way (e.g. Wheel of Fortune reversed), you learn some lessons from the situation, and you eat the consequences. Once you make a choice, it affects your future - your present decisions will shape your future. Justice can also mean honoring regulations, settling a dispute, or signing certain documents. This card could mean balancing tangible things, or balancing your spiritual scales or karmic correspondences.

Justice implies that things have accomplished what they were meant to do. That is, your past decisions or actions have led you to your current situation. You've gotten what you deserve, and if you're honest enough with yourself, you surely know that. It means that you should be absolutely honest with yourself, and those around you. You should take responsibility for yourself, and the decisions that have made you what you are today. Your future may change because of your current decisions, behavior, or understanding.

Justice may also suggest a legal decision in your favor or the acquisition of something that requires the signing of a legal document. It could also be about successfully resolving a dispute or disagreement, or taking responsibility for a situation for which you are responsible. If Justice and the Six of Scepters come together, it could be suggesting a promotion at work, which is the result of various decisions or past actions (i.e., hard work pays off).

This card has a profound meaning that simply means upholding principles. The card in the positive position indicates the right decision and direction, and if you move forward with your principles, you will not encounter any difficulties. This principle varies from person to person, but it is always fair and balanced. This card shows a state of mind, where it is important to have justice and principles in mind, so that justice can be carried out correctly, and principles will not be wavering, missing opportunities or misjudging situations.

When this card appears, it represents the correctness and reasonableness of the matter, and also means that the handling of things and the mentality of the person is to hold justice, consider the appropriate balance, pursue harmony, justice, righteousness, equality, and maintain a state of reciprocity. It shows a person's personality, or honesty and integrity in matters of occupation. This card also represents supervisors, managers, and decision makers, as well as executives in various matters, as the one who upholds these virtues encapsulated in Justice is the one who is the best leader in decision making.

In the case of the questioned, the final outcome of the person's involvement will be truly fair ~ whether he likes it or not. That is to say, things will get what they deserve, whether they are favorable or not. It also follows that when it comes to money, since fairness is emphasized, one will be properly rewarded and will not be shortchanged in what one deserves to earn. The same is true for all other matters. This is also the case in relationships, schoolwork, work, etc. - one gets what one pays for, and one reaps what one sows.

Especially in contests, competitions, and rivalries, this card can also represent winning, a just verdict, and getting what you deserve. The same is true for academic achievement, but in relation to these classes and various exams, this card indicates that strength is recognized.

Since the card depicts the enforcer of the law, this card is particularly relevant to legal matters and can encompass a wide variety of laws, with the scales in the hand of the Justice Envoy representing ~civil law~ and the sword in the other hand representing ~criminal law~. Two important types and concepts of law are encompassed. In divination items, it especially represents legal and arbitration issues. All legal related events, including legal related people, systems, organizations, related practitioners and related matters. For individuals facing litigation and lawsuits, the positively positioned Justice card is a favorable situation.

The key to the use of this card in divination is to consider the person involved in the incident (querent) as the role of the law enforcer, the person in question is playing the role of the judge, which is the key point to be aware of, and the person themselves must make the right decision and arbitration, need to judge their own direction, and measure by their own principles.

The spiritual dimension, living an honorable life, means taking responsibility for one's actions. Justice provides an opportunity to recognize that your present life is the result of past actions and decisions. You can be asked to use the experiences of your current life to remind yourself of what actions bring honor and to use your own various accomplishments as a guide to a more fulfilling tomorrow.

The significance on gender relations, when Justice and the Two of Cups, the Ten of Cups, or the Three of Cups appear together on the card then it suggests marriage. It could also mean that you have resolved a dispute with your partner, or that you are being completely honest and accountable to your partner and your relationship.

In terms of money significance, when the Justice card appears on the deck of financial issues, it suggests a legal contract or document in terms of finances. Perhaps you are in the process of taking out a loan, making a major deal, or signing an indenture for a new job. When this card has appeared in an upright position, the process will be smooth. You are taking your personal responsibility for your actions as you people know that this is the most appropriate time to make financial plans.

Life significance, when the Justice card appears in a life problem analysis, it means that you are suffering from curing or stagnation, which is a warning sign from life to you. This discomfort is temporary and can be helpful because it can warn you of the need to avoid sedentary, mechanized labor, to exercise and to combine work and rest. The Justice card may suggest that you are ready to take responsibility for your life, because as soon as you become aware of the current analysis, a new diet or regular exercise will improve the health situation. Sometimes the Justice card in positive position can mean that some sort of spiritual approach can improve a health problem, which is recognizing a mental imbalance, and if this is not correct, it will eventually manifest physically. He could also be describing a legal process regarding health.

Core Tip

This card features the Justice Adjudicator as a figure, and thus represents the judgment and decision of the person involved in the inquiry, as the Justice Adjudicator adjudicates and enforces the law.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Justice card is also a card of taking responsibility for yourself; you know that your current situation is the result of your past decisions and actions, which makes you more careful when making decisions again, because you know that what you do now will determine your future.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card certainly represents some virtues, like personal credibility, chastity, etc., all of which are extremely positive answers. At least the behavior is in line with the norm and has the power to restrain itself.
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