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Strength Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Prioritize your negative thoughts and emotions, don't let them control you.

Card Details

The reversed Power card symbolizes the consequences of poorly directed or improperly exerted power, resulting in less than desired consequences. The general condition of the divination, showing a diminution and decline of inner strength, can be interpreted as a loss of the person's power, a loss of firmness of will, a loss of inner charisma. Loss of original purpose and conviction, loss of inner sincerity, or problems with the principle of honesty, resulting in misunderstanding or mutual resistance.

The woman's posture has tipped over because of instability, and her hands have become folded in front of her chest out of fear. Because of the fear in her heart, she becomes gutless, timid, and uneasy, and she loses her confidence, which contributes to the failure of the event. As a result, there is a lack of perseverance, lack of strength, incompetence, incapacity, inability, weakness, and so on.

Although the severity caused by this card's reversal is not high, and mostly not to the point of being very bad, the severity is determined by the problem. The most serious is the bite of a lion. In a more serious state, one is more likely to lose the wisdom of clarity and the original position, and therefore not be able to hold on to it.

Card meanings are deduced

The primary meaning of the Power reversal is weakness. Inner confidence and courage have disappeared, fear and doubt emerge. The person concerned may not be able to control his/her emotions, letting them override reason, letting his/her animalistic nature override his/her spiritual nature, or he/she may lose his/her patience and succumb to external temptations. It is not advisable to act rashly at this time, no matter what kind of problem we are facing, the power reversal reminds us to deal with our own negative thoughts and emotions first, don't let the lion in your heart control you, only you are the master of yourself. Sometimes the weakness of the reversed position will present itself in the physical body, so it is advisable to pay more attention to your health. Strength reversed can also refer to the misuse of power, whether it be tangible brute force or intangible power.

Strength card reversed can lead to weakness. Your courage to face life has diminished, leaving you with a feeling of being crushed or hopeless. It may suggest inner pain, where your passions and desires are making demands on you to give them fulfillment, which threatens your sanity for fear of losing control.

It represents a period of time when the security of a traditional career or lifestyle seems quite attractive. Anything that allows you to escape your passions and desires seems worth having for fear that the passions and desires will destroy the personality you are self-conscious of, or the security patterns you have built for yourself. Anything that would limit your ability to face yourself would probably be considered a need. For example, becoming a workaholic, being overzealous about your career, or filling all your time with unnecessary things.

Sometimes when you feel powerless in life, you may go to someone or something at your disposal to help yourself feel strong and favorable again. In the meantime you may find yourself in any relationship where you are either too bossy or overly deferential to others.

Learning how to find strength in love is another subject for Leo. That is, to find inner strength, you need to accept someone so that they can be close to you. If a Leo is unable to accomplish this, they may feel that their career brings them a fulfillment that their relationships cannot provide, so they may sacrifice their relationships in favor of great success in their career. It's a seesaw arrangement. They are either dominant or too humble. They may achieve great success in their careers, or they may have fulfilling relationships with both sexes, but rarely both at the same time. By concentrating their will, Leos can navigate their lives and be successful in one way or another, but it is only a matter of getting back on the chariot. Leo's problem is to have the courage not to control life, but to face it with love and compassion.

The significance of money and the presence of the reversed Power card on the financial analysis suggests emotional ups and downs and doubts about the current financial situation. Now it's time to get back to the subject of the positive Chariot card, to stabilize your emotions and get on with the most pressing task at hand. That is, decide on a path to financial abundance. Or perhaps it's an instinctive desire (for fame, fortune or glory) that's impoverishing you at the moment.

The Meaning of Life could be describing this time of year as a lack of the courage and inner strength necessary to build and maintain a healthy life. It also means that you are mentally exhausted due to your inability to set strong and healthy stopping points, which could be the result of you doing too many things at once. When this card is reversed, it becomes the Lion controlling the woman (passion and desire dominating the intellect), and it's time to curb your enthusiasm or zeal so that the energy can be channeled in a worthwhile direction.

When the Power card is reversed, courage diminishes and is replaced by fear or doubt. This may be due to a desire to control your environment, including everyone around you. Often we want to control what we fear, and we run the risk of getting out of order and out of control. When this card is reversed, the Lion sits on top of the Woman, showing that passion dominates the mind and that animalistic desires will crush pure motives.

When Reyana comes for counseling about her affair with her husband Thomas, it seems from the analysis that she is really in trouble. In the deck, Thomas is symbolized by the reversed Magician card, and the reversed Power card appears in the resulting position. Reyna explains that for years Thomas has been a deeply religious man who despises those he believes give less than he does, but once a year, without warning, he takes a trip to a faraway land, where Reyna discovers that he drinks, gambles, and visits prostitutes. Shocked and bewildered by this behavior, when he returned home from his trip, Thomas not only did not answer his questions, but angered me with the words, "God has already forgiven me." ... to irritate me. Soon afterward, he would return to his extreme piety until the next time the lion in his heart escaped from its cage.

Core Tip

This card inverted represents being overwhelmed by pressure, being oppressed, being aggravated, and possibly succumbing to the reality level. For the heart, in severe cases, it can make the personality repressed and tend to cause self-limitation and stop taking risks.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversal of the force means hesitation, the individual loses sincerity and reduces charisma, the power to conduct communication between people disappears, and it is easy to succumb to desires or the pressure of the environment.
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Card Meaning Extension

In the case of relationships, although it is not a serious rupture, it can lead to mutual distrust, suspicion or an attitude of withdrawal from the relationship.
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