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Strength Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Spiritual ability, you have enough inner strength to face life.

Card details

The woman called "Strength" controls the lion's mouth with both hands, showing no fear in the face of the powerful beast, with the index finger of her right hand curved, revealing her meticulousness, and a peaceful look on her face. These actions indicate that she has tamed the lion with a kind of "benevolent fortitude" beneficent fortitude. Above the woman's head is an infinite inverted 8 symbol, which is the same as that of the "Wizard of the 1st", this symbol represents the infinity of the inner power, and indicates that the power of circulation and continuity is at work.

The woman's attitude of certainty comes from a long history of "confidence", which is not confidence in the usual sense, but a sense of security and peace based on a sense of sincerity and trust. It is important to have a firm confidence and to accomplish things with a calm and steady attitude. With confidence, you will be relaxed and free from fear and trepidation because you have the sincerity and confidence to face it, and this will have a more multiplied effect.

As for the case of the lion, it is very interesting to know from the fact that it is holding its tail between its hind legs that it is completely under the control of the woman and is in a state of submission. When an animal has its tail between its legs, it is showing weakness, and its wildness and power have been collected. The lion's body is leaning slightly and its tail is hanging lightly, showing complete submission, and it sticks out its tongue to lick the woman's hand.

Then we come to the relationship between the woman and the lion: the lion's eyes look upward and meet the woman's, and the two forces mingle and combine. The woman's gesture of subduing the lion creates a typical picture: the lion represents a savage animalistic and natural force, the man represents a human or divine force, the two forces meet, and the fact that the man has subdued the lion indicates that he can utilize his power and bring the two together and merge.

In addition, we find that the ground around the paws of the lion is slightly uneven, which is to depict the struggle of the lion's teeth and claws, the force of the paws is applied to the ground, resulting in the part of the land grasped by the paws to be raised. The force of the paws is applied to the ground, causing parts of the ground to swell up. This indicates that its brute force is strong enough to affect its surroundings, and makes this set of confrontation images more tense as well. Against the backdrop of a bright sky, close to the main image, the woman and the lion are surrounded by more light, and this is the atmosphere they create for their aura.

This card contains the qualities of innocentia inviolata, the strength to remain in an ethereal and clear state of consciousness and to achieve the strength of meditative contemplation, and therefore a woman in white robes is used to represent the corresponding image of a person who possesses such qualities. The woman wearing a white tight-fitting robe is a hint of white and pureness, and her pure cheeks and innocent expression reveal a sincere and kind heart. Such a pure woman, always with good intentions as the starting point at the inner level, without any preconceived notions and fearless, no matter what kind of situation to face peacefully, this innocence can dissolve many of the obstacles in life. This kind of mentality in real life is a kind of sincerity in treating people and dealing with the world, which is also called "Beneficent Fortitude" by Weite.

The posture of the Daughter of Strength is this posture of facing things. She is immovable in the face of a lion, and this posture shows the strength of fortitude, the strength of her will, and her adherence to the principles and norms she believes in. This strength is also a strength of flexible appeal. This card indicates a softness in dealing with others, invoking the inner, deepest strength that comes from personal sincerity and is cultivated over time, rather than the use of a sword or even the use of force.

To face a lion without fear is a kind of "courage", but it is not ordinary bravery, it is fearlessness, courage that comes from an inner sincerity, because there is nothing to fear. This sincerity is a kind of acceptance and accommodation. When an external force comes, resisting it invites a greater rebound force, whereas when we accept it, we gain great welcoming power. A strong force invites a stronger force, and the stronger the force itself, the larger the animal that can be subdued, and this direction is a two-way feedback loop. This is a two-way feedback loop. Just as when facing the great wildness within, it is not necessary to consume energy to achieve subjugation, as long as the inner mind is in the right place.

The lion that the woman is facing represents an energy or power that comes from within or from outside, the lion is an external and an internal beast. The lion is an external as well as an internal beast. It is important to have a detailed understanding of both the external and the internal self, and once there is true understanding and empathy, it will be able to emanate a message of concern instead of fear, and the two sides may then interact. This is a demonstration of sincerity and trust, being able to subdue the lion because one is not afraid of it, and trusting that it will not harm one's self, and trusting one's self to be able to achieve these, and such a state of mind is able to achieve the desired result. Do not think that you are weak, you can not be bullied, do not think that the other side is the enemy, will not be hostile.

The lion has a fiery red color, which represents the primal desire and the animalistic nature of the heart, as well as the desire and energy of the human nature. This power comes from within and is part of oneself, so to subdue the lion is to harmonize one's own inner power. The position of the lion in the lower part of the human body symbolizes the basic life energy, even a sexual power. This power has to be harmonized and tamed so that the life energy can be used freely.

The inner desire, the fire within the body, manifests itself as a beast, and the woman in the picture is soothing this fire, lifting or dissolving the desire and sexual energy of the body; she is subduing her own power and desire and lifting the energy up. This card also has the implication of the union of the sexes and the fusion of the feminine and masculine forces into one. In love it represents the complete integration of the two with feelings of fulfillment. The Belted Wreath further suggests a conduit and hub of two-way communication.

The duality of life is seen in the Pope (two pillars), the Lovers (two people) and the Chariot (two sphinxes), and is also emphasized in the following Power card. The woman uses her mental bravery to calm the lion, and the lion's emotional bravery is to trust her. It is quite rare that a beast would trust another predatory species. The bright orange color of the Lion represents enthusiasm and zeal, which are traits prevalent in Leo, the sign represented by this card. In the book Tarot (thboth deck , aleister crowley), this card is named Desire because it represents a challenge that involves going out and conquering the sensual pleasures, the desire for gold, for fame, and for recognition that our inner beast craves. We must realize that satisfying these cravings does not nourish the soul, and they must be abandoned if we are to reach the top.

The white corseted tunic worn by this woman symbolizes the purity of his motives in dealing with the lion's attitude. He is nervous, but he believes that if he can show sincerity when dealing with the beast, he will react benignly despite his nervousness. The wireless symbol above his head is a metaphor for what she knows - that the lion will believe her. The entire composition is set against a background of bright yellow tones, representing the power of bright ideas.

The overall color scheme is also a contrasting combination of red and white, a pure and passionate blend. While the woman holds down the lion in an immovable position, there is a towering hill in the distance with a few green trees in front of it. This blue hill, much like the peak on the Lovers' card, has a passionate undertone to it, yet more than that, it represents the latent energy and explosiveness that lies within the ardor, and this is the moment when it is poised to explode, yet held still.

Card meaning deduction

Strength is one of the three Tarot Virtues (Justice and Temperance), all of which are Divine Laws; Strength is strength, effectiveness, and toughness; Fortitude is perseverance, fortitude, and perseverance. Fortitude is a general term for strength, fortitude, and perseverance.

"The strength of the Strength card is due to the fact that it is a spiritual energy, a strength that comes from within, a perseverance, an inner strength that comes from the deepest part of the heart. The appearance of this card indicates that if you face everything with this attitude, you will be able to succeed in everything and solve all the difficulties. Although it may not be achieved very quickly, it is the right feeling and the right time, and it is also a natural way.

It can be said that "power" is actually a "state of mind", and the "power" sign instructs us that we must adjust to a sincere state of mind, to solve things with inner strength, and to face obstacles not by way of resistance, but with a certain attitude to face this powerful force, no matter whether it comes from inside or outside, it can be reconciled and utilized with a firm confidence. It's not about removing obstacles, but finding a way to integrate this force with yourself.

The Strength card suggests that you have enough inner strength to face life, and although the Lion on the card could easily take her down, he is calmed by her love and tenderness. The lion symbolizes feelings, fears and desires, which in the Chariot card were controlled by reason, but now are revealed, waiting for you to face and honor them. The force takes it a step further, i.e. the beast or the passionate side of human nature has surfaced, waiting for you to face them with strength and courage.

This lion (or inner beastly nature) easily receives the command of her hands because he senses that what follows her love is her strength. She has an inner strength or confidence that allows her to face those things that the chariot must control. She understands that the lion is a source of energy, and to tame him she needs to give some of that energy as well. In order to live a fulfilling life, she needs to allow her higher and lower selves to work together in harmony. If one dominates the other, the force will whittle away at fear, and the need to control life will arise.

Force continues the subject of the last Chariot, but she responds in a higher level way, what Lao Tzu called 'softness overcomes hardness'. While the lion symbolizes the animalistic nature within man, which the Chariot controls with its masculine, iron-fisted style, Power tames with her inner courage, confidence and patience. As a result, the two sphinxes in front of the Chariot are temporarily under control, but their heads are still facing different directions (in some versions of the card, they are even facing each other), while the lion in the Power is completely submissive, suggesting that weakness can really overcome strength.

Strength, as the name suggests, is the primary card meaning of strength. Like Han Xin, who endured the humiliation of his crotch, and Yu, who knew how to use the way of dredging to heal the water, it is also often compared to the Roman myth of Theseus, who was not only courageous and resourceful, but also tolerant and sympathetic.

The picture of strength with a lion on it also corresponds astrologically to the sign of Leo. Leo has supreme courage and leadership, which in this case, combined with femininity, shows not the brute strength of a strong man, but inner toughness. Imagine: a woman who wants to tame a lion, using force is absolutely asking for trouble, so she must use the qualities she possesses to tame the lion with the power of flexibility. To do this, she must first have superhuman courage, otherwise how would she dare approach the lion? Then she must have the confidence that she will succeed, and this confidence will allow her to radiate self-confidence, and a gentle, majestic presence that will subdue the lion. Finally, patience. She must take her time to win the lion's trust, just like a circus trainer who must practice and fail many times before he can successfully tame the beast. The same principle can be applied to overcoming our inner animal, our fears, our anger and our impulses, that is, to overcome the lion within us. Everyone has an instinctive side, maybe the person is currently facing a battle of desires, trying to overcome the urge from deep inside, the Power Card teaches us to approach it, listen to it, understand it and tame it. Like Yu the Great's water, it is to be channeled, not suppressed by a chariot.

Strength is a card that represents the astrological sign of Leo, other cards that represent Leo are the Sun and the Queen of Scepters. Also less obvious in their symbolism are the court cards of the other scepters. Part of the subject matter that Leo must learn is the power that comes from within, and it involves learning to harness your passions and use your mind to channel the energy into creative goals. The Lion's enthusiasm is usually difficult to contain, but it will quiet down every time it takes a creative direction and innovative idea. Sometimes a Leo will desperately want to project an image of strength and confidence, while inwardly it doesn't feel quite right. The truth is that usually Leos are indeed as strong as they pretend to be, but unfortunately they don't realize it themselves. They need to learn, among other things, to recognize that they are as strong as they pretend to be, but they don't know it.

Among the other tarot cards, Strength is the eleventh card and Justice is the eighth. Arthur *White switched the positions of these two cards because he thought that Strength would fit better in the eighth position. In numerology, the eighth is a number that represents power and strength, so if you examine the cards of Alkner Jr. again, you will see that all the eights are associated with power. The Eight of Scepters is free flow, and the Eight of Cups is the power to move on from a certain state of unfulfillment. The Eight of Swords is about understanding how others and your beliefs have bound you and how you should use your inner strength to free yourself and be free. The Eight of Swords shows you how to use your inner strength to build on past successes.

The Powerhouse represents a person who has the courage to face life and demonstrate the need for self-confidence to have achieved the goals they desire. He describes having the full conviction and worth to build the life you desire and knowing that there is a reward because of your efforts. This is the eighth card, and like the put eight in all tarot cards, it symbolizes commitment and strength.

In divination, strength shows confidence in facing life, just like the woman in the card, who faces life's challenges with a soft exterior and a strong interior. She is strong inside, with deep confidence and courage. She is calm and serene on the outside, firm and resolute, but at the same time patient and unhurried. Strength represents the part that overcomes the instincts of the beast within, to calm all agitation, anger, impulsiveness, and restlessness. If the person in question is acting too eager now, the Strength card appears to remind him to slow down, to be patient, to act with flexible strength, and not to forget that self-confidence is most important. In terms of health, the woman's subjugation of the Lion is like the patient's subjugation of his illness, a good sign of regaining health and vigor.

In terms of money significance, the Power card shows courage and strength in financial confidence, which usually brings a period of financial prosperity. In terms of financial analysis, this card means that you fully understand your financial worth and have the confidence to pursue financial plans to ensure financial success. Broadly speaking, the Power may be describing a period of financial growth and success.

In the life sense, the Power card is the card that represents Leo, and when analyzed in the context of life, roughly speaking, the Power card in the square represents a solid state of health and a greater ability to deal with any life issues with equanimity.

Spiritual significance, courage requires commitment despite inner questioning. When you have big ups and downs in your life and have no one to turn to for support, this is when inner strength and confidence is needed. Sometimes you are called upon to bring courage to others, even when your own reserves are down to low watermarks. Now you need to rely on your inner strength to face life's obstacles, and the present circumstances can give you the opportunity to prove yourself.

The significance on gender relationships, the Strength card suggests that you have enough strength and courage to allow you to develop true intimacy in a gender relationship without having to try to control it, or be controlled by it. You have enough courage to be able to handle any difficulties that may arise without having to run away from them out of fear.

The woman in the card bends down and touches her hands to the lion in just the right way, indicating that there must be subtlety, the ability to feel and respond with care, to really get to know the other person, and you will succeed. This card is therefore helpful in relationships, as long as one has the skill and patience to persevere. As the woman uses her inner energy, she touches the other person with the power of her spirit.

In the analysis of gender relationships, this is a positive card because it suggests that the people in the relationship are able to listen and confide in each other. They act from an inner strength, not out of fear, and can develop true intimacy without the restrictive role of the Six of Coins, or the Six of Cups.

Core Tip

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