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Temperance Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Overly optimistic view of things, so that unexpected difficulties are encountered

Card Details

The reversal of Temperance represents the inability to perform at the highest level due to lack of ability, or lack of virtue or cultivation, and the inability to utilize the ability to perform. As a result, performance is poor, even to the point of error.

With the reversal of Temperance, the angel has fallen, and the cup of water in his hand is of course unsteady, and the water flow is no longer smooth and pours out. This represents a loss of the highest standard of action, many aspects are not well coordinated, the pace of life is out of balance, so that order and control are lost, footsteps are misplaced, and the original plan and balance are disturbed, even resulting in mistakes and losses.

With the Temperance card reversed, the middle way is no longer the way, and the person is prone to go to extremes and take sides. Furthermore, miscommunication or maladaptation is highly likely to occur, and one cannot compromise with others. Secondly, Water, which symbolizes emotions, appears above, indicating that the person concerned is irrational and prone to being emotional and losing patience. In life, the person may do something too much which may lead to injury, such as exercising too much or drinking too much.

Card Meaning Deduction

Your vision as you look out onto the path before you is clouded by many trivial things. Perhaps now is the time to return to the death beat of the square so that you can release the people, things, and events that are blocking your path in life. If you don't clear the path to your destination, you run the risk of being distracted by something less meaningful in the pursuit of your life's purpose.

Sometimes a reversed Temperance card can mean that you are giving up on far-reaching goals for the sake of short-term rewards. When reversed, the Temperance card uncovers the dark side of what the Sagittarius personality represents, and the negative Sagittarius will run away like a passerby when responsibilities arise. They may attempt to win over others by saying they have new goals, but the truth is they are distracted from their goals because they are impatient.

You may neglect the spiritual or physical because of personal preferences. Delaying the fulfillment of spiritual needs may make life uninteresting, while neglecting physical needs may result in illness or death. The reversed Temperance card suggests that we are a spiritual being existing in the midst of a physical body, and that the physical body is important to us during our lifetimes, but only the spiritual body can continue our journey after death. "You only live once!" This is the attitude that manifests when the Temperance card is reversed. Because of this, fleeting returns and fulfillment of desires seem to be more attractive than growth on the spiritual side.

When the Temperance card is reversed, it may suggest learning rather than teaching. And traveling is also possible. However, it is more common to see a split between the higher self, and the lower self, leading to unrestrained behavior. This card inverted could be suggesting that you are not willing to listen to your divine self, or that you don't want to feed or nourish it. This happens when you overly delay your human desires. We can see in some cultures or societal outlooks that money, or tangible material things, are actually valued higher than the spiritual dimension. Judging from historical reports, the ancient Roman Empire must have been an example of a Temperance card reversed before it came to the brink of destruction.

This card also implies a lack of understanding of what to do in a certain situation, or going from one extreme to another. It can describe a person who is constantly searching for fulfillment, only to be disappointed and continue to set the next goal. It's time for you to return to the Death card and allow more change to take place, or to let more things out of your life so that you can see further or more clearly.

On a spiritual level, it represents difficulties in spiritual upliftment or purification, possibly by worldly contamination, leading to distorted or self-righteous, specious and impure intentions. There is a lack of nourishment in the mind or spirit, resulting in a state of barrenness and sterility without love or creativity.

Temperance reversed is even more unfavorable to human relationships: it represents an inability to work with others, difficulty in understanding others, and a lack of patience and concentration. Interpersonal discord arises, or a conflict of interests that causes the situation to get out of hand. Sometimes hostility or confrontation of interests is created. And in relationships, of course, there is considerable disharmony, separation, incompatibility, unfortunate unions, getting along badly, and great barriers to communication.

In the money sense, the Temperance card reversed may suggest financial imprudence, thus leading to responsibility and being in the middle of investment risks. Not down-to-earth, just want to win the lottery, make a fortune in business or make a profit on an investment, so as to cope with those who come to the door of the debtor. It could also mean embarking on too many things at the same time, causing the financial water level to plummet, or gambling in the name of business. In this way your financial crisis may involve you in considerable risk and make you sit up and down all day long.

The significance of life, with the presence of the card of moderation in reverse on the life analysis, may be suggestive of intemperance. You are indulging in oral sex, video games or alcoholism, constantly pursuing sensual drugs and immediate sexual gratification, and therefore you are responsible for this endless search for pleasure or desire. Without recognizing the spiritual purpose of life, all you satisfy are the senses.

Core Tip

The Temperance card reversed represents behavior without purpose, and this includes fads without purpose. Perhaps you should reacquaint yourself with your purpose before you embark on any action.
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Knowledge Expansion

Sometimes the Temperance card is reversed and will represent things related to religious beliefs such as: church, denomination, priesthood, and other aspects.
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Card Meaning Extension

Teaching, learning and traveling may also be suggested by the reversed Temperance card. It may be useful to refer back to the cards appearing around the deck to confirm the meaning currently being used.
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