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Temperance Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A blend of actions and feelings that brings a sense of inner peace

Card Details

The Temperance card, number fourteen, appears after the Death card. Archangel Michael is holding two golden cups, pouring water from the left cup into the right cup, or pouring water between the two cups, dripping and calm, with a focused and engaged look, his head radiating light, and the glow around this head is a reminder to remember to take a more macroscopic view of life.

The blonde angel is dressed in a white robe with a soft light of warmth and harmony, and has flaming red wings on his back, signifying a passionate nature and positive action, these wings also show a mixture of physical and spiritual bodies, realizing that the physical and spiritual bodies have different needs, and that catering to these different needs appropriately will lead to a more balanced life. The chakra or energy center of his heart has a white quadrangle with an orange triangle in the middle. Blending one's spiritual and animal dimensions is what the Temperance card implies. The orange triangle (fire) in the quadrangle (earth) represents the spirit rising from the body of its own form. It indicates the harmonization of matter and spirit, of the two dimensions of the world. This symbol is located in the area of the heart chakra and represents the openness and accommodating nature of the heart, accommodating the object symbolized by this symbol. The same motif can be seen in the Justice card.

On the head of the angel, on the other hand, the angel wears a circular pattern with a distinct halo or area of energy with a small dot in the center, the symbol representing gold in the Chain of Gold, the Ultimate Goal, which represents light and clarity, with the light of wisdom . The angel's face shines with harmony and ease, his/her right foot is stepping into a pond, symbolizing the subconscious mind, and his/her left foot is standing on a rock on the shore, symbolizing the manifested mind, representing the merging of the two, with the center of gravity seemingly in between. Stepping on land indicates, touching the actual level, the conscious level. Stepping deeper into the water indicates, touching the emotional-spiritual level, the subconscious level. The Angel stepping into the water is the first card that touches the water and touches the subconscious level, allowing direct access to the emotional and deeper levels of consciousness.

The pool of water that is hidden by the cloth mantle on the Popeess card is now clearly visible in the Temperance card. There are slight ripples in the clear water, and in the ripples there is a faint reflection, a projection, a reflection of the mind. It is a projection, a reflection of the mind. You can use this water to cleanse yourself or to look at yourself.

Behind the angel's right hand, a path starts from the shore and climbs up the hillside, leading to the pale blue distant mountains at the edge of the horizon, which blossom brightly between their twin peaks. This figure of the twin peaks is also that of the Egyptian mystical symbols ~ Djew and Akhet. similar images like this have appeared in the previous Death card with the Path, the Twin Towers and the Sunrise. Angels also appear in the Lovers and Judgment cards.

And the light, a rising sun that is rising from the horizon, is a ray of gold, a crown. This motif has an in-depth symbolism, an amalgamation of the three golden colors, symbolizing the body and mind of mankind. The material honor is called gold, and the spiritual honor is called a crown, which is the meaning of the so-called "Golden Dawn". There is an interaction between the sun and the Angel of Temperance. It is through the sun on the forehead of the Angel of Temperance that the energy of the Golden Dawn can be triggered, and hence the light on the head and body. The "Golden Dawn" is located at the end of a long road, which means that it can only be reached through slow cultivation.

On the other side of the background, behind the left side of the angel, there is a clump of iris (also known as Iris) growing on the pond, which represents peace and tranquility. There are two yellow flowers, matching the green leaves and echoing all the yellow parts of the picture. The overall color scheme is so pure and uses healing colors. This is the same baptism and purification and preparation for salvation that abstinence is meant to bring to you as a spiritual gift.

In addition, the Archangel corresponds to the god of the rainbow in Greek mythology, and the rainbow after a storm means that the Temperance card has transcended from the fear that death brings us. The whole card brings a feeling of serenity and peace, and makes people realize that there is life after death.

Card meanings deduced

Temperance represents the blending of actions and feelings, bringing a feeling of inner peace. Temperance implies the ancient practice of not going too far and not doing too little. It is not an appropriate action that comes out of repression, but rather a natural characteristic of the temperament. The root of the word "moderation" comes from the Latin word meaning "to harmonize". A person with the Temperance brand does not need to change masks in the various situations of life, but is able to adapt naturally and behave appropriately, just as the archangel mixes two cups of water together. To give a more concrete example, in today's society, it seems difficult for a woman to combine motherhood and career at the same time. The Temperance card indicates that the person in question is able to play the roles of a mother and a strong woman at the same time. In some versions of the Tarot, the upper cup is a silver cup representing the moon and the lower cup is a gold cup representing the sun, while the two cups of water are mixed to symbolize the harmony of yin and yang.

The Temperance card corresponds to the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the love of travel. When we zoom in on the image, the shore of the pool is the continent and the water is like an ocean. The angel's feet on the shore and in the water can also symbolize travel, especially cross-country or intercontinental travel.

Temperance, number 14, is a higher level 4, so while the Emperor rules oppressively in the 4 card, Temperance is gentle and democratic. Temperance also implies 5 (1+4=5), so both Temperance and the Pope have a pedagogical connotation, except that while the Pope focuses on group schooling, Temperance emphasizes the process of exchanging ideas.

Temperance also symbolizes communication, as can be seen in the two cups of water exchanging, and the angel's feet on each side of the water and the shore. Moreover, the archangels themselves are responsible for communication between God and man. In fact, two energies of different natures can communicate well and adapt well, and thus moderation can also symbolize successful exotic friendships, romances or marriages, as well as successful cross-border ventures, cultural exchanges and international cooperation. Taking this a step further, Temperance also implies teaching, and isn't teaching and learning a form of communication?

The Temperance card may suggest traveling, teaching, learning and adopting a middle-of-the-road approach to life. Like the Knight of Scepters, this is a card that symbolizes Sagittarius. The path to the Sun in this card represents a kind of learning while traveling and exploring the world. It represents having a long-term goal in mind all the time and therefore ignoring short-term obstacles.

This card represents letting go of one's pride and realizing how small we are in the mix of so many things as we come to understand the bigger picture. When we lose our spiritual clarity of perspective, we become overly attached to the tangible things in our lives.

Temperance means the ability to combine spontaneity and knowledge, the ability to use spiritual knowledge and understanding to regulate behavior. It is the ability to know what the appropriate reaction or behavior should be in each situation. This is part of what Sagittarius learns in astrology.

Another subject for Sagittarius is to bridge the gap between our animal nature and our divine nature. Sagittarius usually possesses an innate sense that life has meaning and that we are in fact divine. They are able to understand that all things have a purpose and that they can all provide us with opportunities for growth.

In the card of Temperance, there can be a great gap between the possibilities you visualize, and the limitations that are innate to the human condition. It can take quite a bit of dedication, passion and training to bridge that chasm. And you also need to have a clear vision of your path and purpose. So the path above this card leads to the sunset on the mountain (or to your goal). Sagittarians usually need to have a goal, or a long term purpose, because without this they can become uncontrolled and bent on fulfilling the animalistic nature of mankind at the expense of the divine side. Other cards that represent the Sagittarius land are the Knight of Scepters and, less obviously, the Court of the Other Scepters.

The significance of this card is far-reaching and subtle, and in divination, we can focus on communication and reconciliation, whereas conservation and restraint are not really the main focus, and there are some situations that cannot be directly explained by the word 'moderation'.

"Abstinence" is a kind of self-improvement and purification, or a kind of spiritual ideal and trust, which reminds us to move towards a better realm. In relation to the beautiful, artistic, spiritual and mental level of development. It represents a better, more advanced level of advancement, which is a kind of progress, and even more of an elevation. "Abstinence" is a change of realm and a transformation of essence. Good use of reason, good application of principles, knowledge of the Golden Rule, knowledge of the mystery, the highest guiding principle. And this mystery is to be learned through experience, just like the angelic practice of moderation.

The key to "moderation" is ~ "channeling", so what we need to note about this card is that it indicates an emotional flow that is just right, not emotional restraint. It is a channeling of emotions, not restraint or repression. What is being instructed is the need for good understanding. 'Temperance' for an individual is the ability to adapt and accommodate. And it is a good card in divining all kinds of relationships: attunement, good interactions and influences, integration, unity, successful union.

This card is the card of healing, which of course is related to the healing of the body and mind on all levels, which is the material support or spiritual relief from the outside, harmonization and health. This card can also refer to the change of seasons in nature, the constant change and rotation in life, a harmonious and balanced law of nature.

It is also very good for all other matters: for business and work, it is good for management, for professionalism, for knowing how to do things efficiently and beautifully. On the economic level, you are able to save money, spend when you need to spend, save when you need to save, and circulate without being rigidly conservative. At the level of life, it is realized: through self-control and frugality, one achieves success, economizes, and keeps it simple. It is only at these levels that the literal meaning of the word "temperance" is realized. On the personal behavioral level: a gentle pace of life, moderation, patience, regulation, harmony.

In the divination of general issues, moderation is usually associated with communication and coordination. Whether in relationship or work, it is necessary to maintain flexibility, open communication channels, exchange opinions, negotiate with the other party, eliminate confrontation, and create a win-win situation. In business, temperance is associated with cross-border trade or tourism. Abstinence has a strong adaptive power, and the person concerned can cope well in all kinds of situations. In health, Moderation has the ability to heal, so if there are old injuries or ailments, they will gradually recover over time.

Money-wise, it makes sense to keep the ultimate financial goal in mind, which will allow you to suffer short-lived sacrifices without feeling deprived. Instead of having to work for these small, welcome gains in front of you, you should give up in order to achieve a greater thing. But unless your mind is sufficiently nourished, it will be difficult for you to do so. This is because it is easier to give up material or physical temptations when the mind is in a state of fullness.

When the Temperance card appears in a deck about finances, it obviously means that the financial state can be even and steady. You act with foresight and take steps that are successful and lasting. An important implication is that current sacrifices and choices are helpful in reaching long-term goals.

Life meanings, accidents due to poor technique or engaging in athletic events may also manifest through this card. The presence of this upright card in a life analysis suggests a balanced approach to maintaining physical and mental health, and the ability to meet the needs of both.

In a spiritual sense, the Temperance card reminds you of the need to take care of both physical and spiritual needs in your life. A healthy life nourishes both the body and the soul and inspires you to bring both into harmony as you pursue your spiritual goals in this life. Having positive spiritual goals and a plan for your finances will increase your enthusiasm for life and give you more confidence in accomplishing your goals. The Temperance card will open your eyes to the big picture and deepen your awareness of your purpose in life. The Sun at the end of this card's path is a sign of hope that there is a wonderful vision waiting for you ahead, and this can awaken you to your zest for life.

Meaningful in gender relationships, the Temperance card suggests a gender relationship where significant growth and learning will occur. A strong sense of purpose is what allows each partner to act in a way that is true to them, as they connect the subconscious (that pool of water) as well as the real or tangible world (land). It may symbolize travel related to a gender relationship or a Sagittarius person involved in a gender relationship. It also suggests a harmonious blend of passion and spirituality within a gender relationship.

In love, it represents smooth communication, harmony and treatment, and the ability to bond with each other in a close, detailed and sustained relationship. Two lovers, equal treatment, careful and tender care, deep communication and understanding. Spiritual and practical combination. A very helpful card for relationship and union.

In the case of a specific person, the Temperance card represents a traveler, a teacher, or someone in Sagittarius. A number of years ago I did an analysis of a middle-aged woman, and the Temperance card came up on the analysis concerning her career. I said she was likely to pursue a teaching career in the future, and she laughed.

"I'm too old to learn anything, let alone teach others."

I told her to be open to teaching opportunities, assuming it was her destiny. I could see, however, that she viewed all teaching as teaching at school. I asked her to relax her ideas about teaching, but her mind was made up.

Three years later this woman came back for another analysis and told me that she was now engaged in teaching ceramics in a workshop she had opened. "It's not like a classroom at all. It's just me and a couple of girls who want to know how to fire the kiln and handle the clay. I talk and demonstrate while they listen and do."

"To me, that's obviously teaching." I replied thus.

Temperance is a card that represents behavior, not ideas. It represents appropriate behavior for a particular situation. It shows a feeling of inner peace because of the combination of behavior and emotion.

One hot summer evening, a friend and I decided to go for a walk after dinner. Our roommate asked if we could bring her dog with us, since he hadn't been out all day. It was a collie and loved to run after this shadow.

We were only two streets away from our house when we ran into a car coming in our direction. The headlights were on and casting a shadow on the road since the sun was going down. As soon as the dog saw it, he jumped in front of the car in the middle of the road, and I stopped and mentally said goodbye to the little guy. In those two seconds, I was still trying to figure out how I was going to explain the loss of the dog to my roommate and figuring out if I should buy another dog to pay her back.

My friend, on the other hand, seized the moment and sprinted down the road after the dog, when in front of the car, stood firmly, raised one hand, and yelled, "Stop." (Editor's note: Dangerous maneuver, please don't imitate)

With her gaze still fixed on the driver's face, the other driver immediately slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a stop immediately in front of her legs. The dog, on the other hand, came running from the other side of the car, unharmed and unaware of the frightening scene.

My friend knew in that split second that the effort she was about to make was still likely to succeed, and that to stop the car she would have to get the absolute attention of the driver. At the same time that I had this other reaction, she judged that a different course of action would have been appropriate in the darkness of the particular situation.

The Temperance card suggests that your higher self, and your lower self can coexist in harmony. You act with a sense of direction, whether that be mental or physical. It represents doing your best to get as far as you can.

Core Tip

"Temperance" is a principle and mechanism of "harmony" and "conservation", the exchange and unification of the mind and the material source, the interchange of "quality" and "energy", and this principle can be understood and realized in the consciousness.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Temperance card is often associated with communication and coordination, and may also symbolize travel, learning, or teaching. Teaching and learning is a form of communication
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Card Meaning Extension

This card incorporates the meanings of the previous two spiritual guiding principles: the "circulation of energy" of Power, and the "equilibrium" of Justice. "Temperance expresses the cosmic principle of Divine Balance, where all things live on.
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