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The Chariot Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

On top of dichotomies, integrating different perspectives is your most important task.

Card Details

The reversal represents this chariot losing its way, unable to control the measurement of how to move forward, unable to control the emotions of its thoughts. It is off track and has deviated from its intended direction. This situation is like being lost in the middle of a journey and not being able to find the path to follow, symbolizing loss of control, disorder, and loss of inner discipline. In the worst case, it is like the overturning of a chariot, which can indicate the consequences of any development, depending on the question asked.

The reversal of the Chariot indicates unnecessary struggles, quarrels, debates or lawsuits, and in any kind of competition, the Chariot in reverse is likely to lose. If there is a question about the consequences of the Substantive Side, one may lose a lot of things by failing. We can also see it as the Sphinx detached from the Chariot and therefore unable to draw it, symbolizing the loss of the power source. It can also be thought of as the chariot's mission ~ to lose the battle, to be defeated and crushed, unable to defend its home, and the journey becomes one of banishment.

When this card is reversed, the water inside the card becomes above the person which means that your emotions are dominating your thinking at this time. If you are frozen in your emotions now, your judgment may be clouded.

Card meanings deduced

When the War Wagon card is reversed it symbolizes elevated fear. Commitment is like a candle in the wind because you are constantly afraid of not having enough courage or lacking the ability to fulfill your dreams and not reaching the goals you are after. No don't get stuck in these outdated ideas about yourself. Your future success doesn't necessarily depend on your past achievements. The reversed Chariot could also mean growing frustration with your current circumstances. Perhaps it's time to find an appropriate way to vent your frustration or anger, then you can return to the Sixth Card in the positive position (the Lovers card) to review your options. Perhaps you need to get your feelings out before you can identify your current circumstances and opportunities.

When the Chariot is reversed, the opposing forces represented by the Sphinx gain another big boost in power. Emotions may cloud your vision or you may dwell on a situation from the past. Often the reversed Chariot can be described as allowing unresolved emotions to build up inside until they break through the dike, while you only adopt a policy of prevention. It suggests a new way of dealing with emotions if you want to avoid possible damage to them.

Part of the dark side of Cancer (the part of the soul that doesn't want to admit it) is that he may love you more after you leave him than he did when you stayed with him. One of the possible meanings of the Warp card in reverse is that sentimental feelings of hanging on to the past are affecting the way you see things. Don't dwell on the past, on old ways of coping with things, or on emotions that are piling up higher and higher inside you; sudden emotional outbursts are to be expected when this card is reversed.

Sometimes things don't go smoothly, or even following a plan is blocked, or there may be a sudden setback. The loss of the Chariot is related to a lack of patience, rash decisions made on impulse, impatience and restlessness, wanting to get there quickly and in too great a hurry, therefore not thinking carefully enough or not really facing the actual situation, which leads to an out-of-control situation. Often at the last minute or at a critical time, you lose control or lose your willpower and concentration. And arrogance, brashness and impatience are easily apparent in the personality, requiring efforts to control personal emotions and calm restlessness.

With the Chariot inverted, the person may fail miserably. It is also possible that the person concerned is overly ambitious, too reckless or has too many things going on, which will lead to a bad end. Conflicts and obstacles are inevitable at this time. Emotionally, there may be a spat or a love triangle. Travel may also be postponed or canceled, or even encounter unforeseen circumstances or traffic accidents during the trip.

If the Chariot is reversed, this could mean a drunk driver, a dangerous driver, a person involved in a conflict, or a reckless person. At this time, you should relax and calm down to think about whether you have made any of the above mistakes, so as not to waste time in vain.

The significance of money and your emotions are clouding your thinking at this moment. The reversed Chariot card means that feelings and beliefs that have yet to be resolved have gotten in the way of financial success. It's time to free yourself of old beliefs, habits and feelings so that you can move towards your financial goals. Once this emotional baggage and outdated beliefs are cleared away, you will be able to get back into positive Lovers territory and make efficient financial decisions.

The meaning of life, which may refer to unresolved emotional issues such as unresolved sadness, pain, anger or hatred, may be weighing on your state of being. "Don't cling" is the mantra of the reversed Seven. Release unexpressed emotions before they overwhelm your health. When the Ark is reversed, the implication is that it's time to express your suppressed emotions so that you can clear your path back to the Six (the Lovers card) and review your life choices.

Core Tip

The reversed position of the Chariot indicates that you are often afraid to make decisions when encountering important events, and you will easily fall into a state of indecision, and you will not be able to persevere until the end because of your lack of willpower.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card indicates that you are working very hard, but you are unable to get the hang of things, so your efforts are wasted, and you are often afraid to make decisions when you encounter important events.
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Card Meaning Extension

The reversed Chariot means that this is a time when the issue becomes a black or white question of right and wrong, and you can only choose to reject or accept it, and if you try to please both sides, you will put yourself into a bigger crisis.
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