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The Devil Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Rise above the temptations of materialism to gain true insights

Card Details

The Devil is reversed, the Torch and the top of the Pentacle are both facing upwards and the chain around the neck comes off. Thus it represents freedom from material constraints, open-mindedness, and freedom, but is less conducive to seeking fame and fortune. It can be seen as a kind of freedom from desires and devilish mentality.

The picture of the devil standing unsteadily is a great opportunity to break free from his chains and escape from bondage, so that he can be free from control and free from now on. In particular, the inverted pentagram does turn around and becomes a positive pentagram, and this is when the tables are turned on many levels, and spiritual guidance is expected. This is the time to think, has reason and morality overcome desire? Has the devil flown away from you?

The Devil card reversed shows an attempt to move towards freedom, to make choices. It can be described as an action that challenges those around you, or your beliefs in life. The Pentagram is square again, so you can use the power of your reason over your desires.

Card Meaning Deduction

The reversed Devil implies an attempt to break the chains that limit your freedom, whether it be physical or spiritual unfreedom. Now that you're actively looking for change or new options, you no longer mean that you intend to accept your current situation.

Before you have the ability to break your limitations, you need to become knowledgeable about them first. This awakening may be more painful than continuing to ignore it, yet it is a necessary stage because you may not be able to become whole again without experiencing this hurt.

The Devil reversed can represent giving up the need to control your life and accepting your dark side. In this way, you can get back the energy you've been using to suppress your inner needs and desires, and use it for more valuable purposes.

For the Devil card, the reversal shows a more positive significance. It signals a return to the positive card of Temperance and the realization that life is a spiritual and physical journey. It is easier to let go of the grip of wealth, status and power when you realize that the insignificant goals you have had since the beginning of time are much the same. When this card is reversed, then the Pentacle is square, suggesting that your mind has taken control of your material desires.

When the Devil card is reversed, we recognize that the well-trodden path has taken us off the spiritual path. The context suggested by this card draws our attention to the physicality of the pair. When we tire of the fleeting pleasures of the physical body, the darkness around us provides a timely opportunity to look within and remember the deeper spiritual purpose. Then when we resume our quest for spiritual awakening, we can leave behind the wealth and material pleasures. Returning to the subject of the Temperance Cards will awaken our spiritual needs as much as our physical needs. Yet we are only willing to accept those material possessions, thinking that they will help us on our journey.

The Devil's situation is an experience, and the reversal allows us to go through it so that we can recognize our own heart and needs through others or the outside world. The reversal of this card can even be the beginning of a personal spiritual realization. It can even be the overcoming of a major obstacle, a breakthrough from the quagmire in which we have been bogged down, a great difficulty in life, and a deep inner experience.

Some people think that the devil inverted is more evil and depraved than the positive position, which is another direction of thinking, but the two are not contrary to each other, the devil inverted is still clearer than the positive position, but it is because after a certain degree of understanding of one's own desires, one is not willing to detach oneself from them, or even consciously do it, which is more evil to others, and is a kind of clarity rather than chaos for oneself, but from a higher perspective, it is also a kind of blindness or a kind of chaos. again, a kind of blindness or obsession.

For a relationship, it is an awakening on both sides, like the man and woman in the picture, who have come to their senses and realized that they are not a good match for each other, and have thought twice about their relationship, and therefore may actually break up. The two people are really unraveling, locking themselves away from each other. The two people really unraveled, the chains from the neck to take off, or some factors and fall detached, without bondage. If you can break up this is a resolute determination, the mind set up environmental factors are nothing.

The significance of money, the Devil card reversed means that other viable financial goals are identified and ways in which they can be reached. Your approach is relatively unbiased and you are open to the assistance and advice offered by those around you. Returning to the upright Temperance card is necessary in order to shed extraneous out-of-body possessions and financial obligations that don't matter. Once you shed your financial baggage, then the journey ahead of you is much less burdensome. The Temperance card makes us realize that life's journey needs to be light in order to embrace the opportunities that unfold before you.

The Meaning of Life, Devil card reversed describes finding focused and viable ways to build and maintain your healthy life. You will be more open to choosing ways to maintain a healthy life, and a return to the positive Temperance theme may allow you to see the vision of a life where you are willing to release the burdens and responsibilities that are weighing you down in terms of healthy living. In the process of returning to the Temperance Card subject, you are likely to discover how your spirit, mind and emotions affect your physical health.

Core Tip

The reversed Devil has a more positive connotation of getting out of bondage and into freedom, and although there are sometimes bad situations and even deadly temptations as well, they can be found ways to avoid them as much as possible.
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Knowledge Expansion

While demonic reversal means freedom from temptation, the freedom may not be dry, and traits such as evil, meanness, and cowardice, are still present, just not as severe.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Devil inverted may also be more evil and depraved than the positive. If the positive Devil will fulfill his desires through hard work, the inverted Devil may use improper ways, even committing crimes or selling his body to get what he wants.
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