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The Devil Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The mistake of letting Sunken Lun go, the mistake of thinking there was no other choice

Card Details

In the Devil card, we see a similar composition to the Lovers, except that the angel of the Lovers card has been replaced by the Devil, and Adam and Eve have sunk to the depths of their depths, with the blessings of heaven turned into curses.

The closest resemblance to the Devil is Satyr, the half-goat, half-human "god of the forest" in Greek mythology, best known for his lustful nature. The Devil in the card has bat wings, ram's horns, sheep's legs and bird's feet, symbolizing animal instincts and nature. The Devil usually has a pair of wings on his back, and the Devil in the Waite deck is no exception. These wings are bat-like in shape, appearing gray and lusterless, and are used in the West to indicate a fall into darkness. The body does not have to be painted in this way; any species with these wings represents a demonic correlate, and the wings are perhaps meant to indicate antagonism to God and the angels. The lower half of this devil's body is covered with long hair, representing the intensity of desire and the primitive nature of the beast. Its donkey ears represent stubbornness.

The inverted pentagram on the devil's head, with the tip pointing to the ground, represents the material world, and the pentagram is meant to be a balanced development of the elements with the growth of the spiritual plane. The inverted pentagram, on the other hand, is connected to what is under the ground, and the tip of the figure drills downwards, representing the meaning of the fall, the descent into darkness due to excessive materialization, a downward energy. The pentagram on the devil's head also refers to the five parts of the human body. When this planet is square, it represents the head, outstretched arms and legs, symbolizing the control of reason over passion, while the star in opposition suggests that passion is dominating reason, and perhaps your passion is clouding your judgment. The Devil's right hand is upward in a black magic gesture, which is nonetheless close to the Pope's gesture, except that he is showing plagues and temptations rather than blessings and instructions, in contrast to the Pope's blessing gesture.

The symbol in the palm of the hand represents Saturn, the planet of limitation and inertia, and the ruling planet of Capricorn. The left hand of the demon then holds a torch, again leading downward into the material world, as if inciting Adam's desires. Note that the place where the Devil sits is not a cube in the third dimension, but a rectangle in the second dimension, symbolizing that one sees only the reality of what the senses see, but not the whole reality, as if one were blind and feeling an elephant.

The Devil sits crouched, his claws clutching a long black cubic stone, which is the Devil's altar. In front of him, Adam and Eve similarly sprouted horns and tails, revealing their beastly instincts, clearly showing the stage of depravity after being tempted to eat the forbidden fruit. The devil's left hand holds a torch, the fire of desire. The torch dips down and this fire almost touches Adam's tail, causing him to burn and catch fire, Adam's tail tip is a flame, and Eve is a grape, both fruits of the tree of the lovers' sign, indicating their misuse of the gift. The two are chained, and at first glance appear to have nowhere to go, but upon closer inspection, the chains tied around their necks are actually very loose and could be broken at any time if they wished to, but they don't, denoting that the yoke is one that they have placed on themselves. The Devil card has an all-black background with no light remaining, representing spiritual darkness.

In the Devil's domain, the expression on the face of Adam and Eve is different from that of the man and woman in the Angel's paradise, and not the same as that of the man and woman in the "Lovers" card. Here the male, gazes at the lower half of the female's body, while the female stares blankly into the distance. As in the Lovers card, the woman is on the left and the man is on the right, and they are now under the control of the devil, or perhaps have become his captives because of their fall. The lovers were united by the devil's witness, indicating that they were united by desire. The two people and their love have been controlled by the devil ever since, and the romance has been dark ever since.

From the overall picture, it seems that the life force and vigor is still strong, even more passionate. However, the spirit tends to be on the dark side, and the energy is focused on narrow-mindedness, or acting out dramas that the world does not agree with.

Card meanings deduction

The Devil corresponds to the sign of Capricorn in astrology, and to Pan, the Greek mythological shepherd god, representing the desire for outward material things, be it fame, fortune, or drink, sex, or wealth.The Devil in #15 is a higher level 5 card, and they are illustrating the same theme in different ways, expressing the opposition between the mind and matter. In the Pope card, the sexual spirit is elevated; in the Devil card, desire sinks.

In the Devil card, spiritual pursuits are completely ignored, the pursuit of material things is the focus, and one becomes blind. However, this does not mean that the Devil is completely evil. In today's meritocratic society, the Devil often indicates success in the quest for fame, fortune and power, and this can be the heart's desire of many people. In love, the demon may represent a binding relationship, perhaps one in which the person knows it's bad but refuses to end a relationship that is long overdue, or one in which one partner often restricts the other, or one in which there is sex but no love, or one in which the relationship is bought and paid for. In the best case scenario, the devil can become a corporate titan; in the worst case scenario, the devil is like Yue Buqun in The Smiling Proud Wanderer, who will do anything for power and position, and ends up in ruin.

Perhaps the person who pursues material things will not realize that in the process of pursuing them, he is instead bound and becomes a slave to them. He may grovel to please his bosses, tire himself day and night to make more money, and kneel down and beg for votes to get elected. So the devil can represent the cheapskate, the snob, the profit-hungry person, the greedy person, the slave or the workaholic. What these people don't realize is that wealth can originally enable people to live more freely and happily, but people often put the cart before the horse and think that wealth represents everything. With this notion, they become Adam and Eve on the Devil's card, putting chains on themselves and limiting themselves. I do not realize that the only great freedom is to let go of the obsession.

Here we can also see ignorance and helplessness. Ignorance comes from the inability to see the truth, seeing only the two-dimensional square in which the devil sits, not the true cube, as if the profit-minded person is always blind; he sees only matter. On the other hand, it is one thing to be locked up by the compulsion of others; it is the unwillingness to leave the bondage that one imposes on oneself that is completely hopeless, that is truly helpless, for even if someone wanted to save, he could not.

The pursuit of the degree of material will also evolve into addiction, such as alcohol addiction, drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, smoking addiction, or various forms of addiction, are also restrictions and shackles. Many of the poor people who end up in jail are there to satisfy their addictions. Demons exist in everyone's heart, and everyone has certain desires that they want to fulfill to a greater or lesser degree. When they are minor, they do not cause specific evil, but when demonic forces take hold of people's hearts and minds, that is when the situation gets out of control. Therefore, we need to pay attention to control the desires of our own hearts at all times.

The devil is a materialistic card. At this time, spirituality is corrupted, materialism is in charge, and people become realistic and snobbish, as if nothing else mattered. As mentioned earlier, the pursuit of external material things is seen as a legitimate thing, even a good thing, in today's society.

Orange and red are the most prominent colors in this card, highlighting the passion and zeal with which you pursue your material goals. The man and woman chained together in the card are decadent because of their fears and desires. Fear of loss, fear of poverty, and fear of living in squalor, coupled with the desire to have a comfortable life, confines them to a narrow path in life.

As you move from the Devil card all the way to the High Tower card, it seems that you have forgotten the subjects learned in the Temperance card, and you are chasing after material comforts at the expense of spiritual needs. The chains that hold this man and woman together are so loose that they are free to be released and they have been set free, but the Devil shows up, representing that you have no choice but to accept life as it is and that your life consists of nothing but what you can see, measure and secure.

The Devil represents the false notion that there is no choice in the matter. Thinking "this is all I have" or "this is my only option". In the context of religious antecedents, the Devil seduces a man into forgetting his spiritual quest and his divine purpose. When the man is blinded to his true purpose, the joys that life offers him take on meaning, because "you only live once".

The Devil represents the denial of any spiritual purpose in life, which leaves the door wide open to the pursuit of tangible things and selfish goals. Such narrow-minded endeavors usually lead to misery and ultimately despair, because even if you are in control of yourself and those around you, you will lose control of the world you have worked so hard to create in the years or months before your life ends. What importance will these substances and goals have when your physical life is over?

The Devil denotes control - attempting to control a life, partner, family member, or coworker. In this card, with a partner who has appeared on the Lovers card, now locked together, the Devil holds a lit torch to incite this man's desires and allow his animal instincts to dominate his mind. In fact, they could liberate themselves and set themselves free because the chain over their heads is loose enough to untie itself, yet the devil's magic has led them to believe that escape is impossible - because there is no other choice.

If you are physically bound, someone else can see that knuckle and perhaps help you loose it. But if you are spiritually bound, they may not notice, and even if they do observe, they still have to find out the cause of the event before they can help you get free. To free someone from his limiting beliefs is much more complicated than to free his body, because beliefs are invisible. Only the consequences they produce can justify their existence.

The devil can indicate that you are unwilling to take responsibility for yourself & your behavior. This card comes into play when you blame others for your lack of opportunity or limited options; or when you see others as competitors in limited opportunities. These limitations exist in your mind and are factually disconnected. Believing them can be a legitimate excuse for you to support racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination, and because others are "taking a piece of your pie" (meaning opportunity), they are all to blame.

The Devil card represents the sign of Capricorn in astrology. Other cards representing Capricorn are the Knight of Pentacles, and less obvious in their symbolism are the other court cards of Pentacles. Part of the subject for Capricornians is to transcend the material world and accept that you do have a spiritual purpose. Denying this purpose will limit your choices and opportunities in this lifetime. When you have understood this part of the subject and freed yourself from the material world, the second part of the subject is to go back into the deep dark world of everyday life to help those who are still imprisoned. It represents an awakening that as long as there is someone who is lost, or trapped in the darkness, we will all feel it and share in it. We gain the knowledge that we all have the same blood in our veins and are all moving toward the same purpose.

The devil represents a state of human bondage, and it is the devil of our own making that binds us. Our desires are beyond our control and in turn control dominate us, which is a demonic state. This phenomenon is the expansion of desire that overwhelms our reason. We all have desires, it's the way we handle them that counts, whether it's hurting someone else or not.

This card is closely related to lust and depicts the "Paradise Lost" of the world of lust. The Devil is very passionate and not always false, and has great energy, artistic talent and dedication. This card is a reflection of the inner world, very deep and profoundly passionate, perhaps unknown and unexposed, but profound to the duo.

The dark blaze denotes lust, as the man in the picture i.e. is in lust. Since they are also naked, although they are showing their desire, there is still a sincere side to their desire, which means that even though it is desire, they must be honest about it. The chains around the body are not the same as those of the "Hanged Man", as the chains are hard and firm, and it is difficult to break them with external force, but the image also reveals that the person can be removed from the head, and that the difficulty of breaking free lies in the determination of the person.

This card, like the Lovers card, also shows a decision, a decision of the past, which limits the present, binds oneself and others, and makes life like an appendage. The Devil is a state of not being able to refrain, knowing that this is not working but not being able to stop. There is a constant internal struggle, conflict, and even mutual harm.

The pain of the "Devil's Card" lies in the fact that the darkness of the feeling of inner taboo prevents true happiness, and one can only satisfy oneself with desires, and even generates resentment and hatred, destroying the original good expectations. What keeps you going is a hot heart, driven by blind and illusory expectations. When you fall into such a situation, you do so voluntarily. Although the pain and suffering afterward will make you regret, people are usually unwilling to give up or deny themselves, and it is difficult for them to part with what they already have, so they cannot extricate themselves from the situation.

Money, power, are all related to desire, too obsessed with the desired state of mind, will become a slave of the devil. Anything you do that is driven by desire will cause you to fall into the kingdom of the city of desire. The Pentagram represents the connection of all the elements, so they all sink downward in unison, and the card asks for any item that has been pursued in an inappropriate or improper manner, and the mind is not healthy enough to be sinful, and therefore falls into sin.

This card also carries an unfortunate meaning, even though it has nothing to do with desire or corruption, it also indicates that one's ideals have not been realized, and many matters are unsuccessful. One's life may be going smoothly, but then suddenly one's life may fail in an unexpected way. Unfortunate events can seem like destiny rather than the influence of evil forces. For example, meeting an accident, encountering an attack or injury of violent mutilation. Minor is a bad external influence or warning, or a shocking, or very strong and intense news.

This is the first time that a Pentacle has appeared in a square card in a reversed position, and he suggests that the senses dominate the mind. This card implies that you can't see any way that you can in the current situation. Often you will utilize Tarot cards for divination, just to know what options are available at the moment, because every possibility offered by the Tarot is analyzed in detail. Therefore, the presence of this card can make you feel disappointed that you have not been "helped".

The Devil card was chosen in Sean's analyzed deck, and his question was whether it was wise to sell his house. At that point, she was told that it was not wise, and Sean listed the reasons why he wanted to sell the house, and what incredible foresight the card showed, stating that if he sold the house and moved away from it, his fears would go away. Sean's tense expression and furrowed brow implied that there was someone he was most worried about, and that moving home wouldn't change that. But Sean doesn't seem to be able to take responsibility for his situation, and he doesn't see a viable solution.

Overcoming greed is the subject of this card, for it is the fear of poverty that the devil fills us with. Not pursuing happiness through spiritual nourishment, we always keep pursuing more and more materialistic comforts. In the journey of life, we become frustrated by the out-of-body things that have brought us fleeting joy, and while we are pursuing this fulfillment and ease, we are running the risk of forgetting the journey.

Meaning in Gender Relationships In gender relationship analysis, the devil may be describing a gender relationship that begins with love and turns out to be a bondage. Habits, formulas and practicality have enslaved the heart of the person in the relationship. It may also symbolize you being ruled by desire or inertia rather than acting on your better judgment.

This card implies acceptance of a bad state of affairs, with no resistance to those things that enslave you, or even an unwillingness to change. It suggests that you cling to the belief that "there are plenty of other people who are worse off than me anyway". Often this is true, but it's just an excuse for you to be obsessed with a certain state of affairs that doesn't provide you with any opportunity to learn, grow, or be happy.

Sometimes the Devil card refers to a relationship that is based on jealousy or a strong desire to control. It can mean indulgence or just holding a relationship together for sexual reasons, in other words, you no longer like your partner and sex has nothing to do with feelings or your inner self and you are okay with that.

Since the picture is placed with a pair of lovers, it's with all the events related to the relationship, it's just skewed towards the negative elements of love, like possessiveness, mistrust or selfishness. This is what becomes the shackles of love after being too involved in a relationship. For example, incestuous love, love that is not tolerated by the current society, and all unseemly love is included. In fact, as long as the love affair is a union that ignores other aspects, it is within the scope of the Devil card.

In relationships, the Devil often indicates that the person is addicted to the relationship and is tempted by a fatal attraction, even if the relationship is dysfunctional or unhealthy. It may also indicate that the relationship is for practical considerations, perhaps money or sexual desire. In bad cases, one partner may control the other like a slave, or even abuse the other physically or psychologically. The meaning behind the Devil is that the only way to have great freedom is to let go of obsessions.

In terms of money significance, the Devil card could be a strong and powerful card for financial success. This card will make you focused, meaning you will not be distracted by other financial goals. People who live for realistic financial goals are no different than most people who want to achieve them, but regardless, this card could be suggesting that you won't be satisfied with getting achievements. Perhaps you believe that financial success doesn't come entirely from hard work, so you may insist on taking control of your career or choosing your financial partners carefully.

When asking about career, education or money, the presence of the Devil is often a good sign, indicating that the person in question really wants it, is serious about it and is working hard to get it. However, the presence of demons also reminds the person concerned to reflect on whether he/she is overly obsessed with something, someone, something or a certain pattern. Please consider whether you are so obsessed with profit that you have become a slave to those things, or even use improper means to seek them. The Devil card reminds us: don't allow yourself to become a blind man who is materially successful but spiritually impoverished.

Life-wise, as the card that symbolizes Capricorn, the upright Devil card may be suggesting that career or financial pressures are affecting your life at this time. Perhaps now is the time to look for ways to benefit your current life so that the body can be brought back into a state of balance. Don't get fixated on one method of correction; others may be just as effective.

When the Devil card appears in Rosemary's analyzed deck, it can be confirmed that he chose to undergo a spinal resurfacing to treat his pain, although perhaps there are other options. A friend had mentioned a course combining chiropractic care and yoga that had successfully treated similar symptoms, and had suggested that he hold off on surgery for six months to try this gentler alternative. But the thought of having to do the exercises, and of a stranger working on his back, kept him wrapped up, because he was so insecure about his weight, making this path seem impossible for Rosemary. After three repositioning surgeries, he is battling spinal degeneration and chronic back pain, and is considering more repositioning surgeries in the future.

Spiritual in the sense that sometimes human happiness is based on collecting tangible finances. A nice house, a peaceful vacation cottage on a riverbank, a very attractive partner, a collection of valuable teapots or a step in a racy sports car may be able to bring you brief moments of joy over the course of your life. And the Devil card is reminding us not to get too caught up in these tangible finances or they will take over and lure us from our chosen path. The Devil symbolizes a long period of spiritual winter, during which you may feel abandoned by God and lose your spiritual direction, but as a result you can discover that material fulfillment is but a passing cloud. The result of mastering this subject is to understand that money cannot buy happiness, it can only alleviate labor.

In general divination, the devil represents a need to control life. You lack complete care for your possibilities. This card indicates that you feel stifled or powerless in your life, and therefore desire to have tighter control over yourself and those around you.

The Devil card describes a view of the materialization of life, or as Oscar Wilde put it, "Knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing." It may imply a limitation within a situation and an unwillingness to change it. It is an attitude of "it is better to steal than to kill".

In career analysis, the Devil may symbolize control, or an ambition to annex. It is a card that represents success in business because he puts most of his attention on the end result - money.

Several years ago in a tarot course, one of the students was taking an exam that included a complete analysis of a stranger, a rather attractive young woman. He sat down nervously and examined the seven cards before opening his mouth. I sat behind him, watching and listening to what he had to say.

His opening line was "I can see that you work more at night than during the day. I can also see that you work with a lot of men. It seems to have so much of a flavor of gratification of the senses, yet I think there's more of an element of you working for money than there is of anyone's gratification. Am I right?"


"It seems you feel you have no choice but to work there. I see a whole lot of men coming in and out, and it doesn't look like an office."

She laughed at that. "I'm a desk clerk." She said with a shrug.

Core Tip

The Devil card represents the mistaken belief that there is no choice, the temptation of the Devil to bring about darkness or despair in life, or it could be a self-indulgence caused by deep-seated fear or a form of self-punishment for giving up on life, yet you have choices to make in the process, and all of them can be undone by making different choices.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card also includes some of the negative qualities of human nature, selfishness, foolishness, and curmudgeonly behavior, such as flattery for survival, ingratiation, ass-kissing, and a malicious mind, all of which are represented by this card.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card also represents an event that is influenced by external forces, by someone behind the scenes, something else is going on, something hidden. Or an inexplicable influence, a force of arrangement in the underworld. It also represents mystical matters: occult experiences, realized dreams, and so on.
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