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The Emperor Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Restrain emotions and strengthen the necessary self-discipline.

Card Details

The Emperor in reverse, with the crown worn on his head downwards represents a diminution and depletion of vitality, with the Emperor's strengths turning to lack. The traits of the character show negative tendencies and weaknesses in his personality. The Aries personality makes him an immature male who is stubborn and headstrong. When faced with a real situation, he tends to be indecisive and unable to make decisions.

The heaviness of the throne becomes a burden instead, lacking the quality of stability, not enough action, often taking ineffective measures, not constructive moves. Many energies and forces are improperly utilized, or the impulse is excessive, and the willpower cannot be very sustained and concentrated. These are due to self-centeredness, resulting in selfishness and ego-inflated traits, which overshadow the true rational dimension, so that the person is distracted by a multiplicity of emotions, and is unable to control his will clearly. He may even abuse authority, with desires and ambitions overplayed.

The armor of rigidity is too heavy when reversed, and at times this person may back down when faced with harsh choices because he lacks the training needed to move toward his goals. He may show a little more enthusiasm than the square Emperor, yet lacks any real training in controlling it. He needs to return to the Empress card (the card in front of him that is square) to exercise and harness his passions and senses so that he can know where to place them as he meets the challenges of the material and real world.

At this time, the Emperor, who cannot even hold and grasp the royal ball of power, is prone to slipping down, representing a loss of power and implying an inability to succeed due to a lack of self-discipline.

Card Meaning Deduction

Although plans begin with enthusiasm and zeal, they eventually falter, and that's because you're less confident about longer-term goals. By returning to the subject of the positive Empress, you can allow others to support you. When you're ready, deep-seated desires will support you and make you famous, and this will motivate you again to move forward and pinpoint the subject of the Emperor card. And the Emperor reasoning may be suggesting that you don't have the courage or self-control to make such a decision.

The Emperor is positive, showing more positive qualities. A reversed Emperor may indicate a lack of the Emperor's qualities, becoming self-indulgent, immature, lacking in leadership, lacking in action, weak, lazy, lacking in responsibility, lacking in self-confidence, dependent, indecisive, etc. It is also possible that the Emperor is over-used. It is also possible that the Emperor trait is over-utilized and he becomes a tyrant like Shang Zhou or Xia Jie, resulting in arbitrary actions, abuse of power, ruthlessness, excessive possessiveness or control, and rebellion for the sake of rebellion.

In your career, you have lost your original way of management. You have power but not the same ability. Many matters are mishandled or appear stiff and unprofessional. Things are not going well, obstacles are difficult to solve, the situation is out of control and no longer stable, and the backing is not solid enough. Matters representing divination inquiries are out of order or difficult to grasp, especially for business and progress.

There is a lack of self-control when it comes to finances. The upside down Emperor card indicates a preference for borrowing a large sum of money to start a new business rather than waiting to save up and start small. If the questioner leads a financial life with an Inverted Emperor card, they can be expected to run the risk of having a tiger's tail between their legs.

Love and relationships are also likely to be unsuccessful, with the use of emotions always inappropriate or ill-timed, and treating people with unjustified favoritism and unfairness. Your heart and emotions are often in turmoil and insecure, and you are eager to prove your loyalty to the other party. This is also a failure of machismo, with a strong desire for control and possessiveness. Especially the domineering character is very damaging to all kinds of relationships.

In algorithms concerning gender relations, the Emperor card upside down may be describing a state of lack of self-discipline, for example, he may lack commitment to his partner or may have more than one partner. It may also describe a mother-son like relationship, meaning that the woman is controlling the man in a motherly manner.

Core Tip

The reversed Emperor suggests that a lack of self-discipline has led to the failure of a plan.
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Knowledge Expansion

When describing a person, the reversed Emperor card represents a person who is more forgiving, less judgmental and more empathetic than when standing upright.
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Card Meaning Extension

This card describes a person who starts a plan with enthusiasm, but the promise quickly fades away.
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