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The Empress Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Don't be complacent about small accomplishments, overcome laziness and keep moving forward.

Card Details

Reversed Empress, her sitting and lying posture becomes lethargic, representing the trait of laziness and laziness, dislike of activities and doing things, lack of action, losing the original advantages, some traits may be due to the performance of excessive or inappropriate, becoming a vase-type woman who only emphasizes the appearance, and may also appear to be a gold-digger because of excessive emphasis on material things. Sometimes you may be overly proud and act in a condescending manner. You may even lack interest in many things, and lack energy, concentration and mental focus.

The Queen's crown becomes a fetter, and the power in her hands becomes unstable and shaky, and the honor that belongs to her becomes a burden. The heart-shaped base of support is turned upside down and overturned, becoming pressure. When facing matters, one appears to be indecisive, hesitant in action, wavering in stance, and inwardly restless, losing that air of calmness. Many things are delayed and held up as a result.

The river is no longer flowing smoothly or in the wrong direction, causing chaos, and the land is barren due to lack of nourishment. There are signs of blockages and problems with communication, and emotional communication is even more difficult. Sometimes relationships or love affairs are easily blocked.

Card meanings deduced

The Empress Inverted describes a family state of disharmony. This usually indicates that the family is in the process of being repaired, or suggests that you don't have a permanent home, or are grouped in an unsuitable environment. An inverted Empress may be suggesting that your plans are not progressing or describing a difficult pregnancy. It could also mean that you need to return to the subject of the Pope, either in order to re-examine your spiritual level or to discover inner peace against a chaotic family situation.

The inverted Empress could mean that there is a home but it doesn't feel like a home because it's covered in papers, folders and office equipment. Sometimes he may suggest that your home environment is swallowing up all your possible funds. This could also happen during a period of expansion and refurbishment. Perhaps this time of home chaos also affects your job or financial opportunities.

It may be that you can't realize your plans or are in a relationship where you don't have the means to love from the heart because you're being too intellectual or idealistic about love. I'll say it again, you need to go back to where you were when the last card was square (the Pope) so that you can become versed in the subject matter that lies in between. In this instance, the idealism of the Pope is interfering with the experience of feelings. It could mean that you are having thoughts of a relationship, but find yourself unable to put in the day-to-day effort for a relationship.

With the Empress reversed, femininity is hindered, and the person may no longer be free to express their feelings, deny their emotions and desires, or be unwilling to give care and be a negligent mother. On the other hand, it is also possible that the emotional traits are overdeveloped and the person becomes completely irrational, acting only on feelings, which is quite a dangerous thing to do. In the best case scenario, the Empress reversed can get the traits that the positive position lacks, indicating that the person is able to solve problems, especially emotional ones, in a calm manner with rational thinking.

In the interpretation of the reversed position, we can see the Empress and the Queen Pope as a combination, with each having what the other lacks, that is to say, when the Queen Pope is reversed, she can get the Empress's ability to be passionate; when the Empress is reversed, she gets the Queen Pope's ability to be calm. In terms of health, a square Empress represents pregnancy or childbirth, while a reversed Empress may suffer from malnutrition or problems with pregnancy, or she may become pregnant when she shouldn't be, so special care is needed.

Core Tip

Things have begun to bear good fruit, but there isn't enough drive for things themselves, and things may come to a standstill due to your own laziness.
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Knowledge Expansion

Another meaning of the Empress card inverted is to use reason to solve problems after calmly thinking through all your options.
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Card Meaning Extension

Willing to spend more money for the enjoyment of life, sometimes even a bit extravagant and wasteful, very talented in the area of making money, but quick to make money and quick to spend it.
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