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The Empress Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A sure win, family harmony and stability.

Card Details

Under a bright sky, this kingly and voluptuous queen sits on a richly ornamented cushion made of several natural ways of laying, with layers of upholstery folded over the back seat, which is comfortable and soft to sit on and represents her love of enjoyment and living a comfortable life. The upholstered cushion on which the Empress is leaning is red, with a red chair pillow underneath, as well as a red cloth, the colors of which are symbols of passion. These arrangements also represent the Queen's life of easy days rather than busy mediocre days. A brown cloth covering the back of the chair has a continuous pattern of Venus symbols. The Queen is surrounded by life. She wears a loose robe painted with pomegranates symbolizing fertility, a round cane symbolizing the earth, and a necklace of nine pearls, symbolizing the nine planets and also Venus the Venus.

Like the Pope, she wears a triple crown, representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which symbolizes the manifestation of the spiritual dimension in the tangible world, suggesting fulfillment and understanding through the emotions. The Queen's crown consists of twelve six-pointed stars, symbolizing the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year. Further, the six-pointed star itself is composed of a square and inverted triangle, representing the elements of fire and water, respectively. In addition to the crown, she wears a head ring made of mahogany leaves, symbolizing Venus.

Below the throne is a heart-shaped support base painted with the symbol of Venus, the patron saint of Libra and Taurus. This symbol represents the communication of the heart with the material world through love. It is usually used to represent a woman.

In front of her are fields of ripened wheat, representing fertility and abundance; behind them are dense cypress forests with cascading rivers symbolizing the life force. A nearby stream flows smoothly, the water bringing life to the grass and trees, and the full ears of wheat suggest productivity. Seeds that were not yet ripe in the Pope's card are ripe in the Queen's card, implying that the plan has matured.

Card meanings deduced

While the Pope is a dreamer, the Empress is the down-to-earth type; while the high-powered Pope sees the love of dreams as a perfect thing, the Empress understands human nature and understands that it takes real effort to keep a relationship intact. She needs to experience the world through all five senses, because that's the only way she can understand it from her own experience. It's not just a brainstorm, it's feeling and experiencing something, and the Queen represents passion.

The Queen may represent pregnancy, the beginning of a rich life, the possibility of building a harmonious family. The Empress represents a pathway to the heart through the senses. She is more passionate than idealistic. She is pragmatic in her approach and in her attitude to sharing, because she knows that whatever she has to give, now is the best time to give it. This is part of the subject that astrologically Libra must learn. To learn to love is not an idealistic or intellectual exercise, but a physical, emotional, and sensory sharing, and the joy experienced in daily life. This card implies stability and harmony in the family state, which is usually achieved by bringing love from the mind to the heart.

The Empress is the archetype of motherhood and corresponds to Venus in astrology. The recurring theme of Venus in the deck symbolizes femininity, love and beauty. The Empress and the Priestess are both female archetypes, with the Priestess expressing the rational side of the female and the Empress the sensual side of the female; the Priestess does not express her emotions easily, but the Empress is active and passionate, and dares to express her love and care generously, and also attaches considerable importance to the enjoyment of the senses. This is a time when the subject may enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, dressing up and expressing herself to attract the attention of others. Since the Empress corresponds to Venus, this card can also traditionally represent marriage. On the work front, it indicates a fruitful harvest or meeting someone, usually a woman, who is eager to help you. In relationships, it may indicate marriage, a happy relationship, the woman taking the initiative, or a rather attractive woman, who may be yourself or a rival, depending on the interpretation of the cards around you.

Nature is also the archetype of the mother. Often referred to as "Mother Earth", Nature is a motherly figure, nurturing and nurturing all forms of life. The ripening wheat fields and flourishing waterfalls surrounding the Empress also point to the same theme. In addition, the queen's own voluptuous body suggests that new life is also being nurtured within her. Numerologically, 3 is made up of 1 and 2, with 1 being male, 2 being female, and 3 being the new life born of a man and a woman. So, to summarize, the Empress card represents both motherhood and birth, and by extension, harvest and creation, and is usually a card of joy. Perhaps the person in question is able to create something, whether it's an actual baby, a product, a work, or an abstract idea. Perhaps the person's long hours of cultivation can yield satisfying fruit. The person in question could feel free to give love and care to others, take care of children or small animals, or meet someone with this trait, especially a woman. The Empress can also represent a time of joyful harvesting and enjoyment.

In Greco-Roman mythology, queens are usually represented by Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love and beauty, and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. In Chinese mythology, the Empress is represented by Nuwa, who created mankind, and Rayon, who taught the people how to raise silkworms. The Empress is like an affectionate mother who provides delicious food, dresses her children when it is cold, and gives them warm hugs at all times. If the Empress represents a lover, she is usually very passionate and active, and may enjoy dressing up and enjoying herself. In addition, the Empress may also represent a very influential woman who is quite important to the person in question.

The Empress represents that it is time to be grateful for the abundance that life has to offer, especially physically. Life supports us in all sorts of ways, from a warm hug to a hearty feast. Now is also the time to share your abundance with others, especially family. Empress may also describe an earthy, functional woman with a voluptuous physique and a pragmatic approach to life. This woman knows that even if she is hurting right now, or in the midst of grief, she still has to eat, so while he is listening to his friends' complaints, he still prepares a small feast because she knows that if the stomach is filled, it will be less depressing in terms of company. The presence of such a warm woman was always a blessing.

The Empress is not purely ethereal, but stands in the real world, and is practical in her heart, giving care and attention to people that is real rather than illusory, without material provision and nurturing. This garden of Venus, which she created, nurtured and cared for, can be compared to her heart from the scene, which can characterize the secret garden of this woman's heart, in which the scenery has been carefully cared for and nurtured by her. The garden shows the importance she places on her moods, the softness with which she treats everything, and the unconditional affection and love she gives. This scene is a new vision of beauty, a favorite abode of mankind, like an earthly paradise.

So in terms of artistic creation, this card is certainly helpful, and can represent any form of 'production' and creation, such as the creation of art or the production of material things, which helps with creativity and expression. This card represents a conduit or threshold, a spiritual inspiration and enlightenment, connecting the way to the entrance door of life, able to lead one to enter and explore deeper. Thus it also represents renewal and experimentation, seeking and exploring the inner world.

The Empress may also suggest a trip to the countryside, or a break and a return to nature, as she is surrounded by its products. By getting closer to nature, now is the time for you to rebalance yourself. In matters relating to your career, this card suggests that your work is related to your home or that you utilize your home as a base for your work. The Empress card in positive position suggests financial progress and gain.

In the midst of gender relationship analysis, the Empress suggests progress toward the next natural stage of a gender relationship. It could also be describing a pregnancy, as a child usually brings the relationship to a new stage. This is quite a positive card for relationships related to family values. During this period, you and your partner are close to life through affection and joy, rather than through thought. There is more growth and vitality generated in this relationship.

Core Tip

In simple terms, Queen could mean realizing the plan, or moving towards the next natural step of the plan, i.e. you are one step closer to your goal.
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Knowledge Expansion

Valuing the enjoyment of life, enjoying things of beauty, gifted in relationships, and not bringing pressure when initiating interactions with others, but rather being well-liked.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Empress is full of warmth and richness of feeling inside, with a nourishing nature, enjoying emotional exchanges and interactions. The sensitivity and intuition belonging to a woman are strong, concerned with feelings and emotions, not subordinated to reason and principles. In the face of feelings she has a more positive attitude, will take the initiative to fight and put into action.
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