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The Fool Reversal Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The Fool's Reversal suggests an inability to act intuitively or to avoid responsibility.

Card Details

The Fool Reversed is a more negative situation if extrapolated from the picture. The rose in the hand wilts or falls out of reach. The Fool's cane drops from his shoulder, his traveling bag falls, and his contents will not be retained. In the background, the sun is setting behind the Fool, and it is gradually losing its brightness, which means it is losing its vitality.

Card meanings deduced:

The reversed Fool card represents a loss of connection with intuition. This can lead you to seek the advice of others before you do anything and become trapped and remorseful by their boundless suggestions, and in some cases the reversed Fool card may mean that although you seek relief from duties and obligations, there is still an obligation to finish what you have started. Now is not the time to ignore responsibilities in pursuit of freedom. This inverted card could also be describing holding on to a particular direction for a long time in order to achieve a goal.

The Fool's inverted position represents a loss of original sincerity, indecision and obstruction, inner doubt and fear, leading to many undesirable consequences, a true state of ignorance and foolishness. The heaviest consequence is that the Fool has made a wrong step because of hesitation and fallen into an abyss; or he has fallen into a cliff because of carelessness, and the consequences of his missteps will lead to a future of regret and remorse.

When the Fool is reversed, it suggests that you're looking for relief from responsibility when you're being asked to commit to something. You are looking for a way out, yet this is not the time to do so. It's time for you to make a commitment to your future or resolve past issues so you can return to a life of spontaneity. There is still some unfinished business that needs to be dealt with before you can safely depart.

The Fool inverted may suggest an inability to act on instinct or avoid responsibility. You may be longing for freedom, for the past and the future, but this is not the right time. Sometimes it could also be describing a failure to take advantage of certain decisions at the moment due to fear, or a stubbornness to stick to previously made plans, or an over-reliance on the advice of others. Once again, timing is the key. And the Fool's Upside Down is a clear indication of poor timing. Either you don't act when the opportunity presents itself, or you act at the wrong time.

While the potential of the Fool in positive position is great, the inverted position is problematic because the picture is reversed and the Fool will fall head over heels. The reversed Fool can be roughly categorized into two sides: excessive and insufficient. If he is excessive, his naivety becomes stupidity, his boldness becomes recklessness, his waywardness becomes unruly, he may be careless, his plans are too risky, he acts crazy, and he skips school. If the Fool in opposition can be roughly categorized into two aspects: excessive and insufficient. If the Fool is insufficient, the person in question loses the positive qualities of a Fool, and may be unable to listen to his inner instincts, be too careful and miss good opportunities, be timid and afraid of things, lose his courage, and care too much about other people's opinions. Generally speaking, when the Fool is retrograde, the person concerned is prone to make unwise decisions or actions, so it is advisable to remain calm and act objectively and rationally.

Core Tip

He reacts instinctively to what comes in front of him, and this is what we call a fool. This "spontaneous" or "natural" reaction is sometimes good and sometimes bad.
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Knowledge Expansion

In our view, the Fool is in motion, he is constantly changing, he has no fixed position, he is always ready to leap into life. For the Fool, there is no difference between "reality" and "possibility".
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Card Meaning Extension

Almost all civilizations have myths and legends of the "Fall", similar to the expulsion of mankind from the Garden of Eden due to the loss of innocence, and the Fool is similarly depicted.
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