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The Fool Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Orthogonal Description:Fool is a young man who is not afraid of anything.

Card Details:

The Fool, dressed in colorful garments and wearing a crown of laurels on his head, symbolizing success, walks forward with his head held high, oblivious to the cliffs ahead of him. In his left hand he holds a white rose, white symbolizing purity and the rose symbolizing passion. In his right hand, he gently holds a staff, to which the burden of experience is attached.

The staff was no ordinary staff; it was a scepter, symbolizing power. A small white dog is barking at the Fool's feet, as if reminding him to hang on for dear life, or as if dancing along with him. In any case, the Fool maintains his joyful expression, looking towards the distant sky rather than the cliff in front of him, as if an angel will be holding him at the bottom of the cliff, and so he strides forward with his head held high. The mountains in the distance symbolize the unknown journey ahead of him, and the white sun watches the fool's every move from beginning to end - where did he come from? Where is he going? How will he return?

Card Meaning Deduction:

The Fool is a very special card in that it is numbered 0, in fact it is unnumbered, and it can appear anywhere. Waite himself placed it before the World card, but, perhaps because the Fool symbolizes the beginning of a journey, it is now generally customary to place it first. In addition, the Fool itself can be used as a blank card, and it contains infinite possibilities. Like its number 0, the Fool can be a full circle, or it can be zero - nothing at all. It can be good or bad, and both are possible at the same time.

In fact, in some versions of the Tarot, the animal that accompanies the Fool is a cat, or even a crocodile; whatever it is, these animals symbolize instinct. Animals act on instinct, and so does the Fool. He is a newborn baby, and as the saying goes, "the newborn is not afraid of tigers," and the Fool is one such young man who is not afraid of anything. In divination, the Fool sometimes really represents a newborn baby.

We can compare the way the Fool, the Magician and the World hold their scepters. The Fool holds his scepter so carelessly, similar to the dancer in the World card, and very different from the Magician's conscious grip and use of the scepter. Except that the World card is held freely by the dancer because the journey has been successfully completed, whereas the naïve Fool, not realizing the magic of the scepter at all, uses it to hang his baggage. The Fool's baggage is filled with his experience, so he is not completely foolish, but just not controlled by it. The laurel crown on his head, i.e., clearly symbolizes the possibility of success. There are two main interpretations of the significance of the design on the bundle: the Golden Dawn system suggests that it is a bird, symbolizing the element of wind to which the Fool himself belongs, while another suggests that it is the head of an eagle, symbolizing the instinctive and upwardly mobile soul. Weart says that the Fool is the soul in search of experience.

The Fool corresponds to the element of wind, and is as free and wandering as the wind. He is the sun-chasing Quafu in Chinese mythology, the Jigong in folklore, and the old codger Zhou Botong in Jin Yong's novels. They all have the qualities of being crazy in appearance, self-contained, reckless, and laughing and cursing by others. In divination, if the Fool card represents a person, then this person may be outwardly restless and inwardly wild and uninhibited. He is adventurous and will fall in love impulsively, but don't expect him to settle down. It's hard to ask him to be responsible, and it's even impossible to ask him to commit. He is carefree, bold because of his innocence, fearless because of his naivety, and perhaps a little impulsive, acting on his feelings and never planning ahead. Outsiders see him as crazy and childish, not adhering to the norms of the world, often not in accordance with the cards, shocking words, acting blindly and can not listen to anything. However, he knew what he was doing in his heart. Maybe he has a goal, but that goal is different from the average person. In any case, he's an optimist who lives in the moment.

Just like the Fool, who has just embarked on a new journey with his backpack on, the Fool can also indicate travel, especially aimless, unplanned travel. The Fool will be jumping into an unknown environment when he reaches the end of the cliff, so it also represents moving, changing schools, and making bold moves. Perhaps the person in question will take things too literally, without careful thought or planning, but we can't judge whether this is good or bad, only that the potential is endless. At work, the Fool indicates that you are in the same environment as the Fool, or you show the characteristics of the Fool in your work. Unless you are engaged in an alternative job that pursues creativity, I am afraid your boss will not like it. In terms of relationships, the Fool may represent a love affair on the road, or a drunkenness in the present with no future in mind. If the Fool represents your lover, please enjoy the process and don't expect results. A student asking for an exam means he's too unmotivated to work hard, or he's preparing in the wrong direction and getting half the result with twice the effort.

Core Tip

This is a card that views life's possibilities with simplicity. When the Fool appears in the spread, he may be imploring you to embark on something new right away with no prior experience.
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Knowledge Expansion

Some cards came with one or two blank cards as a replacement in case of loss, and later some added blank cards to the 78-card deck for divination, interpreted as new departures, unrevealed providence or creativity, usually unexpected surprises.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Fool represents the opportunity to cast a stone and the ability to be supported from within. Sometimes it takes a childlike trust to set the script for the road to happiness, so remember to pack more faith than you actually planned for as you embark on your life's journey!
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