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The Hanged Man Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Let go of confusion and fear and come back to your true self in this moment!

Card Details

The Inverted Hanged Man reversed is a state of struggle, an action of detachment from bondage. This untying may be a disengagement of the mind, or it may be an escape from the actual surface. As far as the picture is concerned, the reversed position gives the feeling as if the man has already gotten up in the right position, and the whole mood is completely different; we can think of it as being untied, and then being able to stand up, or at least it is a state of recovery and awakening. It's just that this recovery period will take some adjustments before it can be fully normalized. Think about the moment of returning to a standing position after the reversal, and you may still be dizzy, causing even more discomfort. And as far as the objective is concerned, perhaps this is an improvement for the environment

If the mind is already detached and the actual side is still hanging, it can become mentally unwilling. If it's the actual side that has detached, it represents unraveling, unbinding, and is in the process of returning to a normal state (just not always adaptable). Either way, however, it can also be that the previous torturous suffering has been for nothing, and so it was a wasted effort, or even a total and unproductive sacrifice.

Furthermore, with the Inverted Hanged Man reversed, he would not be looking at the world upside down, thus losing his unique wisdom. In addition, the Inverted Hanged Man reversed may indicate that the person concerned is constrained by the social vision and dares not do what he really wants to do.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Inverted Hanged Man inverted indicates that sacrifices may not be rewarded, or the end of a period of suffering and bottlenecks. It may also indicate that the person concerned does not have the wisdom of the Inverted Hanged Man to let go of his or her own life, but is struggling, taking the bull by the horns, and attempting to fight with destiny.

The inverted Hanged Man reminds us of the futility of struggling, and that we should trust that the rewards will be more fruitful after sacrifices are made, and that we should change our perspective and wait quietly for the gifts that life is about to bring us.

This card inverted may suggest an inability to gain freedom beyond the pressures of society. It represents a tendency to listen to what others expect of you rather than follow your inner voice. Perhaps you have spent your life utilizing role models to guide you rather than experiencing life directly.

It could also mean that you are resisting your inner self in some way. Perhaps you are resisting some part of yourself that won't submit to your spiritual purpose, and you may still be struggling unsuccessfully to stay on top of your possessions, or your material life. The statement asks you to reflect on your direction, and the level of emotional fulfillment and emotional satisfaction of your spirit at this stage, yet you struggle to want to maintain the status quo.

You are constrained, yet you desperately want to be free. It may be that you do not understand the purpose of your current comfort or what it can bring you, and the struggle is not appropriate, for you are unlikely to be free until the appropriate time arrives.

If you use this time properly then you won't have to spend time thinking when life wants you to step forward. If you don't reflect now it could lead to longer delays, or repeated patterns. Obedience to freedom its costly.

The Inverted Hanged Man reversed means wrestling with the tides of life. It is a struggle without purpose, and if you continue to struggle, you will only become exhausted, and by the time you are liberated you will not have the strength to pursue the opportunities that await you. Because you are likely to miss a great opportunity for deeper understanding of life.

This card inverted is an opportunity to return to the positive Justice card so that you can clearly determine how past actions and decisions have led to the present situation, and then take this understanding on the road, where you may find another, more rewarding path.

The significance of money, the Inverted Hanged Man Reversed is a reminder that it's time to surrender. For you now, losing anything is nothing. The reversed Inverted Hanged Man card offers an opportunity to return to the positive Justice card subject, which is to emphasize personal responsibility. It's important to reflect deeply on what kind of behavior led you to your current situation and accept it openly. If you're answering to a financial plan or investment, the reversed Inverted Hanged Man card suggests it's a crappy investment with minimal profit. If you remain stubborn in your pursuits, then you can expect to get trapped or screwed to the point of financial exhaustion.

Adriana is doing her analysis by complaining that he has no financial options. When the Hanged Man appears in his analysis, he admits that she was persuaded by his brother to invest all her savings in a garment business, thus abandoning his better investment judgment. He has no choice but to accept the severe test placed upon him, as there is no way for her to get out of it.

The return of the Justice subject to the square gives him a chance to kick back and realize how intolerable the results of hasty or unwise decisions can be. While waiting for the time for change to come, it's even more important to recognize that it's important to pay more attention to your intuition when it comes to making big decisions.

With the Meaning of Life, the Inverted Hanged Man card reversed means that you may be living with the consequences of your past actions. It's time to return to the upright Justice card so that you can take responsibility for your life and balance your mind and body, otherwise the damage may grow and even lead to illness.

In Grim's life analysis, the reversed Inverted Hanged Man card appears, and he has long been quietly accepting the problems in his life caused by years of excessive drinking and eating disorders. The appearance of the reversed Justice card also highlights his problems, which, as he confirms, began during his childhood. He admitted that he knew alcohol was bad for his kidneys. "Alcohol likes me, I can't help it." He argued defensively.

Grim refused to make any decisions that would improve the situation, and all he could do was watch finger his body decline until it could no longer be repaired.

Core Tip

The inverted hangman's reversed position, from time to time, is a reluctance to make the necessary effort, an inability to give of himself, he doesn't want to sacrifice on any level, and by getting rid of the feeling of devotion, he becomes selfish and egotistical as well.
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Knowledge Expansion

This state of release from suspension, if voluntary, can lead to a goal that allows the ego to be fully absorbed, to become fully present in a new state of being and to move forward without regard to its surroundings.
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Card Meaning Extension

Sometimes the inverted Hanged Man, in reverse position, is considered to be incorrectly prophetic because the positive position represents divination and prophecy, so the reverse position becomes inaccurate in meaning.
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