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The Hanged Man Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Submit to life with the belief that something better will come your way!

Card Details

The Inverted Hanging Man is a simple pattern with a profound meaning. We see a man hanging upside down from a T-tree, calmly observing his surroundings, radiating an inner peace and calmness, quite composed, submissive and stoic. Both hands are behind his back, forming a triangle. Both legs crossed to form a cross. The cross and the triangle combine to make an alchemical symbol, symbolizing the completion of a great ambition and the transformation of low-level desires into higher-level souls (alchemy into gold).

His blonde hair and yellow aura suggest that the intellect allows him to see a greater future, symbolizing the evolution of the intellect and the mind, or 'spirit', and so is not worried about the limitations given to her by her current circumstances. He uses this opportunity to reflect on his life, opportunity referring to the fact that his current fallen condition gives him a special perspective. Red tight pants suggest the ability to display passion and physical prowess when needed, symbolizing the 'body' of the body-mind, which is human desire and physicality. The red pants and the blue tunic top symbolize the "mind" of the body-mind, which symbolizes knowledge and also represents spiritual intuition. The golden shoes symbolize the lofty ideals of the inverted hanged man, suggesting that spiritual energy is transmitted through the feet. He knows that this power can approach him no matter what position he takes. Having gained insight into the true meaning of what life represents, you have been able to accept yourself and your place in life with equanimity. He is surrounded by gray skies, but he doesn't care; he can still look from the real world to the spiritual realm.

Red symbolizes staying power, yellow is intellectual understanding, and blue represents clarity of thought and a calm exterior. The person is tied up, yet this does not seem to bother him. He can use this time to reflect on his world as of this moment, which is indeed a strange one. After being upside down, he can see the world anew. Try a reversed or inverted position (please be safe) and then look around you from that perspective at the things you normally turn a blind eye to, or take for granted. Perhaps you'll be surprised by what you see.

In some versions of the Tarot, the Inverted Man is the mythological Odin, and the tree behind him is the giant tree of Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of the World, in Norse mythology, which grows from the Inferno (the subconscious), through the earth (the conscious mind), and straight up to the heavens (the superconscious). Remember when the Emperor held an ancient Egyptian cross in his right hand that symbolized life? The ancient Egyptian cross represents the nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Tau, a letter belonging to the world, and the T-tree from which the inverted hangman hangs upside down is the lower half of it, signifying that the inverted hangman is still in the world.

Since he is upside down, everything on his body also falls and shakes off to the ground, and there is no way to keep anything. This represents no retention of worldly, material things, and also represents loss, abandonment, and renunciation. It is even a kind of active renunciation or abandonment, and hanging upside down is not an end in itself, but only a way to help yourself break away and understand the truth of surrender. At this time you are not immune to indifference and monotony on the emotional and affective side, in order to ignore or not care about this.

The card meaning is deduced

The Inverted Hanged Man understands that struggling won't help in the slightest and will in fact only cause him to exhaust himself before he regains his freedom. The best way for him to utilize his energy at the moment is to be introspective, as it is highly likely that if he goes with the flow, he will gain a deeper understanding of who he is and what he should do. Looking at the world upside down, he can see certain meaningless things from his past life that are still filling the life around him at the moment. This is a card that evokes your spiritual purpose, it represents your readiness to let go of what you have so that you can do what you are really meant to do in this life.

By turning the Hanged Man upside down, the Hanged Man is no longer hanging upside down and his posture looks quite similar to the dancer in the World card. This implies that the Inverted Man can still eventually turn around and see things as they really are. The Hanged Man, along with the Wheel of Fortune and Justice cards, can be seen as the midpoint of the Greater Alcana. The Wheel of Fortune is the turning point, Justice is the center, and the Inverted Hanged Man's number 12 is the exact opposite of the world 21; he is the world hanging upside down. The Inverted Hanged Man of number 12 is a higher tier of the Priestess of number 2, they both understand the essence of silence and conformity, and the Inverted Hanged Man is more inactive than the Priestess, both internally and externally. The Inverted Hanged Man and the Fool also have something in common; they both dare to be different and do what they really want to do. While the Fool does it mainly out of instinct, the Hanged Man does it out of deep understanding, and thus he hangs himself from a tree without fear of the world's eyes.

The Hanged Man's astrological counterpart is the element of Water, with its submissive and inactive qualities, while others place him in Neptune, a star of sacrifice and ideals. In divination, the Inverted Hanged Man has primarily a sacrificial significance. He is not forced, but by choice. A close look at his expression, so serene and peaceful, and the halo of wisdom around his head, show that he has surpassed ordinary people in spiritual understanding. He doesn't struggle, nor does he want to, because he understands that with the sacrifice will come a more valuable harvest. It is the style of the Inverted Man to remain unchanged and take no action.

The Inverted Hanging Man corresponds to Odin in Norse mythology, who used to hang himself on the Tree of the World for nine days and nine nights to obtain the runes, and gained higher knowledge and wisdom through sacrifices, which is the so-called "give and take", that is to say, only when there is a give and take can there be a gain.

The inverted hanged man is also Prometheus in Greek mythology. In order to send fire to human beings, he was tied to the Caucasus peak by Zeus and tortured in many ways, but he never gave in, because although his body was bound, his mind was free. Another theory is that the inverted man is St. Peter, who was hung upside down and nailed to the cross. Whether it was Odin, Prometheus, or St. Peter, the Inverted Man was such a noble martyr. We can think of him as Wen Tianxiang, or Goujian before the restoration of the country, both of whom endured what others could not for the sake of a higher ideal.

The Inverted Hanging Man is hanging, not moving at all. Therefore, the Inverted Hanging Man also represents waiting, delaying, hanging, encountering bottlenecks, and not being able to make a decision. Don't be impatient at this point. The main theme of the Inverted Hanging Man is to retreat in order to advance, by letting go we can win more, by stepping back we can gain control. Radical actions or any drastic moves will not help at this time.

The inverted hangman looks at the world from a different perspective, with his head and feet on the ground. So the inverted hangman also suggests that we think differently and see the world from a different perspective. Many things are two sides of the same coin; look at them from a different angle and you will see a different landscape. The appearance of the inverted hanged man reminds us to remain flexible and not to use the rigid thinking patterns of the past. With the appearance of the Inverted Hanged Man, perhaps the person concerned is suffering or in a bottleneck stage, but he is able to stay calm and do what he wants to do. In relationship astrology, the Inverted Hanged Man may represent no progress for the time being, or a person who needs to wait in silence.

The Inverted Hanged Man is also a card that represents independence. During this period, you should go with your feelings or accept yourself, even if everyone else thinks your ways are strange. It may also symbolize, peace of mind after going through a difficult time in your life.

Now is not the time to struggle, be quiet and think about your past behavior, and your plans for the future. This is a temporary state of being, and as long as you use this time properly, it should be good for you. Let things happen naturally in your life, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. Submit to life with the belief that something better will come your way to replace what you've given up. Take time to observe the currents of life lurking beneath the events. Life will give you a quiet time away from the world's distractions, so it would be wise to make the most of it.

This card indicates that the mindset that should be present is one of willingness and acceptance of life's situations, as the man hanging upside down looks, serene and at ease. This is an attitude of conformity, obedience, submission, and letting nature take its course without struggling, which can also be said to be the attitude of taking things as they come. In the case of destiny, it is to be obedient to it and know it, not to disown it or resist it, to understand the higher power of the master, that man's determination to win is not something that can be attained from the material plane, and that to accomplish more difficult things may require a higher spiritual price in order to achieve what one wishes.

Although it is a bit negative to say that one should follow one's destiny, and the attitude of ignoring the level of sacrifice and the reality of the situation is even more unacceptable. But this is precisely the sentiment and wisdom of the inverted hanged man who is different from the ordinary worldly people. His ideas and vision are different from the worldly people, and perhaps they are not recognized or suffer from misunderstanding, distortion, and stigmatization, but he always adopts a posture of doing what he wants to do. He is indeed on a high spiritual level, but of course you can disagree with him.

If you draw this card, this is a time when you are like an inverted hanged man, in a state of suspension, with a life that swings in and out of transition. Living a swinging life in a state of suspension is a transitional period in life. The instability may cause inner turmoil, but during this period you have to endure patience as well as waiting, which can also be described as a buffer period between major events, and there may be a feeling of torment that is hard to bear. But if you can get through it, you can have a better vision of the future, just like facing a major exam. This stage can be a turning point in life's path of ideas, a turning point, and a big shift, a change in life force.

If you can experience what it's like to hang upside down, it's not hard to appreciate what this card is telling you, that while there is some suffering, it's more of an attempt, even a trial, in life. This card can also represent adjustment and renewal, the coming of a new life force, a rebirth of the heart, even a repentance of the mind. The thoroughness of this change is to be demonstrated by this inverted hanging gesture of determination.

This card also represents concentration on a single task, so it is possible to neglect other dimensions and lose many opportunities and material things, that is to say, in order to achieve the goal of the heart's desire, it is necessary to pay a price, and to make a sacrifice of oneself. In the face of responsibility, the key point is to be able to accept the responsibility in life with joy.

When hanging upside down, many things are out of control, not easy to control, and there is always a feeling of not being free, restricted, and so on. Many things are also not able to exert, there is no way to solve the problem personally, can not help but look on with cold eyes, perhaps anxious, but there is no way out.

The Inverted Hanged Man card means that you can choose to strive for material things, or accept the current circumstances, or the opportunities hidden in the real situation. This is another opportunity to reflect on the meaning of life, and compared to the Pope and the Chariot, the Inverted Man is a deeper reflection, because in buying towards the Inverted Man, you have gained a wider perspective on life.

Patience, in the sense of money, is the message this card is trying to convey when it comes to financial matters. Your finances may be limited today, yet they will change because you change. Take this opportunity to review what you've gained financially and think about whether it's worth continuing to work on it, and then think about whether your financial plans for the future are worth the time and effort you're putting into pursuing them.

When the Inverted Hanged Man card appears in the Life Issues deck, it represents poor physical fitness, so take more time now to read, meditate and rest. Overworking your body can lead to injury or breakdown. Spending some time in deep thought will help to reserve balanced physical strength.

Spirituality, when you are pursuing a spiritual path, it is important to know when to raise the white flag and surrender to life. Inner growth is just as important as the trophies acquired externally. The Inverted Hanged Man card allows you to see others as well as yourself with a different perspective on life, then you can break through your limitations and free yourself. It is time to confirm if there is still a good opportunity for your spiritual goal which comes with power and responsibility.

Relationship significance, in relationship analysis, the Inverted Hanged Man represents a time of introspection. Perhaps you are taking a break from the daily life of a relationship to reflect on your spiritual direction, as well as the direction of the relationship. Inner peace and serenity will come with this card, although your partner may find it difficult to be emotionally or socially close to you at this moment. You will be focusing on yourself, rather than your partner, during this time. This may be asking for more understanding and patience from those around you.

Before Aaron went to the mountains for a ten-day meditation program, the card Inverted Hanged Man appeared on his deck. This course of sitting and meditating gave him many events to reflect on himself, his life, and his intimate relationships.

Core Tip

"Submit to life with the belief that something better will come your way" is the message of the Inverted Hanged Man card.
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Knowledge Expansion

The mind of the Inverted Hanged Man is finely attuned and insightful, and is not an overstatement as the hidden representative card of the Tarot, and is also a spiritual indicator card for the diviner.
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Card Meaning Extension

Sometimes the Inverted Hanged Man is a card that represents surrender. It suggests that you can benefit greatly when you go through this period by surrendering to life and letting it lead you where you need to go.
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