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The Hermit Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

The truth and the path are within one's own mind, it's only a matter of how to go further beyond the limitations of the mundane.

Card Details

The reversed position loses the hermit's original sentiment and ability, and becomes a hermit whose name does not match his reality. His behavior may be selling his name, deceiving the world, whether he has the ability or not is to want to get out of the world, his heart yearns for the earthly fire and worldly scenery, in fact, he does not really bide his time, so it can be said that he is a false hermit, and does not have the mentality of truly retiring from the world.

This is a hypocritical stance, and therefore a biased position, psychologically dissatisfied and full of grief and pessimism. An old and cynical mind is formed either because one is too complacent and arrogant, thinking that one is very powerful when in fact this is not the case, and one does not have profound gong power and wisdom and lacks the ability to deal with things in the true face of the world. Or they have lost their power, lost the ability and talent they originally possessed, and have to live as a hermit in order to emphasize their past glory.

Having lost his inner talent and courage, and having lost his former glory, he avoids the world and withdraws from it, using this as an excuse to be overly afraid of things, fearful in his heart, full of unjustified worries, and anxious and incompetent. This kind of "false hermit" does not have enough wisdom, so he is caught up in the middle of thinking, thinking too much, thinking his head off, but his head is getting more and more confused. He is unable to find the ultimate direction of life and loses the bright light of upholding, so that he explores blindly, feeling that there is no hope for the future, and feeling sad for his old age.

Card meanings deduced

Hermit reversed The first thing to lose is caution and become careless. Further loneliness is excessive and even cynical anti-social tendencies appear. It may also suggest that the person in question is a self-made man, unable to accept the advice of others. At this point, the person is advised that a world of one's own certainly has its benefits, but if it is too much, it will easily lead to a loss of harmony. Although the Hermit has temporarily left the crowd, he has not denied the value of human relationships, and after completing his quest he does not immediately raise his lantern to guide the way for those below him on the mountain.

There are two possibilities with the reversed Hermit card. The first is that you may be deliberately keeping yourself busy so as not to be confronted with the demands of change, or with the fact that you are indeed lonely. So excessive working hours, or violating the 9 to 5 work schedule, is implied here. In order to avoid real social contact with others, you may work evenings or weekends to fill your social hours. For example, Robecca works as a receptionist at an advertising agency during the day, and to fill the lonely nights, she works four nights a week at a hotel lobby bar. This keeps her from feeling lonely, but it also organizes her quest to look within to find her true purpose.

Maybe you need to go back to the power card again and find out your inner power before you're willing to let people get close to you. The time has come to stop and think about where you're going and why you're going that way. Perhaps you're about to give in to mediocrity in order to avoid loneliness; or you're preferring comfort to growth because you're afraid of being alone, or because you're afraid you might have to give something up.

The Hermit card reversed may be emphasizing an underlying fear of being alone or lonely, and when this happens, you cover it up by aggravating yourself with work. You are too busy working to reflect on your life. Constant commitment can save you from dealing with inner hunger or spiritual emptiness. Sometimes knowing that we are alone and just passing through the world can feel like falling into a bottomless pit, but focusing on short-term goals and giving back can temporarily alleviate this insecurity.

It's time to go back to the positive Power card and find the courage to face people. Take more time to think deeply about what changes need to be made to make life complete. By putting yourself in familiar and comfortable situations, inner strength will come, and then only gradually can you face your loneliness.

Relationships are unfavorable. Lack of sincerity and enthusiasm makes communication difficult, and a bored and irritable temperament is an obstacle to interpersonal relationships. You may think too much, have too many schemes and policies, and may even lie to people, pretend to deceive them, and give them insincere advice. It is also possible to give improper advice to friends and make unclear judgments, thus affecting others.

The significance of money, perhaps you are too busy with current commitments and obligations to think about the future direction of your finances, although running your own business, Alice visits his elderly mother several times a day to wash, dress and feed him. When I started to describe the Hermit card in the reversed position, Alice suddenly cried and asked, "How do I have time to think deeply? I don't even have time to help myself scratch an itch." The tarot suggests that Alice's burden is temporary, but the reversed Hermit card specifically emphasizes the need to think deeply in order to understand what caused today's outcome. By thinking deeply, Alice would be able to understand his mother's need for professional assistance. This would give her time to salvage his crumbling business. And to ensure a financially secure future for himself and his mother.

The meaning of life, when analyzed with the Hermit card in reverse, suggests that you may be too busy to reflect on your life's path, preferring to ignore life's discomforts rather than find out the cause of your health disorders. If the deeper needs are ignored for too long, then the inner can be awakened, which can lead to chronic depression.

Now is the time to return to the card of Strength and gather the courage needed to make the changes that will bring you full circle. The process can be frightening, but fear will keep you sharp and remind you - you are alive. If we have been running away from what we fear for so long, it usually doesn't make us any safer, but rather reveals many new and troubling little things about us.

Core Tip

Reversed Hermits are prone to failures caused by slowness, and excessive caution leads to unnecessary delays.
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Knowledge Expansion

This card also represents inappropriate actions that are rash or prematurely formed because of a lack of caution and a moment of hasty rashness.
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Card Meaning Extension

At times, this card also signifies the loss of job opportunities due to an aging mindset that cannot keep up with trends.
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