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The Hermit Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

A period of withholding inner reflection, a period of introspection.

Card Details

There are no bright colors in the Hermit card, which instead allows him to see the subtle things in life. The old man in the gray cloak and hat stands on the top of an icy mountain, head bowed in contemplation, with no one around him. In his right hand he holds aloft a lamp, the Lamp of Truth, in the lamp is a glowing six-pointed star which contains triangles facing upwards as well as downwards, implying the need to combine the elements of fire and water, the name is Solomon's Seal, and it radiates the light of the subconscious. The old man's left hand rests on a Patriarch's Staff, a heeled staff that has been seen in the Fool, the Magician, and the Chariot at one time or another. The Fool was too naïve to know the magic of the staff and used it to tie his baggage; the Magician used the magic of the staff with his right hand, which represents the consciousness; the Chariot transformed the staff into a spear, which he also held tightly in his right hand; and the Hermit handed the staff over to his left hand, which he used to be a precursor on the path of enlightenment.

The hermit stands alone on a high peak, surrounded by a frozen mountain, it is dark night and the sky is cold in the background, symbolizing the inner state of mind as well as the real environment. The hermit and the fool are both standing on the top of a cliff, the fool strides forward, but the hermit is very cautious. The hermit is a grown-up fool, and his white beard seems to tell us, "I'm getting old, I'm not the same guy I used to be". Indeed, after accumulating enough experience and wisdom, the Hermit is naturally cautious. The sign associated with the hermit is Virgo, a perfectionist who pays attention to details and is always careful, which is exactly what the hermit is. The Hermit also corresponds to Cronus in Greek mythology, who was originally the leader of the Titan gods, but was later overthrown by his son Zeus and went into hiding in Italy, where he brought about the Golden Age. The most famous hermit in Chinese history is Tao Yuanming.

The hermit was alone on top of a mountain, and the higher he climbed the lonelier he became in his pursuit of wisdom and spiritual growth. The mountain on which the hermit's feet are treading is frozen, so perhaps it is true that the heights are too high for him. In the pursuit, he does not contact the masses, but only his own heart, because the pursuit of wisdom and the growth of sexual spirit must be accomplished by one person alone, and separation from the masses is a necessary process. Thus, in divination, the hermit represents solitude. He stays away from the crowd, withdraws from socializing activities, and allows his heart to quiet down and be alone. This is the time to put aside social activities for a while, to look inward and take some time for yourself. Meditation, contemplation, sitting in silence, listening to your inner voice, and paying attention to the messages brought by your dreams can all be beneficial. The answer to the question is actually already within us; solitude is about introspection, and introspection is about finding out the answer.

After a period of introspection, the hermit has reached the peak of wisdom, at which point he is ready to return to the crowd and show the way to those below him on the mountain. He holds aloft the lamp of truth as if it were a lighthouse. He has personally experienced the process of pursuit and can now enlighten and guide the masses. The hermit is not a "scripture teacher", he doesn't really teach knowledge from books, he wants to be a "human teacher", a spiritual teacher for everyone. He knew that the search for spirituality and wisdom could not be taught verbally, but had to be experienced by the students themselves before it could be truly attained. He stands at the top of the mountain and guides the students who are still at the bottom, helping them and playing the role of a leader. If the hermit represents an elder, he does not actually teach you what to do, but rather sets an example for you to follow.

The hermit standing on a frozen plateau overlooking the world, carrying a lantern that contains many truths, is a special light. He is able to attract people of knowledge and guide the change of the world and people's hearts. The overall composition is skewed in one direction, with the back part of the hermit's back being a blank background, and the front that he is facing, suggesting the direction to which he is heading.

The hermit holds a long staff in his hand, which is a symbol of the hermit's abilities. His experience is worth a lot, he can get on top of things at once and take control of the whole situation, it is helpful to ask him to plan, strategize and solve problems, especially in the face of danger, and more than able to just rush in the nick of time, just that you need to keep a respectful and open-minded attitude towards him. The hermit leans on his scepter, which is the focus of his life's power, but also represents that he cherishes and relies on his extraordinary ability, and shows that he remembers his own past, and still holds the desire to show his talent.

The stance of the hermit is one of bowed head and contemplation, which also represents inward exploration, thinking and contemplation, with the ability for introspection and self-viewing. For this reason he is very sensible, sees things clearly, and is very firm in his stance. His eyesight is very good, and he is able to observe and care for the world, not even with his eyes, but with his heart, and his thoughts and feelings are very keen.

The hermit's carrying of a lamp can also be a search for a desire, a search that is very helpful to one's inner development. The hermit's search for lost truths can represent a search for important key elements, as well as a searching behavior, especially an important card for finding lost objects and people. A hermit in positive position is usually promising to find. Such a gesture suggests a search for hope and memories, something to pursue and hold on to. The hexagram lamp represents a profound symbolism; the hermit bets his inner hope on the lamp, the hexagram is the cohesion of his heart and cultivation, and the brightening of the light also has the implication of righteously betting his body and mind on the essence of life.

Card Meaning Deduction

The Hermit card suggests a period of introspection; it represents a time of wanting to make sense of your past, present, and future. This card represents a visit to a consulting counselor, an ongoing journey of dreams, or contemplation in order to develop yourself. It also represents maturity and the fact that you have learned what is truly important in life. It could mean receiving physical or spiritual assistance and wisdom; or you helping others to discover life understandings and the causes of events. It also represents a period of time when you ask yourself questions such as: Where did I come from? Where am I now? Where am I going?

The Hermit needs solitude in order to reflect. This card suggests retreating from daily life so that the subconscious can come alive. Take action first, and then come back to ponder what is useful and what is wasteful. This will give you a clear understanding of how to act in the future. The Hermit card represents taking a break from the outer world in order to awaken your inner self. You can do this by listening to your heart, your dreams, or by listening to a friend, counselor, or teacher.

Your mind must remain silent so that you can hear your inner voice, and to keep your mind as still as water, you need to minimize distractions. Therefore you will have the act of going away to remain alone. This quieting of the mind gives you a glimpse of what lies behind the mantle of the Pope's steps in high places.

The Hermit is a card representing Virgo in astrology, as is the Queen of Swords and the Queen of Pentacles, but the symbolism is less strong, as well as the other court cards of Pentacles. One of the subjects Virgo must learn is: learning how to be alone without feeling lonely.

The Hermit card represents going out on your own, taking a risk, leaving some of the ordinary behind and doing what you really want to do. Since the light from the lantern only shines for a short distance, there is no guarantee that this will be the right path. The Hermit is a card that describes a hasty glance at what is in front of you. It is also a card that represents inner success, and that requires going through things alone.

The Hermit is when you follow your inner calling and leave a situation that no longer fulfills you. The Eight of Cups brings out the Hermit because in the Eight of Cups the man was walking alone towards the mountain and now in the Hermit card he can be seen standing on the top of a mountain contemplating his life and himself.

The Hermit is the archetype of the Wise Old Man, who represents the spiritual teacher, the teacher, the wise man, the elder, the counselor, the advisor, the senior, and of course the hermit. Because the hermit is the wise wise man, it is a card that represents wisdom, mostly offering wise counsel and strategies that hide life's truths and practical efficacy. So the Hermit can generally be used as our professional advisor, which is one of the upward applications of the Ascendant. A wise elder is always interested in advising, and his likely progressive action is to counsel and advise, providing knowledge and experience. The Hermit is also a card that represents giving wise counsel and caution to others.

The Hermit represents the trait of "caution" and is good at thinking things through, so decisions are not made quickly, let alone slowly. However, once a decision has been made, the attitude towards a matter is always persistent to the end and tireless at all times, which is a persistent attitude towards a kind of life.

Some inquirers see the Hermit as a period of solitude, however, the truth is that the person on this card is out of a state of peace. Quiet introspection is necessary for us to gain insight into our lives. Spending time alone is valuable because it provides us with the opportunity to filter through past behaviors and decisions and to be able to learn from the experience. The Hermit card represents a period of deep contemplation, not through meditation, seeking counseling from a counselor, taking a nice walk in nature, or writing in a journal. Actions taken without deep contemplation will not deepen our understanding, whether by choice or circumstance, and this card represents a period of time to step away and do some soul-searching. It is describing a period of solitude where you are contemplating your life situation, rather than loneliness.

Since the hermit is symbolized by an aged person, it shows that it is the elderly who are represented by this card in the horoscope, and possibly someone in such a state of mind. There are qualities about some old age that are present. The person may be highly respected in events due to his old age, respected by others, recognized and famous. He faces all things with equanimity, calmness, and old age.

However, the characteristics and shortcomings of the Hermit's old age will be present, and this card often indicates a state of withdrawal, stoppage, and a lack of motivation. Being accustomed to thinking things through and taking things slowly, he often hesitates to move forward. The negative side of the Hermit like this is mostly a trait of self-denial, withdrawal, and retreat. He may cancel appointments and back out of things just because he didn't make up his mind in the first place, making him seem hesitant and faulty.

On the other hand, this card also represents a melancholic, gloomy mood, along with a bleak and gloomy background, undoubtedly caught up in negative and pessimistic thoughts. The plot of this solitary figure picture also reminds us that it is like getting up in the middle of the night to look for a light when you can't sleep, and therefore sometimes it also means insomnia at night, or sadness, or missing thoughts.

The gloomy and lightless scene shows the time of the environment, and in the midst of this dim landscape, the hermit's figure is hard to see, almost blending into the background. The hermit's figure is hard to see, almost blending into the background. He has the appearance of a man in the world, a sense of void. The hermit is accustomed to hiding in the darkness, and also represents hiding, perhaps suggesting a life of seclusion, retirement, retreating to the mountains and washing his hands of what he used to do.

The hermit's greatest possible faults are: sometimes by covering up or pretending to be confused, or else by being old-fashioned, or even by being deceitful and mischievous. It is also sometimes perfunctory and corrupt, perhaps because of the ease with which his old age wears him out!

Reflecting on past financial decisions and behaviors is the significance of this card when it is squared. Now is the time to figure out what you want when it comes to your finances by reviewing past financial patterns. Taking the time to do so can help you change negative patterns so that you can direct your finances to a more rewarding future.

Meaning in life, a period of introspection, calm and meditation is needed for physical health, though this seems to be forgotten when striving to work, earn and spend. The Hermit card is describing asking yourself simple yet powerful questions such as, "Am I happy? Do I like the life I'm currently walking?" and "Will this program, work, action give me greater satisfaction?" Broadly speaking, as answers to questions about life, he suggests that meditation, counseling, or a good dose of introspection will help to promote health, and that a weekend getaway to the countryside can sometimes be enough to release stress and reflect on the current situation.

Spiritually, the courage and commitment of the past has enabled you to climb a small mountain, you should now reflect on why you had that courage and commitment in the first place, and learn from your past experiences to help you move forward. Careful reflection on past behavior can help you avoid repeating mistakes. Deep reflection may take the form of meditation, keeping a dream journal, or consulting with a psychic self-student to clarify your behavior and motivations.

In a relationship sense, the hermit may symbolize the need to explore within, to withdraw from a relationship for a while in order to decide what you want and where you want to go. Perhaps you are spending more time than usual distancing yourself from relationships and focusing your thoughts more on yourself.

It may be that you are assisting your partner to have a deeper appreciation of him/herself, and his/her life. It could also simply be a certain Virgo. When the Hermit card appears in an analysis of a gender relationship, it represents you becoming more aware of your independence in a particular gender relationship, or noticing that you need to be alone in order to face your inner needs.

This card shows unfavorable effects when it comes to relationships: because old age symbolizes a loss of interest in relationships, while the mood appears melancholic and cold, and the character is forgetful. There is a tendency to hide one's feelings for fear of being discovered, a tendency to withdraw, or an aging mentality, all of which indicate that a relationship is not suitable.

Therefore, this card is also not helpful for relationships, and is not very fond of dealing with people, and may be a bit self-absorbed. This card also does not help with money, and is not favorable for worldly acquisitions or competition. However, it is helpful for having inner wisdom, for the spiritual aspect, indicating temperament and cultivation. It is helpful for long-term academic development.

Core Tip

Divinationally, the hermit, in addition to signifying the need for solitude and introspection, also advises the person to seek advice from a wise predecessor.
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Knowledge Expansion

At work, the Hermit usually adopts a solo style, working in his own way, not cooperating with others or a team, and displaying a careful and prudent work attitude.
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Card Meaning Extension

Emotionally, it may indicate singleness or a temporary withdrawal from a relationship that requires deep thought. If one is already in a stable relationship, it also suggests that he needs time and space for himself, or to think further about the relationship. After all, the Hermit is not keen on relationships.
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