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The Hierophant Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Maverick, other people's way is not always suitable for you.

Card Details

Reversed Pope's fingers are no longer pointing to the sky, this time the Pope has been a little different, it is likely to become a person who makes you hate, he may be very abetted in his performance, many of the things he does are redundant, and the help he receives turns out to be a favor instead, and the damage will be more serious in the worst way. Occasionally showing qualities of strong conviction or excessive enthusiasm makes you feel overwhelmed.

The Pope's reversal highlights a different understanding of religious sentiments, causing believers to turn away from him, representing barriers to communication and getting along because of differing concepts, which may clash with traditions and rebel against constraints. Sometimes it becomes harsh, resulting in excessive spiritual bondage or a deliberate attempt to manipulate the world with knowledge and teachings, creating a situation of fooling the masses. The spiritual power of the Pope has become ossified, unable to keep up with the times, and speaking out of error. Because of its backwardness, believers began to turn away from it over time. The two forces resisted each other, and inevitably fell into different paths and accused each other of heresy, or suffered banishment or abandonment.

The crown and scepter of the retrograde pope, while still in place, are showing signs of loosening. Sometimes it is excessive or undue kindness, with a trait of being easily moved and influenced, and from time to time a soft heart or soft ear results in excessive generosity and sympathy. Sometimes it is more cowardly, powerless and vulnerable.

Card Meaning Deduction

The upside down Pope card means a maverick who knows which path is the most accepted, but prefers the path that few will take. In the pursuit of answers to life's questions, you can truly be in charge, although it is possible that you may be incorrect in the mainstream. The Pope upside down means that you don't seem to care much about other people's opinions in your quest for truth and understanding. He could also be referring to a desire to have a certain life style or an off-the-wall career. Perhaps you would like to start your own business or work part-time, so you can pursue creative or spiritual goals in this way.

All inverted fives in the Tarot mean open-mindedness, and the Pope is no exception. It represents the formation of new ideas, concepts, or the rejection of ideas that are mundane. It can also mean that you are writing a script for your life, living according to your own understanding of life.

Now you are taking responsibility for your own spiritual development, and while the road may be rocky, yet it is usually worth it. Sometimes an inverted pope may indicate that you are rejecting orthodox ideas or theories for the sake of a denomination or group with unorthodox ideas that will take responsibility for your spiritual development - forsaking one group for another. Some people need others to take responsibility for them, and others will take advantage of that need, and so gurus & masters are becoming more and more common. I am not implying that these people have not found their way or path, but your path is not necessarily their path. Walking in the footsteps of others does not guarantee enlightenment.

The Pope inverted usually represents a break from traditional norms. It is not advisable to follow the norms at this time; you should be creative, dare to be different, and be original. In addition, the Pope inverted may also represent an over-expression of papal qualities, resulting in being too conservative, too traditional, too arbitrary, and too stubborn. At this time, you may not be able to get help from others, so you shouldn't take others' advice rashly, and you should be careful to check the authenticity of the information you receive. Relationships may indicate that marriage is not advisable at this time. In addition, the cancelation or postponement of ceremonies or rituals is also one of the possible meanings of the Pope's Retrograde.

In the specific case of love, the Retrograde Pope is particularly helpful, and in serious cases, it can become an interference in the relationship, or even an intervention in the relationship. Issues related to learning and education show that learners are not doing well, mostly because they don't get along with their teachers or the education system, so they don't make progress or have difficulty reaching their ideal development.

On financial topics, assuming you want to be successful, you will need more discipline. At this time you will need to return to the subject of the Emperor card in positive position to make sure you have enough discipline to fulfill your financial plans. Often starting your own business will require more self-discipline than working for a company. In the mainstream, you can buy computer software, hire a consultant, or take a course of study to develop a system that allows your business to thrive. By stepping out of the mainstream, you'll have to be more focused in your work, because you'll find that you have to help yourself with a positive blueprint.

Core Tip

The reversed Pope resembles the Chinese Jigong, who is loyal to his beliefs and outwardly uninhibited, doing things in his own way and often making new innovations.
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Knowledge Expansion

The reversed Pope represents the possibility of acting out of character, inappropriate or improperly.
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Card Meaning Extension

Beware of private matters and dishonorable events that may be revealed or unintentionally disclosed.
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