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The High Priestess Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Offers the opportunity to go within to nourish emotionally and spiritually.

Card Details

This female Pope has dropped the books in her hands, representing that she simply cannot grasp and hold books. This is her attitude towards learning, and towards truth, and her attitude towards learning. She also chooses knowledge that is superficial and limits herself to that superficial knowledge. Anxious to apply what she has learned, easily satisfied, but manifestly unlearned, this Popeess does not know what the truth at hand is, but only pretends not to know.

She can no longer sit in front of the twin pillars and leaves the stone chair that represents wisdom. The reverse-positioned female pope no longer has a steady temperament, or even wisdom that is clouded or blocked. The main factor is that she does not know herself and her heart well enough to understand and pinpoint her own behavior and motives. As a result, they are prone to show an impetuous and restless temperament, lack of patience, and impulsiveness. Her original calmness is no longer there, instead she is enthusiastic, and becomes very sociable and active in all aspects of her life. However, the Female Pope reversed also loses the most precious inner wisdom and accepts only superficial surface knowledge. Alternatively, it may indicate that the person refuses to act on her intuition and ignores her inner voice.

The double pillars beside her have been wrongly reversed in black and white, and her heart is no longer clear and full of self-consciousness. She is easily blinded by her own thoughts and desires, unable to see the truth, and prone to arrogance and self-righteousness. Her intuition is no longer sharp and correct, and she is prone to errors of judgment, often making ill-informed, black-and-white decisions.

Card meanings deduction

With the Pope reversed, the original calmness is no longer there, replaced by the enthusiasm she lacked, becoming particularly sociable and appearing proactive and active in every way. However, the Female Pope Reversed also loses the most precious inner wisdom and accepts only superficial surface knowledge. Alternatively, it may indicate that the person refuses to act on their intuition and ignores their inner voice.

Although there are still many ideas and opinions, most of them are superficial and stubborn. The person is no longer reserved in his/her emotions and expressions, yet he/she is not very serious and sincere, and is not really approachable. In relationships and love, there are often wrong or rash decisions, disregarding the feelings of the other person and others, and acting only on the basis of momentary pleasure and selfishness.

The Popeess offers an opportunity to go within to nourish emotionally and spiritually. In peaceful sleep or meditation, you will have the opportunity to hear the call of the soul. If you have this need now, you will experience joy. If you feel deprived on a spiritual level, a regular session of meditation may calm your mind and allow your spirit to communicate with the conscious level.

Return to a period of your life after a temporary absence or a period of inner development. Perhaps you have spent a period of solitude and channeled your energy into spiritual growth, and the time has come for you to face life again to test your new ideas and understandings. It could also be describing you ignoring your intuition in favor of using your mind to solve problems. Perhaps you need to listen, to hear something. And listening to your inner self, or to what is going on around you, can gain you access to ways to reach your goals.

This card upside down represents the need to put your plans into action, to keep your focus on your goals, and to go after those goals with conviction. The inverted Pope could symbolize a return to a socially active life after a period of isolation and deliberation. He could also indicate a new social circle after a period of social stagnation.

The Pope's inversion could mean the need to commit to a new social circle, which is necessary to achieve current financial goals. He could also be describing new acquaintances after a period of isolation. Perhaps you are changing jobs and meeting a new group of friends (and financial opportunities) through your new position. He could also be suggesting that many good opportunities have been added through your social network, providing the chance to get your feet wet in real life.

The Inverted Pope represents a return to normal life after a period of rest or after an illness. Now you have the full energy to go after your goals.

Core Tip

There is no way to listen to your inner voice, or to translate your inner knowledge into action. For the time being, the time for inner development is over, and by actively seeking out and working with others, you will get more out of it.
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Knowledge Expansion

This is the time to get out and about and meet new people, as the people you have just met can help introduce you to new possibilities as well as opportunities. You may find a new job or a new partner as a result, or gain a brand new understanding.
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Card Meaning Extension

Solve problems through your ingenuity. After consideration of a desired goal, you are ready to make it happen. Assistance from those around you may be needed, accompanied by a precise, pragmatic approach.
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