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The High Priestess Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Looking at the self, this is a time for inward exploration, contemplation, or staying put!

Card Details

The Popeess is seated with a curved moon next to her feet, a scroll in her hand, and a cross on her chest, symbolizing the balance of yin and yang and unity with the gods. The hat on her head is made up of an upturned moon, a downturned moon, and a full moon, symbolizing all the virgin deities. In her hands are scrolls, symbolizing esoteric wisdom, on which the letters TORA are evident, with an additional letter H obscured.The Torah contains the Jewish law, presented in the form of the five scrolls of the Word of Moses.There is much wisdom and knowledge in the Torah, but parts of it are obscured, suggesting that the wisdom and knowledge are hidden in the original text.

A crescent moon at her feet is held in place by the corners of her inner robe, which extends beyond the figure. The black and white pillars on either side of the Pope, present in the Biblical story of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, have the letters B and J on them, which are the abbreviations for Boas and Jakin, respectively. The two pillars symbolize duality, while the Pope, seated in the center, is impartial, unifying the forces of both. The pillar on the right (J) represents the masculine (logic, pragmatism and power); the pillar on the left (B) represents the feminine (imagination, intuition, receptivity and compassion). They represent duality and opposites; opposing forces in life that, if harnessed well, will bring success. Boaz represents mystery and negativity, while Jakin represents action and conscious understanding.

The trumpet shape above the column represents the Pope's keen sensibility, while the lily pattern above symbolizes purity and peace. The two pillars are covered by a curtain on which the pomegranate represents 'yin' and the palm represents 'yang'. The curtain hides the view from the back, but when you look closely, you can faintly see a background of water, hills and blue sky. The water symbolizes emotions and the subconscious mind. This piece of water is calm and unruffled, but underneath its still surface lies a deep secret. The whole picture has a blue hue symbolizing wisdom, and the image of the two pillars is repeated in the following cards.

In contrast to the purely masculine power of the Magician in the previous card, the Popeess expresses a purely feminine power. She sits in silence, wearing the white inner robe representing purity, and the blue outer robe of the Virgin. The moon at her feet represents her imagination and her ability to see beyond what is in front of her.

Card meanings deduction

The Pope is the archetype of the "Virgin" and the "Madonna", which is the same female archetype in the Tarot as the Empress card numbered three. However, the Pope is the unearthly Virgin and Madonna, while the Empress is the earthly mother. We can observe that the Pope is seated in a dignified and introverted posture, with a slim face and body of a young woman, while the Empress has a generous posture and a full-bodied body. This shows that the female pope emphasizes the feminine and passive qualities of women more than the queen. The Pope is a woman who does not need a man, is independent, disciplined, and does not smile. Therefore, the Pope usually represents unrequited love, secret love, or celibacy.

The Moon appears four times in the chart. The Moon is feminine, representing stillness, passivity and passivity, which is exactly the theme of the Pope. The Pope has always held the attitude of "responding to changes with no change". Compared to the magician's bright and active creativity, the Pope tends to be reserved and silent. Although she does not act on the outside, she actually goes inside, listens to her intuition, and gains inner wisdom. In fact, everyone has supreme wisdom within them, but few people know how to listen to it. The Popeess knew that instead of forcibly changing the outer world, she should listen to her inner voice and naturally be able to have the situation follow her heart, and who said that negativity had no power? The scroll she holds in her hand hints at the supreme wisdom she possesses. However, on the other hand, the Pope sometimes represents a person who has strong intuition but seldom acts on it, or who may be too formal and cold. In fact, almost every card has both positive and negative connotations, depending on the other cards in the spread and the intuition used to interpret them.

Another significance of the Moon is the occult, so the Pope represents anything related to the occult, or secrets. The Pope also has a wealth of knowledge, but her knowledge is not schooled like the Pope's, but rather it is oriented towards the occult, as well as the intuition and even psychic abilities that are inherent in every human being. The presence of a Pope can indicate that things are dragging on, that there is no progress, and that drastic moves usually do not solve the problem. The Pope reminds us that we should go with the flow, meditate and listen to our inner voice, and you will be surprised at your own wisdom.

The Pope represents thinking about ideas that can lead to practical results. This is not a card that represents specific things, but a card that represents possibilities. Each of us plows and harvests consistently throughout our lives, and the Pope is the action that spreads those seeds or ideas. The Empress suggests that you should have to trust your intuition because at this point, there are some things you may not see. The High Pope is a card that represents spiritual and psychic development. It represents a period of exploration into the heart in order to plant seeds for the next phase of your life or to digest what you are dealing with on a physical level.

This card inspires us to understand the hidden self within, to trust the wisdom of the unconscious, and to listen to the voice within. Unifying between the known and the unknown and recognizing opposing truths is the path to wisdom.

Core Tip

This card can describe an inner wisdom that has reached a certain depth. She can represent intuition, insight, or stepping back from life to think through an issue or situation.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Pope represents a period of withdrawal and negative reflection, but this is enough to revitalize inner strength.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Pope is an extremely feminine card, and the Moon, which appears several times, also suggests the female cycle.
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