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The Lovers Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Hesitation, your indecision is the root cause of the problem.

Card Details

When the Lovers card is reversed, God's blessings are gone, just as the sun sets, the sunlight fades and dims, and the fruits inside the Garden of Eden begin to wither. Many imaginations, hopes and promises are gone, and much that was good is no longer there. The situation of helping each other is no longer there, or has instead become a harmful situation. And by this time the two have made a choice, only it is a choice that hinders the relationship. This renewed decision is one that is detrimental to the original relationship. Perhaps the shift in romance is due to a fading of passion.

In the reversed position, it turns out that the lovers in the picture are not close to each other, but at a distance, and the gap between them widens. Therefore, there is a high probability of a breakup, separation, or a situation of separation. Sometimes it also means that there may be deception and lies between each other, and unfaithfulness in the relationship.

Both the serpent and the angel may become interfering, and in some card situations, it also indicates that there is a third party in the relationship that is affecting the original relationship. Otherwise one is the one who intervenes, or even becomes the third party, influencing the direction of the relationship and the choices made.

Card meanings deduced

The Lovers reversed mostly indicates relationships gone awry. In addition to marital or romantic setbacks, it may also represent triangles (especially when co-occurring with the Chariot card), separations, antagonisms, and failed partnerships. These failures may be due to jealousy or may be the result of differing goals on both sides. Also, the Lovers reversed may indicate bad choices or decisions.

The Lovers card inverted doesn't help with romance, but it still represents a relationship that was once there, only the current or future situation is in bad shape. Often there is disharmony and the relationship is unstable, with the possibility of a breakup or, in the worst case, a separation. Collaborations are also at risk of breaking up or breaking up.

When the Lovers card is upside down, it means that any hope of moving to a new state of affairs, or a new phase of a relationship, is based on the dream of anticipation. You haven't succeeded in accomplishing your current state, so it's better for you to remain in the old relationship.

You seem to be going back to being square 5 (the Pope), and perhaps you feel that those around you are pressuring you to limit your choices in the hope that you will make choices that are more conservative, or more in line with their expectations. You may not be ready to pursue your path yet, so staying where you are may also be fulfilling.

The upside down Lovers card means that the subject of gender relationships dominates your current life and overrides other life dimensions and will require you to pick and choose before you can regain peace in your inner world. When the Lovers card appears in an upside down position, it suggests that although there are opportunities to try, it is wise to maintain the status quo ante. In matters of relationships, this card could mean that a relationship is still in its initial, romantic phase and doesn't seem to have arrived at a stable relationship yet.

The Lovers card inverted suggests that it is better to stay in the present situation, as you may not be properly prepared for the current opportunity. In terms of finances, returning to the square Pope card, you could be enjoying certain unchanging financial practices at the moment, and an indecisive approach to finances is also suggested by the upside down Lovers card, who could also be evolving into a problem with the relationship between the sexes.

Your current indecision could be the root cause of the problem. The Inverted Lovers card highlights that your current relationship issues are affecting your decision making. Resolve the issues you're asking with your significant other as soon as possible before it drains your energy. To return to the state of stability and regularity provided by the upright Pope card may stabilize your state.

This card may also be suggesting the end of a relationship or a destructive loving relationship. Romantic or sexual issues may dominate your life. Perhaps you don't have the ability to move beyond the initial or romantic stage of a relationship, and it's possible that you're struggling to make sure that the current relationship can remain in this initial stage. So avoidance of deeper commitments or responsibilities is also implied here.

Karen came to me for a divination when her little boy was sleeping peacefully in his bassinet beside her. He was the youngest of her three children and she was trying to figure out her gender relationship. Her significant other was long married to another woman and that woman was pregnant with his third child. He had always kept assuring Karen, throughout the more than seven years of his relationship with her, that he would leave his wife and be with her forever.

During that time, he never left his wife, and in fact he showed no intention of doing so. Karen lived in a romantic scenario, dreaming of her man and hoping that one day he would finally fulfill his promise to her. The upside down Lovers card appeared on the deck, along with the upside down Knight of Cups, and the upside down Three of Cups.

"His wife wants their third child and he must maintain a certain relationship with her. Would these be the actions of a man who is self-conscious of his unhappiness and intends to leave his wife?" I asked her.

In an extremely skillful tone, she vigorously defended him, "Ever since we've been in a relationship, he's constantly told me that he would leave her, and I've believed him. If I didn't trust him then what kind of relationship would we have?"

"And what kind of relationship do you have?" I asked.

As soon as I said that, she burst into tears, and I wondered if I had gone anywhere to debunk her delusion. Was that what she wanted me to do? Or just trying to find clues that might give her hope? I've never been one to live on hope, and I believe that to expect too much is to be hopeless. Only doing something or making a decision brings results.

An analyst I used to work with always said, in a sarcastic tone, "We sell hope on our own credit." I wasn't selling Karen any dreams that day, because it was obvious from the cards that he was a man who could have it all. She also got something out of the situation because she could still dream about her perfect man without reality interfering. She doesn't have to put up with his procrastinating habits, or the fact that she's not happy. She could live in the future safe in the knowledge that her future perfect man could be by her side for much longer than just those secret hours in the afternoon. She could live safely in a romantic atmosphere, never having to venture toward a new situation, and therefore not having to make any real commitments.

Core Tip

When the Six of Swords is reversed, then water becomes located on top of this card, representing the possibility that current thoughts are being taken over by feelings.
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Knowledge Expansion

When the Six of Swords is reversed, it means that emotions are clouding your thinking. If you can take the emotional element out of the situation, you may find it easier to make an efficient decision.
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Card Meaning Extension

The capsizing of a ship is the action of tipping over, but it can also symbolize a declaration of openness and honesty, as well as a confession of love. However, it can also represent a useless proposal, or even an unfavorable verdict in a case, or having to face public comment.
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