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The Lovers Upright Meaning

by MoMoTarot

An expression of love, certain decisions made for the sake of a loving relationship.

Card Details

The Lovers card is set in the Garden of Eden, the sun is shining and Adam and Eve are standing on either side, both standing naked in front of each other, representing that they have nothing to hide. The ground on which the two are treading is quite fertile and full of life, and an angel appears above them. In search of fulfillment, the man looks to the woman. The woman, on the other hand, looks to the angel (spiritually or inwardly) for spiritual nourishment. Angels represent on a higher level what they were and still are, but that must be seen by both looking up together. If you want to get closer to the angels, or your true self, you should harmonize reason (male) and passion (female).

The figure behind the two is Raphael, the angel of the winds, which represents communication, and the purple robe he wears is a symbol of fidelity, showing the importance of this communication. Adam looks at Eve, and Eve looks at the angel, symbolizing the transmission between "conscious-subconscious-superconscious" and "body-mind-spirit" or "reason-sense". Underneath the angel, there is a mountain in the middle of Adam and Eve. The symbolism has been interpreted in many ways, with three main interpretations: one says that the mountain represents the masculine and the water represents the feminine, and that the two represent a balance of yin and yang, which means that we have to harmonize the yin and yang, the rational and the sensual energies. One says that the mountain symbolizes the fruitfulness of proper thought. Another says it represents peak experiences and bliss.

The mountain also represents the higher realms to which the soul can be elevated by following the right spiritual path. Taking (the right spiritual path) and the so-called right way is different for everyone. When falling in love or being in the ecstasy of love, it's that floating realm that makes us feel as if we're glimpsing the summit of a mountain. This card is a reminder that while each person must walk the journey of life alone, our significant other (whether physically or spiritually) will assist us in completing the journey.

The vibrant colors of this card are yellow for intellectual understanding, purple for compassion, red for enthusiasm and orange for zeal. Replacing the two stone pillars in the Pope's card is the Tree behind two people, the one behind the man is the Tree of Life and the one behind the woman is the Tree of Knowledge. Both represent the two aspects of life, and this is an important issue for Gemini, i.e. to make a wise choice between the two alternatives, if necessary.

Behind Eve is the Tree of Knowledge, with five apples, symbolizing the five senses, and a serpent wrapped around it. The serpent is a rich and diverse symbol in the world's cultures, and may here symbolize wisdom, as well as desire and temptation. Here it may symbolize wisdom, as well as desire and temptation. The fact that it is wrapped around the tree from bottom to top suggests that temptation often comes from the subconscious. Behind Adam is the Tree of Life with its twelve flames, symbolizing the twelve signs of the zodiac and the fire of desire. Witte says, "The young, seductive bodies of Adam and Eve symbolize youth, virginity, innocence, and love before they are tainted by tangible substances.

Card Meaning Deduction

Representing a choice between present circumstances and a path to the future, the Lovers card is a card that represents a decision and, unless a specific question is being asked, it usually refers to a decision regarding a relationship between the sexes. It could be describing the process of being immersed in love, as it can mean the very beginning of a relationship between the sexes, or the Romantic class. The Lovers card can also describe the process of deciding whether to keep an old relationship or move into a new one. It suggests that you have grown from past experiences so that you can safely move on to a new phase.

The Lovers corresponds to the astrological sign of Gemini, and may show a combination of communication or opposition. When you see the Lovers card, your first thought is usually that it is related to love, i.e. bonding and communication, and this is true. However, in older versions of the Tarot, the Lovers are more commonly associated with 'choice', which means confrontation. The traditional Lovers card usually shows a man choosing between two women, a brunette who is his mother and a blonde who is his lover, with Cupid in the background. The situation is reminiscent of the mother-in-law-daughter-in-law problem common in Eastern societies. The choice is not just between two people, but between two ways of life, and further points to the theme of the Fool's upbringing - he grows up and leaves the nest.

Although Witt has changed the composition of the Lovers card, the basic meaning of the card is still retained, usually appearing in the face of choice, when the person concerned must be extremely careful, the choice he makes may have a significant impact on him, this time do not be short-sighted and short-sighted, and even more obsessed with the surface of the interests or face, but should be carefully think about what they really want to make a good decision. The choice represented by the Lovers card can be different from that of the Two of Wands or the Seven of Cups. After all, the Lovers is a major card, involving a turning point in life, not a short-term impact, and should not be treated with caution. Although Adam and Eve were blessed by the angels, the serpent behind Eve still hints at the story of the fall of mankind, and if the will is not strong enough to make a good choice, I fear that the hateful events in the Garden of Eden will be repeated.

The Lovers card represents the decision to pursue opportunities for fulfillment. Life has shown a path to happiness, but it's only a possibility until you decide to take the first step. Now is the time to give yourself over to the next phase of your life. And at this time you still have no shortage of partners to follow. This romantic or business partnership could be an opportunity for creative connection. This relationship offers the opportunity to reveal yourself to someone who identifies with you, and also to share each other's life journeys. In reality, he can also provide you with a temporary relief from loneliness.

The Lovers card represents adolescence. Along with moral and intellectual independence, things about sex come into play. Sexual tendencies lead you away from solitude and towards forming relationships with others in order to move towards love. In love you may give up the need for self-control to the point where you cannot isolate yourself from others or from life itself. The choices presented by the Lovers card may challenge the person's morals and beliefs, as if the person is at a crossroads and must choose between morality and pleasure. Thus the Lovers card also represents personal beliefs and values, as the person's choices are usually based on his or her values, although they may be challenged at this time.

Love is a union in the narrow sense, but the Lovers card also contains a broader union. Adam symbolizes the masculine, the rational and the conscious, while Eve symbolizes the feminine, the sensual and the subconscious, and the union between the two is not just a male-female union, but can go further to represent any alliance, partnership or interpersonal relationship. If the Lovers are square it usually indicates success and harmony, smooth communication, but of course it depends on the cards in the other positions. At its best, the Lovers card represents perfect, harmonious, trusting relationships.

The life behind the man belongs to the Tree of Knowledge behind the woman, representing the Garden of Eden. When a man may be busy and happy with something substantial in the midst of the material world, the woman reminds him that he also has a spiritual purpose and that there is a higher meaning to existence. It is for this reason that she looks up to the angels.

Perhaps when Adam in the Garden of Eden took a bite of the apple, he was reminded of his journey, his spiritual goals, and the work that lay before him. This could have turned into a disappointment or disillusionment, and he could have chastised Eve for reminding him of his journey before he took responsibility for his spiritual path. Perhaps this is a case of "killing the messenger" and Eve gets a bad reputation for pointing out an existing fact.

There is a common myth that there will be a soul mate to share our journey and soothe our fears. This is especially true when we have to face the challenges that come our way, including the Lion represented by the Strength card, loneliness in the Hermit card, and the effects of our past decisions and actions in the Justice card. Next, we will face the loss of the Tower and Death cards, and the dark side of us represented by the Moon card before the sun shines on the earth. The Lovers card also reminds us of the innocence we still have when we look at each other through our eyes.

In relationship analysis, it can symbolize the beginning of a new relationship or another phase of an old one. When the Lovers card is square, it is wise to step forward and wait for your new opportunity. The Lovers card may represent an important relationship in your life, or it may be suggesting that you are receiving substantial assistance or emotional support from your partner as a relationship decision is made. The Lovers is a card that represents the sign of Gemini, and one of the subjects of Gemini is learning how to make decisions. Deciding between two or more choice items can be difficult for a Gemini, because for most Geminis with multiple personalities, each choice seems to appear attractive.

The young man in puberty is learning to transfer some of his love for his mom to his lover, while the young girl is learning to transfer some of her love for her dad to her partner. This is not an easy task, as the young man's mom may be forgiving, tolerant and patient with him in a way that the partner may not be. And the little girl's father may be rational, mature, patient, loving and tolerant with his adolescent daughter, while her new partner may not be. But in any case, the new relationship that develops between these two lovers offers many new opportunities, such as sexuality, equality, and the chance to grow and develop together. So you have to choose between the security of the parent-child relationship and the growth opportunities of the new relationship.

In relationship horoscopes, the Lover square is usually great news, indicating a strong attraction between two people who hit it off right away. There is not necessarily a sexual relationship, but it is likely and inevitably sexual out of love. In contrast the Devil card's sexual relationship is sex without love. The love of the lovers will be impactful and long-lasting, and we can contrast this with the Two of Cups. The Two of Cups may be a short-term love affair, not even a commitment, but the Lovers are relatively strong and long-lasting, and can have a significant impact on the person involved. If the Lovers are in the opposite position, it usually means that the love is lost or the relationship is not going well, and the golden couple becomes Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, so it is not advisable to hold on to too much hope. If the Lovers appear in the past position in the spread, and the present position is not good, it is likely that the person concerned is blindly immersed in the lost love, unable to extricate themselves.

On the work front, the Lovers point out that relationships in the work environment are crucial. The person in question could already be working in a team or have to seek collaboration; either way, the person in question must learn the skill of working together, and communication should be smooth to have a one plus one effect. Sometimes the Lovers card represents a decision encountered at work. In a few cases, the Lovers represent a romance at work.

When the Lovers card is in a financial issue deck, it indicates a financial decision. If the card is upright, you are ready to move on to another new decision. Sometimes the presence of the Lovers card in a financial deck suggests that your career or financial development may be related to your lover, or perhaps you are planning to start a new business with this partner.

Here's a good example: Ari comes in for advice about his career. He is an architect with twelve years of experience and has been asked to become a partner in a small interior decorating company. He knows all about his future business partner, but he is not sure if now is the right time to leave the stability of his current large firm, which offers a better package but is risky. The answer to his question (would it be wise to start a new business) is the Lovers card, suggesting that he has outgrown his current job and that moving to a new business should be a smart move for him.

Core Tip

The Lovers card is the card about choices, and when it appears it often represents the person facing a major decision.
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Knowledge Expansion

The Lovers card suggests a new relationship or a new phase of an existing relationship, and can represent a decision to love or embark on a new relationship so that this new relationship or phase can begin safely.
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Card Meaning Extension

The Lovers card can describe being intoxicated with love or being in a relationship that is romantically involved.
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