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The Magician Reversed Meaning

by MoMoTarot

Unbalanced life leads to fluctuations in energy levels

Card Details

The Magician is reversed, the phylacteries on the table will fall, things concerning the chalices, gold coins, scepters and swords are not going well. That is to say: love is not going well, financial situation is not going well, affairs and work are not going well, studies are not going well, and one's mood, life, physical and thinking spirit are not good enough.

The scepter in the hand of a magician is like a baton, a tool for channeling energy. If the energy is channeled well, it can get twice the result with half the effort, but if it is channeled wrongly, it is not only unhelpful, but harmful. Reverse position of the magician may make this mistake, energy guide error that energy with the wrong place, originally quite two brushes of the jianghu Langzhong, at this time into the jianghu cheater, to his trick to cheat the world, so the reverse position of the magician may indicate the situation of deception and fraud. In addition, when inverted, the four elements on the table fall off, and roses and lilies cannot grow downward. At this point the Wizard is no longer an expert, but a second-rate character with no ability or creativity. He lacks enthusiasm and action, loses self-confidence and determination, becomes unintelligent, incompetent, and lacks social skills. Sometimes the reversed Wizard loses the ability to channel his energy, which can lead to an out-of-control, unmanageable situation.

Card meanings deduction

As the Magician's connection with heaven and earth is not in the right direction, there will be many disturbed realities and mental states. The Magician is unable to perform tricks and becomes a hypocrite and incompetent, only able to deceive people with false magic, unable to fulfill and incapable of shouldering responsibilities. It also represents a person who encounters obstacles that are difficult to resolve. It could also be the more improper thoughts. The original ability, condition and luck are not working. Health and spirit deteriorate, and the original problematic situation is not easy to improve!

The inverted wizard may be suggesting fluctuations in energy levels due to an unbalanced life. Problems on a psychological level such as frustration, emotional ups and downs. But usually an inverted wizard shot is just suggesting that more exercise is needed to promote and maintain physical health.

When the magician is inverted, it means that he loses his connection to the land or sky. If he loses his connection to the land, he may become impractical and cause mental, emotional or physical problems, he may become aimless and lack self-discipline. When inverted, even if he receives energy from the sky, he is unable to channel it successfully into the land, and this energy is quite strong and powerful, and when it accumulates in the body it can lead to mental and emotional disturbances.

The inverted magician may be describing someone who does not realize that the energy is being channeled through him and not from him. He may exert control over someone in a way that gradually destroys the other person, perhaps secretly, or in any way he desires.

Simply put, the Wizard upside down suggests that you need to have a stronger connection to the sky or the land because at this point you've lost the right motivation, plan, enthusiasm, or pragmatism to fulfill your heart's desires. When the Wizard card is upside down, it's as if you're in a marathon, and at first perhaps you were pursuing an unrealistic goal. The time has come to look at the limitations and realities when setting and pursuing goals.

Core Tip

The reversed Wizard card may be suggesting that you're not keeping your feet on the ground, or that you're not consistently moving toward realistic goals.
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Knowledge Expansion

When he represents someone close to you, that person may be willful, controlling, and surprisingly likely to become an enemy.
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Card Meaning Extension

You should walk, exercise. You should become more grounded in the real world by walking, exercising, concentrating on your thoughts, and paying attention to the real world.
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